Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1662

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Chapter 1662: 1662

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Chapter 1662 - The Supergravity Star Astralium

Tianming landed on a dark platform surrounded by a dark starry sky. It was completely silent, free of sound and noise. "Hey?" He glanced at the tattoos on his body. Sure enough, they were all still there, even his totems.

"Fuck me! I’m back on your pecker!" Ying Huo gagged.

Here came trouble. Tianming never imagined that it would return to this position after death. "Wondersky Fairy! Wondersky Fairy! Please help me move its position." Tianming shouted, but no one replied. Both he and Ying Huo were about to cry. Meanwhile, the rest were unconscionable, laughing at their plight.

"Ha ha… ha ha… ha ha." Yin Chen's laughter was so stiff it sounded painful to the ears.

"Fifth, how dare you laugh! You almost screwed up everything!" Tianming angrily said.

"Calm down… don't panic."

As their strange quirks increased by the day, these fellows were becoming less reliable.

Because there wasn’t a time limit in the Astralium Battlefield, Tianming couldn’t be certain when they would clear that stage. Thus, he took advantage of this time to continue pondering the Ninedragon Tribulation.

"I'm the ninety-ninth one?" Among one thousand and eight hundred contestants, there were about a hundred who had made it through to the Astralium Seeking. Team Rou had killed three, while Bai Feng coasted through, but in the end, only two made it here.

Five days later.

"A hundred and eight people have gathered! Please note, you’ll immediately be transferred to the Astralium Seeking. The battle begins the moment you land! I’ll repeat the rules once more: all contestants will be randomly spread out over the supergravity star, Astralium, to battle one another. The longer one remains on Astralium, the higher the rank they’ll obtain. The final ten to stay on the star are the top ten, and the last one standing will take first place."

The rules were simple, but exciting.

"In that case, won’t it be easier for me to hide and rely on Yin Chen to avoid my opponents until the very end?" Tianming's eyes lit up. Just as the thought crossed his mind, the voice added, "Remember, your time begins the moment you land. If you fail to kill an opponent within three days, you’ll be given a red name and be exposed to everyone. You can remain hidden for three days every time you kill one person. If you exceed that time, you’ll be given a red name at once!"

The redname was a rule Tianming had seen in the first and second level of the Tranquil Battlefield. It was truly eye-catching, especially in the absence of the green fog. If that happened to him, he would basically be hunted down.

"If I don't kill every three days, I’ll be given a red name? Every person I kill will give me three days reprieve?" Although the rule was simple, it was actually extremely cruel. It would be impossible for anyone on Astralium to get away with doing nothing. Everyone there would be forced to continue killing people in order to hide their tracks. "Furthermore, when we’re fighting the rednames, we’ll also be exposing ourselves to danger."

That way, the battle on Astralium would be thrilling. Hiding wasn’t an option; if he wanted to stay, he had to kill once every three days. Those who could enter the Astralium Seeking were all elites, the cream of the crop. How could they be so easy to kill? During the fight, they would attract others, which would put them in more danger.

"With this rule, only the strongest will survive to the end. After all, everyone has only one life." Tianming said, his gaze fiery. Although he didn’t dare set his sights on the rewards, he still hoped to temper himself.

The dark platform under his feet moved. Looking out, he caught sight of a black star at the end of the starry sky. "It sort of looks like a dead star." Like a metal ball in space, the black star was deathly still, its hard surface covered in craters. If the cold, dark star were to be stained with blood, it would appear even more malevolent. It exuded a somber and desolate aura reminiscent of the black Grand-Orient Sword.

"Could the Astralium Seeking, grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword, and Primordial God-Emperor somehow be connected?" Tianming took a deep breath. As he drew closer to Astralium, Tianming discovered that its surface area was about as large as the Azurecloud Continent. It would be very interesting to have more than a hundred people competing on such a large battlefield.

"Damn!" As soon as he approached the star, a terrifying gravitational force swallowed him up before he could react. The closer he got, the stronger the force grew. He tried twisting his body, but the suction felt stronger. Not only did it act on his body, but also on his albi. Tianming’s body was under so much pressure he was close to collapse.

"How terrifying. This place will definitely have a great effect on combat effectiveness. Those with incredible physical strength will have an advantage." As he descended, his body was covered in sparks. Faster and faster he sank, until the metallic continent appeared in front of him and his body slammed into the ground, dazed and seeing stars. His legs and abdomen were bleeding.

"Damn! As expected of a supergravity star." Stabilizing his body, Tianming rose to his feet but he could clearly feel how much harder it was to move here. Upon acclimatizing himself, he looked up and found mountains and rivers around him. The surface of this star was rugged and uneven. The highest mountains were tens of thousands of meters tall and suitable for hiding in, as long as he didn’t have a red name. Once that happened, hiding would be useless.

"I'm counting on you, Yin Chen!" Tianming confidently said. As soon as the words left his lips, silver streams poured out of him. Just as an excited Yin Chen was about to run free, the little metal cockroaches slumped on the ground, unable to move an inch despite exerting all their effort to move their little legs.

"Are you lying down?" When Tianming looked over, he was baffled.

Gravity pinned all ten thousand Yin Chens to the ground. They fluttered their tiny legs, their chests stuck to the ground as they moved slower than a snail. At this speed, it would take them more than ten years to spread out all over Astralium and investigate the situation. Yin Chen’s strength lay in its great numbers, but it possessed little individual strength. Thus, Astralium’s supergravity restricted its movements, but it could still fight if it formed a giant centipede.

"I’m pissed!" Countless Yin Chens roared, supporting their bodies upright as if doing pushups. The next moment, they all fell down.

Holding his forehead, Tianming sighed, "Forget it. Stop embarrassing yourself. Come back to me first. You shouldn’t go out this time."

"No!" It continued doing pushups.

"Idiot!" Its foolishness made him laugh. Tianming stood on a dark mountain, looking ahead. There were others who quickly hid as soon as they came crashing down.

"There’ll be many rednames in three days." He wanted to kill someone before that time.

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