Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1683

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Chapter 1683: 1683

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Chapter 1683 - Sovereign Apocalypse

Myriadmile City was inflamed with excitement once again when Shengui mentioned the grade-nine baleful weapon. It was inevitable when they thought of a forbidden weapon sealed away for many years and all the legends surrounding it. Grade-nine, Skywolf Star.… Those words were proof of its might, but ‘forbidden’ meant it was a double-edged sword. It wasn’t just hard to subdue, it might even bring disaster.

Many present had already deified Tianming’s genius. The more they considered it, the more they believed he was the master the baleful grade-nine weapon had been waiting for all this time. However, the threat of it ruining his talent made many calm down.

“True, getting Astralking Tianming to subdue a baleful weapon even generations of sovereigns have failed to tame is risky.”

“The last master of that weapon was a top sovereign of the Skywolf Star, a terrifying slaughterer. If it looked down on so many of our sovereigns, a youth in his twenties is unlikely to succeed.”

“He’ll need at least a fourth imperial soul to subdue its artifact soul, or it’ll corrupt Astralking Tianming’s soul. He may end up being controlled by the sword and dying on the spot.”

“Right right. He has a limitless future, so safety is the way forward! Venuslight is good enough. At his age, he won’t be able to use much of that baleful weapon’s power even if he does get it.”

Words like that were mainly said by some senior experts who were more in the know. They were authoritative experts. Per Sovereign Starfeather’s desire, their words traveled downstream, quieting the crowd.

“Venuslight it is, then!”

“No need for meaningless risks.”

Rationality started overcoming their impulsiveness.

Shengui foolishly laughed, “Can’t be helped, then. You all speak sense. But I feel like we could give it a shot. It shouldn’t be dangerous if the sovereign protects Astralking Tianming during the process.”

“Yes, yes.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry, Astralking Tianming. It’s just a matter of when that baleful weapon is yours! You’ll definitely get it when you’re a sovereign!”

In the Violetcloud Imperium, Tianming’s reputation just kept climbing higher and higher.

“Congratulations, Astralking Tianming, for getting Venuslight.”

“He’s still young, so he should quickly absorb the exalted blood. Those deific-class world geniuses also used exalted blood to control their grade-eight divine artifact.”

The baleful grade-nine weapon didn't have exalted blood, but Venuslight did. Astralking Jianfeng hadn’t used it, as his personal power should have been enough. It would have been embarrassing if he still needed it at his age and power.

Venuslight was enough to make many people envy Tianming. The Violetcloud Imperium, a sect on par with the celestial orderians, had truly used their all in nurturing him since he had joined. He was naturally grateful. However, that didn’t extinguish his curiosity about the baleful grade-nine weapon. It had to be noted that… Tianming hadn’t made his opinion known yet. And he had never been one to give up even before he met the difficulty.

“How do we know I have no chance before I meet the weapon?” Just as his supporters had given up on the idea, Tianming suddenly ‘foolishly’ laughed. Then, with an ‘embarrassed’ expression, he asked, “Sovereign, would it be possible for me to witness the splendor of the baleful weapon?”

Sovereign Starfeather laughed, knowing what Tianming was thinking. “You want to try?”

“A look is free. I’ll know if there’s no chance as soon as I see it.” Of course he had to! He was planning to leave the Violetglory Star soon, so this might be his last chance. If he couldn’t tame the suppressed weapon now, it likely meant there would be no chance until he became a sovereign.

“Only an idiot wouldn’t even try it,” Ying Huo disdainfully said.

Everyone grew excited again as they looked at Sovereign Starfeather, who was considering it. He nodded and said, “Alright.”


Although it was risky, Tianming taking the initiative to volunteer inflamed the hearts of the audience.

“Mu Ziyan, follow us and protect his soul,” Sovereign Starfeather said.

“Understood.” Mu Ziyan nodded. She looked at Tianming, her words unspoken but clear. I just knew you were a greedy fellow. Now, you’re making trouble for this big sis!

“What about Venuslight, Sovereign?” Jianfeng asked.

“Hold on to it for now.”


Everyone wondered if Sovereign Starfeather’s actions meant that Tianming had a chance.

