Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1679

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Chapter 1679: 1679

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Chapter 1679 - Over a Billion Omnisentient Threads

Tianming was high enough that, together with the light provided by the wondersky fairy, many could clearly make him out. The scene was similar to what happened to Long at Mysterium Central, except that here, there was only passionate praise. The words all mixed together in a chaotic mess that couldn’t be made out; however, they all successfully conveyed to Tianming through their eyes that everything he did was right.

He could see reflected in their eyes the fervent desire for glory.

“The number one hero in our history!”

Countless honors were heaped onto him. He even felt slightly dizzy from the passion. He was anxious to go back to the real world and see how much he had gained. He had a strong feeling that he would gain the Omnisentient Threads he desired so much this time.

Of course, he had to deliver something to these youths before that.

“Everyone!” When Tianming opened his mouth, the Violetcloud Battlefield regained its calm. “Today is not the end, but the start. Wait for me. I’ll rise to the fifth level soon, and it’ll be Team Celestial Beings or whatever their name is that’s next!” His words were like pouring oil onto fire. Everyone shouted in approval. He had already shown through action that he wasn’t bluffing.

“A genius of our star will sweep across the astralscape and become number one?”

The outrageous possibility burned in the minds of everyone present. This situation of becoming the spiritual pillar of so many was what would let Tianming’s Imperial Will grow, and also the core of the Primordial God-Emperor’s legacy.

The waves spread from Violetcloud Battlefield to the entire wondersky realm.

Tianming gave a cough. “I need to go back and prepare. That’s it, folks!” After fighting for so long, he had nearly forgotten what it was like to actually be alive. He vanished, returning to the real world at the speed of light.

However, the wondersky realm didn’t go quiet because of his absence. Instead, it grew even more fervent with his incitement. What happened next would depend on his performance.


Feiling and the rest had returned to the real world ahead of Tianming, as Xiaoxiao had called them out. She called them out because Tianming had caused too much disturbance.

After coming out, they had told Shengui not to let anyone bother Tianming. At Violetpeak, there were countless white threads extending from all directions. The illusory white threads couldn’t be broken by force and looked like formation spirit threads. They grew denser the closer one came to Violetpeak, and naturally drew much attention. Right next to Tianming, countless threads could be seen entering his body. Every thread entered an albus and wrapped around its five astraldiscs.

“Omnisentient threads!” Tianming immediately felt them as soon as he returned to his body. “It’s been too long.” He grinned. He had originally planned to expand his empire into Orderia. Alas, that plan had fallen through. Somehow, he had ended up getting his Omnisentient Threads here in the Violetglory Star through glory instead. And it wasn't just a few. Furthermore, most of these were from gods!

This was Omnisentient Divine Will!

The Omnisentient Threads on the Flameyellow Continent had given him Omnisentient Heavenly Will, which was an entirely different thing from divine will.

Omnisentient Threads could connect the divine will of the masses with Tianming’s own divine will and strengthen his albi. While each of them transmitted only a tiny amount of energy on their own, it was terrifying when it was all added up together.

“How many?” Ying Huo and the rest asked curiously.

“I think it’s over a billion…” Tianming replied hoarsely. Over a billion wasn’t that many in the context of the Violetglory Star. It was far from the number from the Flameyellow Continent.

“However, most are from gods. Combined, it gives me much more power than that time at the Flameyellow Continent.” Once upon a time, Tianming had relied on the Omnisentient Will to solo over ten thousand gods. A billion threads weren’t that many, but this was a foreign star in the end. Just relying on glory to harvest the belief of a billion people was quite the feat. “My combat power can skyrocket while I’m here. It can surpass experts who have crossed the hundred years old threshold. The exact level needs further testing.”

Tianming closed his eyes. He could feel these billion gods through his threads. He could even use them as his eyes and ears, which meant he now had a billion eyes spread throughout the entire star.

He also clearly felt his albi supported by Omnisentient Will, their capacity greatly increased. Large amounts of nova source poured into his albi, quickly converting into various forms of astralforce Tianming could use.

For example, Lin Xiaoxiao was Tianming’s first believer. Her divine will was connected to the imperial will of a certain albus of Tianming’s. Through the Omnisentient Thread, her divine will could help the imperial will of that albus in controlling even more power.

That was why he could temporarily absorb so much nova source. However, he didn’t convert it into the astralforce of the Aeternal Infernal Codex, but through Xiaoxiao’s cultivation technique. That led to every albi having a different sort of astralforce added. He didn’t need to suppress this power, because the masses would help him control it. Over a billion people meant over a billion of his albi were strengthened! Although it was only a small fraction of the nearly fifty billion albi in his body, the effectiveness was clear to see.

“If I want, I can use these threads to raise my strength a tier or two. Furthermore, I can still raise the number with my performance in Astraldome.”

That meant his performance in the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield would be even more crucial for Tianming, who had to strike while the iron was hot. His Omnisentient Will on the Flameyellow Continent was far from that given by fifty billion. Wanting all of the albi in his body to power up wouldn’t be easy. In the end, glory only did so much for the hearts of a race. Saving them was the most effective way of creating belief.

