Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1688

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Chapter 1688: 1688

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Chapter 1688 - Violetcloud’s Pill Pile

Sword in hand, Tianming looked up and met Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan’s gazes. "Thank you, both of you. I’ll definitely remember your kindness!" They had played an extremely important role. Without their authorization, he wouldn’t even have been given such a valuable opportunity. And if they hadn’t stopped the yellowspring fish and exhausted its power, he wouldn't have been able to hold on to it. In his heart, the two were benefactors deserving of his respect. Blankly staring at him, the two elders turned to the sword in his hand.

Mu Ziyan screamed as if she had seen a ghost.

"What’s wrong?" Tianming asked.

Screaming again, she shivered, her eyes wide as she stared at the sword, unable to get a word out.

"Congratulate him. He’s created another miracle," Sovereign Starfeather laughed, shaking his head, then nodding, his reaction making Tianming confused.

"Oh my God!" Pinching Tianming's arm, Mu Ziyan asked, "I’m not dreaming, am I?"

"Should I cut you with my sword? If you bleed, you aren’t dreaming." Tianming grinned.

"Showing off your cleverness after taking my help?! I’ll choke you to death!" Wrapping her hands around his neck, Mu Ziyan grit her teeth and eventually released him. "I’m so envious of you, you freak, you lunatic!” she said, punching his chest. “By the way, how’d you survive the yellowspring fish’s attack?" At that moment, both Mu Ziyan and Sovereign Starfeather believed that Tianming had been doomed to die.

"The reason is simple," Tianming said.


"It’s because you’ve taught me well. The student has surpassed the master."


"Alright, I’ll confess, I convinced the fish with virtue so it felt ashamed." Tianming smiled. He wouldn’t mention the Soul Tower. The two elders could only speculate; after all, he had a lot of secrets.

"The Godsin will appear in the world once more. The cultivators of our Violetglory Star must see you as the son of destiny," Sovereign Starfeather said.

He was right. With numerous miracles, they would deify Tianming. He had succeeded where sovereigns of the past dynasties had failed, managing to conquer the grade-nine divine artifact. If he wasn’t born to be an emperor and a god, what else could he be? Coupled with the response to his performance in the Astralium Seeking, Tianming estimated there would be an increase of ten million or more Omnisentient Threads once the news spread.

"Thank you so much," Tianming sincerely said.

"Don't just say it, you have to make sure you serve me well in the future. I expect to be treated like a queen. That’s the only way you can repay me for braving all sorts of obstacles," said Mu Ziyan.

"Of course! I’ll give you everything in the future," Tianming replied.

"That’s more like it."

Sovereign Starfeather silently watched them with a smile. At the end of their conversation, he said, "Tianming, the ten grade-eight divine hazard sword ki strands were drawn here by the Godsin during your struggle. They surrendered to the sword, and now that you’ve conquered it, you may be able to use it to fuse them."

"Really?" Tianming's eyes lit up. Ten strands of grade-eight divine hazard sword ki, each like the Frozen Glasstree? If he could increase the power of the Ninedragon Tribulation to a grade-eight battle art, he would have better cards in his hands. The Violetcloud Imperium had concentrated almost all their top resources on him. Together with the Godsin, he was almost on par with the top geniuses of the deific-class worlds.

"Familiarize yourself with the Godsin first. You can try to fuse the divine hazards later," Sovereign Starfeather said. These grade-eight divine hazard sword ki had yet to stabilize and others had no use for it. He would take it as doing them a favor. After all, Tianming owed them a lot.

"Thank you, Sovereign."

"You're welcome. You’re our precious treasure, so it’s my duty to give you the best. You should be able to suppress the geniuses of the Mysterium Cluster with what you have," Sovereign Starfeather laughed.

"Stop praising him, he’s about to float away," Mu Ziyan teased.

"You’re right."

"Nonsense, I'm very low-key." Tianming smiled.

Seeing them together, harmoniously smiling, their body language showing how comfortable they were with each other, Tianming recalled how well they had cooperated with each other from the start and couldn’t help but think it was strange.

"Let’s go. It’s too hot here," Mu Ziyan said.

Sovereign Starfeather nodded.


In order to form more Omnisentient Threads, Tianming planned to announce the acquisition of the Godsin to create a sensation. Thus, he asked Sovereign Starfeather and Mu Ziyan to keep the news to themselves. After leaving the Kilostar Capital, Mu Ziyan urged him to practice soul dual cultivation with her when he had time. Tianming then left to meet up with Shengui.

"How’s it going?" he asked.

"It’s going smoothly! I’ve submitted their qualifications for approval. I’ve been told that they’re willing to give us four extra places because of your superb performance. Of course, I’ve also exaggerated their talents. If all goes according to plan, Ye Lingfeng, Li Qingyu, Lin Xiaoxiao, and the primalwinger Jiang Feiling will all be able to enter the Astraldome," said Shengui.

"Thanks for your trouble," Tianming replied.

"It’s no trouble at all. Your achievements only made it that much easier for me," Shengui laughed.

Since battling in the Astraldome could broaden their horizons, Tianming gave them the opportunity to participate. He couldn’t wait to go back and share the good news with them.

"There’s one more thing," Shengui added.


"I’ve obtained permission for Ye Lingfeng to cultivate in our pill pile. There’s no time limit. No one will dare to mess with your friends because of your performance in the Astralium Seeking,” said Shengui.

"That’s great."

That was also good news. At present, Lingfeng had digested the pills from the abandoned pill pile, and the Primordial Gate was waiting to feed. For Lingfeng, Violetcloud’s pill pile, which contained a large number of divine pills, might be more important than the Imperius Ruins. After all, they were top-grade pills, not defects. In fact, he could go on forever once he entered the pill pile. He would soon fight his way into the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield.

Xiaoxiao continued cultivating with the caeli. She had always been the fastest in terms of breaking through to the next level. Feiling's strength had quickly recovered as well. She was rising through cultivation levels at a speed that defied logic. However, Qingyu's cultivation speed was the slowest among them, despite being better than the average person.

"They think that I’m the only one from Violetglory Star, but the four of them will also shine in the future. When the time comes, we’ll all be in one team if there are still five-person teams. Who cares about the so-called ‘Celestial Beings’?" Tianming had already begun looking forward to the battle on the fifth level of the Tranquil Battlefield.


Just as he arrived at the gates of Violetpeak, thunder and lightning struck. When he looked up, half of the sky was enveloped in a lightning storm.

"Meow Meow successfully evolved!"

With a second sovereign beast by his side, Tianming felt like he was winning in every aspect.

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