“It’s just to broaden your horizons. Don’t hold out too much hope.”

Tianming nodded.

“Let’s go.” Sovereign Starfeather turned around and headed in the direction of the Kilostar Capital. Mu Ziyan and Tianming followed, the trio quickly disappearing into the distance.

No one knew who said it first. “Follow and see!”

Moments later, the entire audience of more than fifty million all left Violetpeak and made their way to the capital. They didn’t have the right to enter the city, so they had to wait outside. They all craned their necks to get a better view. They constantly reminded themselves not to get ahead of themselves. This was just to broaden their horizons; miracles didn’t just happen.

“But what if a miracle occurs?”

Li Tianming was someone who created miracles!


Violetglory’s fusion formation had two passageways. One was located in the South Pole, while the other was at the North Pole. Below the Kilostar Capital was one of the passageways.

The grade-nine baleful weapon was suppressed in Violetglory’s starcore on the side nearer Violetcloud Imperium. En route, Tianming asked more about the weapon’s history.

Mu Ziyan’s eyes were bright. “This baleful weapon is our Violetcloud Imperium’s spoils of war.”

“How so?”

Mu Ziyan thought back to the ancient records. “During the battle between the Skywolf Star and us years ago, their specters were very nearly about to breach our star’s defensive formation when the divine wondersky race arrived to assist. They slew a top sovereign of theirs, Sovereign Apocalypse. He had murdered over ten billion beings in his life, a true mass murderer. That baleful weapon was his. When it fell to the ground afterward, it infected and led to the death of many cultivators.”

“The wonderians slew Apocalypse? Then why didn’t they take away the baleful weapon?” Tianming curiously asked. Honestly, it was more like the wonderians’ spoils of war than the Violetcloud Imperium’s.

“Maybe they disliked it? It represented Sovereign Apocalypse’s notoriety. Not liking it is normal. The books say it’s the wonderians gift to make up for the countless sacrifices we made. Though, we never managed to use it while the Divineglory Dynasty got three grade-eight divine artifacts, which they kept passing down and using. Isn’t it annoying? We sacrificed much more than them!” Mu Ziyan’s eyes were reddening as she recalled the sacrifices made by her ancestors in that war of extermination. “Fortunately, the wonderians were there or we’d all be dead now. The world wouldn’t have you or me in it.”

“Yes!” Tianming nodded. “So this baleful weapon is definitely mighty?”

“Naturally. It can be considered the number one weapon in the Violetglory Star. Even the sovereigns use worse weapons. So, does that excite you?” Mu Ziyan gave him a charming look.

“How would it be compared to the grade-nine Grand-Orient Sword from the Astralium Seeking?” Tianming seriously asked.

“That? I think that’ll be stronger based on the descriptions. If we use tiers, I think the Grand-Orient Sword would be tier-four or five. The baleful weapon is tier-two or three at best.”

Just a tier-two or tier-three grade-nine weapon was sufficiently frightening. Apart from the first place prize of the Grand-Orient Sword, the second place prize and after weren’t grade-nine and were lesser than this baleful weapon. Still, that depended on controlling it, or it would be scrap metal.

And scrap metal it had been for the Violetcloud Imperium all these years.

“Don’t overthink it, little brother. I’ll get Jianfeng to send Venuslight over to you later. The exalted blood for it is with the sovereign, who’ll give it to you.” Mu Ziyan doused him in cold water when she saw him having certain thoughts.

At that moment, Sovereign Starfeather turned around and said, “We’ve arrived. Follow me down.”

“Yes!” The two landed in front of him. They were above a circular platform, which opened up. Purple nova source immediately spilled out of the opened passageway.

Tianming was nearly knocked away by the impact. Fortunately, a beautiful hand grabbed him by the neck. It carried the strength of a giant beast as it dragged Tianming into the purple storm. “Hey, can’t you pull me by the hand?” he asked, unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

“I’m not your partner. No way I’m holding your hand, lest you ruin my purity,” Mu Ziyan complained.

“Amazing. It’s really something alright, spinning spinsterhood so positively,” Tianming laughed.


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