Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1668

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Chapter 1668: 1668

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Chapter 1668 - Encircled

Even though the mysterians were already strong, they still 'cheated' for good measure. They seemed determined to leave nobody else alive. Complain as the others might, there was nothing they could do about it.

Eventually, the number of rednames increased as Tianming had predicted. No doubt, quite a few rednamed mysterians had joined up with the rest. There were around a dozen of them now; as long as they refrained from killing, their names would remain red, not that anyone would dare to walk up to them even if they knew where they were. In essence, they had defeated the point of the rules and made up their own without anyone being able to say anything about it. To Tianming, it seemed boring and cowardly. No doubt, the people across the vast astralscape would have many things to say about the behavior of the mysterians.

"What disgusting ‘pride’ they have, for them to be able to do something this low class." As Tianming expected, the many worlds that weren't the Skyway stars were shocked. It seemed like there hadn't been any precedent of mysterians grouping up before.


The Whitechalk Star was a large, white star that proudly shone in the astralscape. It seemed to hum as it spun and glowed. There were other skypiercer-class worlds not far away from it, one of them being the Bluemarked Star, home of Zhong Yirou and Qiao Xingzhou. If it weren’t for the Mysterium Cluster, skypiercer-class worlds like Whitechalk would be local hegemons.

One could clearly see the Mysterium Cluster hanging in the sky over the Whitechalk Star; it was the most beautiful and brilliant star formation there. Even the three deific-class worlds in the core of the cluster were perfectly visible.

Bai Feng had returned to their wondersky realm a few days ago. She left the crowd for some time alone, looking rather gloomy. "How disgusting!"

"Sis!" Bai Huai came over.

"What do you think?" Bai Feng said, glaring at him.

"I think it's pointless. It was their game to begin with. The least they could do is to play by the spirit of their rules. I think they're ruining their own game."

"So this is what mysterians are truly like. Even our dog knows how to follow rules better." Bai Feng rolled her eyes. She stood at a tall place, watching the cursing audience members in the wondersky realm. Even though she was already out of the game, the others from her world were still indignant about the flagrant disrespect evinced by the mysterians.

"Sis, it's pointless for us to say anything. I think you should calm down. You still have to go to Skyway Tristar to cultivate, so keeping a good relationship with Ying is important."

"I know." She sighed and crossed her arms. "I understand why it makes sense, and I also know that they're powerful. I used to admire them, too. But what they did today makes me feel like I just swallowed a fly."

"That's true. We aren’t from the cluster anyway. By now, there’s only around a dozen non-mysterians. I'm sure the people of their worlds also have a thing or two to say about this."

"I wonder whose idea it was. It really is low class. I wonder what the mysterian seniors think about this?" At the very least, Bai Feng could see that those of the Whitechalk Star all condemned such a cowardly act.


Two days had passed without any fighting occurring. As expected, the group of mysterians only grew; there were around twenty of them by now. Perhaps there were twenty-five, or even more, if the non-redname mysterians were included. They were all huddled together and the others could only run, but even that was useless. There were only a dozen non-mysterians left, and all they could do was fight amongst each other. With so few people left, nobody entered Tianming's zone even though it was some four hundred thousand meters across by now.

Unsurprisingly, the remaining non-mysterians became rednames. The moment that happened, the group of mysterians would send out groups of five or six to chase them down. It took less than two hours for them to pinpoint and defeat their prey. As the non-mysterians continued being eliminated, only around thirty were left.

Yet another day passed, and there were only twenty-eight left. Tianming figured that he was the only non-mysterian left. With them all grouped together like this, he didn't have a chance to hunt them down at all, and the deadline for his quota was also soon approaching. If he was the last non-mysterian, he would no doubt be the only target of the twenty-seven others.

"How shameless," Ying Huo said, having complained nonstop.

And to think that I wanted to get some more treasures here in the Astralium Seeking before leaving the Violetglory Star. Tianming didn't know how to react. Things would only get harder from now on. Unsurprisingly, the bright bundle of red in the distance was searching for their final prey. Even though Tianming's name would turn red soon, he chose to stand his ground. This zone of his was the best place he could be. Apart from dying here, there was no other choice.

"Get ready." He mounted Meow Meow and was immediately surrounded by lightning. He wore a fierce expression. Perhaps the entire astralscape was now paying attention to him.

"I have to at least put up a good show, right?" His blood began boiling, as his fighting spirit only rose from the pressure and his justified rage for their unfair tactics. "No matter what, I'll rank between you folks and ruin your perfect record!" Through his eyes, those who were watching him knew that he was determined to fight to the death.

"Omnisentient Will?" Even in his caelum form, he could feel that his battles in the past few days had impressed his home star. Even though he was in the Astraldome, he could feel the fervent worship of the Violetglorians; it felt like their divine wills were connected to his.

I wonder if there’ll be Omnisentient Threads when I leave.... It was an exciting prospect to consider. The Omnisentient Threads back at the Flameyellow Continent had considerably strengthened him.

"If that's possible, I'll have to do the best I can and win even more hearts. Here they come!"

At that moment, his name turned red and a pillar of red light rose to the sky around him. When the 'Violetglory' label beside his name turned red, the billions of spectators from the Violetglory Star felt like their beautiful home was glowing red with bloodlust.

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