“Omnisentient Threads are too miraculous.” Tianming stood up, endless divine will still pouring in. At that moment, he had connected his heart with over a billion people on this foreign star. If he wanted, he could use the power of the masses to fight at any time.

In his long period fighting in the Astraldome, beating Ye Chen, Kou Mingyou, and so on, every fight had earned him believers, and the Omnisentient Will from them had incited a large growth in his imperial will. As expected, judging from the standard of the ‘Grand-Orient Swords’ in his albi, reaching the twelfth level of the Constellation stage wouldn’t be a problem.

Many people were waiting outside for him to show his face. However, he wasn’t in a rush. Instead, he took advantage of the explosive growth in his Imperial Will to furiously absorb nova source. A purple vortex formed around his body as his albi sucked in power like they were starving. The Aeternal Infernal Codex, Genesis Chaos Codex, and the rest of the five techniques worked to rapidly convert it into high-quality astralforce like Aeternal Infernal Astralforce. It then flowed into the five astraldiscs, expanding the astraldiscs. His pandemonium and cyclic constellations also glowed brighter and turned more real.

Inside the lifebound space, Ying Huo and the rest were madly sucking in power as well. Even the decapath era godswords were absorbing nova source and converting it to totem ki.

This was doubtlessly an improvement in all aspects. Even without using the Omnisentient Threads, Tianming was already much stronger than during the Astralium Seeking.

“Unfortunately, the Omnisentient Threads probably won’t register with the wondersky realm.”

His lifebound beasts also couldn't enjoy the boost from the masses. That was the shackle of this cultivation system, but Tianming felt that he might have a way to overcome it in the future. After all, perhaps the Primordial God-Emperor had had lifebound beasts too.

After his advancement this time, Tianming was confident he wouldn’t be so powerless when he met Crimsonjade Long again.

Ying Huo and the rest were already eager for vengeance.

“No rush. We can only return to the Astraldome in a month. I’m sure Long will be anxious to come to us as well. We have an important task now—we have to transform our constellations into a sacrosuns and step into the Solar stage!” The Solar stage was the most important cultivation stage before becoming a sovereign. Tianming’s opponents were all in that stage and possessed sacrosuns, unlike him. The progress to the next stage was too important.

“Once I become a twelfth-level constellier, becoming a solarian will be my priority.” It was as important as mastering the seventh fusion strike of the Ninedragon Tribulation.

After his cultivation session ended, Tianming stabilized his astralforce at the level of a twelfth-level constellier.

“The growth in my imperial will was so great this time that it’s enough to control the power of a first-level solarian already. However, transforming my constellation into a sacrosun needs luck. After that, I believe I can face the Celestial Beings in the Astraldome even without the power of the masses.” Ambition burned in Tianming. It was the ambition to go further than one billion.

He chose not to use the power of the Omnisentient Threads for now. Nor did he want to bother his believers or pry into the secrets in their hearts. Now that his second totemic calamity had been exposed, this was his new trump card.

“If I’m forced to use it, that probably means I’ve lost the chance to stay in Violetglory.” If he could stay on, he would have Sovereign Starfeather’s protection. Why would he need to risk his life then?

He finally calmed down and made plans for his next steps. He looked up and saw the people whom he cared so much about. They had been his silent protectors for a while. Feiling, Qingyu, Lingfeng and Xiaoxiao. They all had different gazes, but all shared the same care and concern.

Tianming looked at Feiling. A blue dress, fair skin, long black hair, as well as an expression filled with some worry and happiness. He fondly recalled that time on the snow. From her look and smile, it seemed that she was thinking of it too.

“Go for now. Sovereign Starfeather has been waiting for you for a while,” she gently said.

“Wait for me.” Tianming nodded and left. “It’s about time for their second manna imperius to be mine.” He had felt stifled when he faced the geniuses from deific-class worlds when it came to weapons and manna. All of them had sovereign beasts and grade-eight divine artifacts. That was the standard of his opponents. Toward the end, his Grand-Orient Sword had even shattered. How was he supposed to continue? The Grand-Orient Sword was unbreakable in the real world, but the wondersky realm had poor judgment and viewed it as useless.

“Today, I don’t just want a manna imperius. I need a grade-eight divine artifact too!”

Grade-eight divine artifacts like the Divine Worldeater Cauldron would be in the top five treasures in Orderia, with similar value to manna imperius. Grade-eight divine artifacts came in five tiers. The Ninedragon Imperius and Grand Godless Liberty were rather low tier. However, the weapons Ying, Yanwu Ming, and Shenwu Yin used were all high tier. He had to prepare a grade-eight weapon that wouldn’t break for the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield.

“So Sovereign Starfeather, the patriarchs of the Pentarchy, and the forty-nine astralkings are all here.” It seemed he had really shaken Violetglory to the core this time. In the end, his performance this time had been much more shocking than beating Ye Chen.

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