Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1678

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Chapter 1678: 1678

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Chapter 1678 - Wandering the Cosmos

“I’m on an astralship bound for the Violetglory Star. We set off half a month ago. If everything is within expectations, we should be the first to reach it,” Qiang said seriously.

Although they were father and son, one was serious and steady while the other was wild. They could be differentiated by their tone and personality.

“Why? You wanted to give him his top ten reward half a month ago already?” Long was stunned.

“What’re you thinking?” Qiang was speechless. “His reward can be chosen when he gets to the Mysterium Cluster. We don’t need to bring it over.”

“You want to bring him back?” Long asked.


“To kill? Control? Not to nurture, right? I read in records that our ancestors would primarily kill foreign geniuses. The more excellent they were, the faster they died. Some would just mysteriously become crippled. Fundamentally, it's to strengthen our rule,” Long said in a low voice.

Qiang was solemn. “Silence. Don’t run your mouth.”

“I know, I know. It’s always like that.” Long shrugged. He couldn’t resist smiling and looking up at Tianming, who had just died, and musing, “Did you really think you could shake the universe? Do you even understand what’s about to happen?”

A single supreme expert could dominate the astralscape by themselves and create a powerful race. It was difficult to kill them. However, when they were young, they often brightly shone in a stunning manner. Hence, the murder of geniuses was one of the things supreme races did. It was a small cost that brought great returns, an excellent investment all around. As for how to do it, there were many ways. It was easy to make an incredible talent become incredibly ordinary.

In fact, even Orderia, all the way in its own little corner of the universe, did the same thing. They just didn’t have as overwhelming an advantage as the mysterians. The Myriad Solar Sects could still resist, while non-mysterians could only gather next to the lions like sheep to be culled.

Qiang patted Long on the shoulder. “You have to get back what you lost. Prepare to go to the fifth level. Also, don’t talk about the matter of ‘nipping things in the bud’, understand?”

“Yes.” Long nodded. He didn’t really care—he even found it amusing—but he still outwardly acted obedient. “If so, it’ll probably be four years before we meet again in the real world.”

“Yes. It doesn’t matter, though. I’m a sovereign now, so caeli don’t help me anymore. Wandering the cosmos is much more useful to my growth.” Qiang smiled, then turned serious. “Don’t slack off while I’m away. I can come to the wondersky realm any time to check on your progress. If you don’t keep up, I can still take care of you.”

“I know. Would I let you down?” Long complained.

“What’s wrong?” Qiang asked with concern.

“Four years is too long. It’s a pretty bad trade-off for a dwarf.”

Qiang laughed. “You’re only in your twenties, so it seems long. When you’re as old as me, four years will be very short. And if you become a sovereign, you’ll be over a millennium in age and four years will just be the blink of an eye. That’s why it may be time for everyone, but the value of it is much higher for a young person than an old person by ten, or even a hundred times.”

He earnestly continued, “That’s why young people have to treasure their time and make that limited time display unlimited value. You shouldn’t waste it on gratification.”

“Yes, yes, you’re starting to lecture again. That’s enough, go on your leisure tour. Just be careful that some wildbeast doesn’t pop up and eat your astralship.” Long said with annoyance.

“Eat? We’ll see who eats who. I’ve never fried a beast as big as an astralship before.” Qiang placed his hands on Long’s shoulders. He had become a father at a young age; he’d had to grow himself and take care of his son as well. And as a first-time father, there were many little details he’d had to learn.

He had never left for four years before in all of Long’s life. He didn’t know what to say for a while, so he simply hugged his son before vanishing with a smile.

Qiang had used a heavenly locus formation to enter from his astralship. It was only when the ship left the Mysterium Cluster that they could be considered to have truly entered the astralscape of order!


In the Violetglory Star’s wondersky realm, hearts were pounding so loud it could be heard.

Supposedly, the wondersky realm had reached its limit of caeli it could hold and people outside could no longer come in! The wonderians had never designed the wondersky realm for a crowd this size, because they had never expected this could happen.

After Tianming got killed, the Violetglorians’ spectator view had been cut, their far-off nova source world lacking the right to watch outside of Tianming. But even with the feed cut, the hundreds of millions present didn’t disperse. Instead, they put their hands together, expectantly waiting for their hero’s return. The wondersky realm had practically exploded the moment Tianming had slain Long, including the youths from the Divineglory Dynasty, who had been unable to resist whooping at the top of their lungs.

The beliefs of many had changed in that moment.

Now, the world fell into silence, almost as if everyone was worried that a chaotic atmosphere would frighten their hero. It was the first time the wondersky realm had been so quiet.

At that moment, Tianming appeared on the wondersky eye. His totems and lifebound beasts had all refreshed and returned onto his body. Ying Huo and the rest immediately started making noise.

His wondersky fairy appeared in front of him. “Li Tianming, many people are waiting for your return now at the Violetcloud Battlefield. As the masses wish, I’ll send you over.”

“Okay.” Tianming was quite tired after fighting for so long. But now, after leaving the battle, he felt even more excited. “Let’s go!” He entered the butterfly beneath him and the world broke down into a kaleidoscope of light.

In the next moment, the light changed. Purple stars shone around him as he arrived in a starry sky. The stars twinkled as he looked up at the Violetglory ranking.

The last time, Ye Chen and he had tied for first. He had also been using the name Lin Feng then. But this time, the name ‘Li Tianming’ dominated the center of the board!

As for below.…

As expected, there were countless heads. Not even calling it a sea of people could do it justice, as he was unable to see the end of the crowd.

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