Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1680

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Chapter 1680: 1680

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Chapter 1680 - Just Here for Work

When Tianming left Violetpeak, he was quickly frightened by the line-up he ran into. Everywhere his gaze landed was a Violetcloud Imperium cultivator. They were on the streets, the roofs, and many had even taken to flying in the sky. They were all dead silent. No totems or lifebound beasts were out, so there was more space left for people. There were at least fifty million there! This was practically all the elites of the Violetcloud Imperium.

Many of them had come from the wondersky realm at the same time as Tianming.

Their passionate gazes filled with anxiety and excitement were directed at Violetpeak while waiting for Tianming. Five million of them were people who had linked Omnisentient Threads with him.

They were the closest to him, and most of them were hot-blooded youths. Their Omnisentient Threads were the thickest, and their Omnisentient Will the strongest. To them, he was their king! Now, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they belonged to Tianming rather than the Violetcloud Imperium. If push came to shove, they may very well choose him over the imperium.

Tianming had now gained a faction of his own, an army of gods of over five million. Most were youths, and of them, sixty percent were women. Women really were more likely to chase celebrities, especially as Tianming’s appearance was more popular than Ye Chen’s cheerful youth image. He had now become the dream man of many of them.

“Wah!” Without exaggeration, the moment Tianming stepped out, piercing shrieks cried out despite the solemn occasion as many ladies saw their heartthrob. This outpouring of love and respect was Tianming’s exact purpose in participating in the Astraldome. He had come out this time to get his ‘rewards’. In all of history, he was perhaps the only person who could make Sovereign Starfeather, the patriarchs of the Pentarchy, and the forty-nine astralkings wait for him at the door. Not even Ye Chen had this treatment in the Divineglory Dynasty.

Tianming held back the arrogance he had shown in the Astralium Seeking. He exhibited perfect politeness as he ran to Sovereign Starfeather and hurriedly said, “Greetings, Sovereign! Apologies for making all you seniors wait so long. I had some improvements in divine will after the battle, so I had to seize the moment to cultivate and ended up losing track of time. Please be understanding.”

Tianming had slaughtered his way through the Astraldome. He had been arrogant and hadn’t minced his words in the process. However, he didn’t put on any airs after returning home, and definitely didn’t act superior. Fierce to outsiders, yet intimate with his own people. Within moments, his image in the hearts of the Violetcloud Imperium cultivators grew even more perfect.

“Astralking Tianming, number one in the world!”

“The Mysterium Cluster and deific-class world geniuses are just that in the end.”

Countless praises poured in. Tianming could only smile and wait for them to calm down. He didn’t expect them to immediately quiet down and emotionally look at him. That let him understand that his authority to be heard in the Violetglory Star had already reached a very high level.

This was a height no young genius had ever reached in history.

Tianming’s control startled Sovereign Starfeather and the rest. Sovereign Starfeather had already been eyeing Tianming. Now, hands behind his back and giving off a warm and friendly vibe, he approached Tianming with an expression of praise. “No worries. Cultivation is the most important thing for you. After you brought so much glory to our home, as sovereign, even waiting a few months would be worth it.”

Tianming receiving such praise made many people cheer in excitement.

“Tianming, we were waiting here today so that we could congratulate you on your success as soon as possible. In all of history, you’re the one who has made our star shine the brightest! Our Violetglory Star’s name now echoes throughout the cosmos, strengthening the faith of countless races. Your miracle of crushing the deific-class world geniuses will definitely spur on a new wave of passion for cultivation. If our star gets stronger, it’ll be all thanks to you.” The sovereign gave Tianming a pat on the shoulder.

Tianming’s eyes lit up. You can’t not give me a reward after saying all that, right? To him, the Violetglory Star’s glory didn’t matter. He was just there to work. When there were good results, practical benefits were way better than empty praise.

As expected, Sovereign Starfeather laughed. “Fine, I know what you’re thinking.”

His stern and authoritative voice swept out. “In light of Astralking Tianming’s miracle, We have decided to reward him with the Violetcloud Imperium’s second eight-star universal manna! This will help Astralking Tianming challenge the top five in the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield and shake the astralscape once more!”

Everyone cheered, all of them in praise of Sovereign Starfeather’s reward.

“Exactly, we should give him all of our manna imperius!”

“Astralking Tianming absolutely deserves it.”

“If we had five manna imperius, all of them should go to him!”

“Even that trash Ye Chen has five! How could our astralking have less?”

This was momentum. Originally, there had been no hope. But now, no one dared to object with all of the Violetcloud Imperium cultivators eager to thrust any and all manna imperius to Tianming.… That was the whole point of the Astraldome!

Tianming had broken through the ceiling for Violetglory Star’s geniuses. No one here was his opponent, and Ye Chen couldn’t even factor into his ambitions.

“I just need to conquer the Astraldome and I’ll get Omnisentient Threads and cultivation resources. So I have to be even more fierce and domineering!” There were only gains and no losses; he couldn’t die in the wondersky realm.

To Tianming, the wondersky realm was an illusion while the Violetglory Star was reality. Every step of his was founded on reality. If you weren’t strong in real life, what would the heavenly locus formation record about you?

Now, the second manna imperius was a done deal.

Tianming saw there was a beautiful woman nearby dressed in a purple skirt. Her face seemed naturally naive, and even cute. However, her figure was very mature. She was winking at him, jokingly asking for credit.

Indeed, it was Mu Ziyan.

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