Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: - Yellow Springs, River of Forgetfulness, Hellish Downfall Sword Art!

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“From now on, your Wei Manor will grovel in front of me like dogs!” Li Yanfeng had gone mad. He was covered in injuries, but he continued to chase down Wei Tianxiong, his Hellish Downfall Sword Art repeatedly attacking. “Wei Tianxiong, weren’t you here to avenge your brother? Well, come on! How can you be the chancellor when you’re such a coward!”

Li Yanfeng relied on the frightening sword intent of this sword art to turn the tides. It brushed across Wei Tianxiong’s waist, leaving a bloody gash, as well as knocking away the golden swordbreakers that were desperately trying to block his onslaught. Li Yanfeng was no different from a demon now, his confidence mounting as he fought.

“Impossible! Impossible!” Wei Tianxiong had fallen into despair. How can I, the Flameyellow Scions Institute Chancellor, be unable to beat a mere city governor?

It was an utter embarrassment. However, what mattered more was that he would die at this rate, an even worse fate than Wei Zikun.

“I can’t lose!” Wei Tianxiong roared. Unfortunately, fights weren’t won based on how loud you shouted.

Li Yanfeng’s performance today was enough to stun everyone. The advantage Wei Tiancang and Wei Qing had seized for the Wei Clan had been cleanly wiped away by him.

“Don’t admit defeat, or else you’ll be a piece of trash for the rest of your life. The Flameyellow Scions Institute Chancellor is only fit to bow and scrape at my feet!” Li Yanfeng brandished his sword, growing in ferocity as he attacked although he was covered in blood.

Wei Tianxiong's composure broke a few moments later.

“Concede!” Mu Yang’s voice called out from outside.

‘No, no…” Wei Tianxiong’s eyes had gone red. He knew admitting defeat would be a lifelong stain.

“I’ll take over! Wei Tianxiong, don’t let master feel sad again!” Mu Yang shouted again.

Finally, Wei Tianxiong lost all drive. His father already had one son crippled. If he tried to force things here… Would only Wei Jing be around to send off father in the future?

Wei Tianxiong gave up.

“I concede! I CONCEDE, INSPECTORS!” Wei Tiancang finally said those humiliating words.

The entire audience burst out laughing and Wei Tiancang closed his eyes.

However, the two inspectors remained indifferent.

“I concede!”

Li Yanfeng continued his dogged pursuit. The chase lasted for a full ten seconds, but he was unable to kill Wei Tiancang.

Seeing Li Yanfeng hadn’t been able to succeed, Jin Yixuan sighed, before opening the barrier. In the end, Wei Tianxiong managed to keep his life. However, he cut a sorry figure as he dragged his blood-drenched body out, and the laughter intensified. It was the reaction of people after seeing the lofty chancellor beaten so soundly.

And with that, the Wei Manor’s spirit and prestige was erased.

Li Yanfeng was covered in blood. He stabbed his black sword into the ground, before straightening out his clothes. He finished by wiping off all the bloodstains with a handkerchief, and thunderous applause came from all around him.

Most of the spectators were just here to catch a show, their ranks including even Heaven’s Sanctum supernal mentors Liu Xueyao and Zhao Tianchen.

Liu Xueyao sneered. “There goes all of the Wei Clan’s face.”

“I never expected a day Wei Zikun and Wei Tianxiong would be in such dire straits. What a pleasant feeling,” Zhao Tianchen chuckled.

Their snide comments was only a small scale version of what was happening across the whole stadium.

“Li Yanfeng!”

“Li Yanfeng!”

The cheers instantly brought Li Yanfeng to the peak of life. Finished with removing the bloodstains, he turned to the Lightning Seigneur. “Seigneur, I’ve disappointed you. I didn’t manage to kill that stray dog.”

The Lightning Seigneur roared with laughter. “It’s good enough. I shall also fulfill my promise to you.”

Li Yanfeng had crushed both brothers, and very nearly sent them to the afterlife. Now, only Mu Yang was left. However, the Lightning Manor, Yueling Clan and Li Yanfeng still made for six. It didn’t matter how strong Mu Yang was; he wouldn’t be able to handle this line up.

“Thank you, Lightning Seigneur. I, Li Yanfeng, will never forget my gratitude.” He had waited twenty years for this.

Li Yanfeng looked at the two inspectors and beseeched, “Would the two inspectors give me some time to resolve some grudges?”

“Permitted.” Song Yixue nodded.

Li Yanfeng thanked her before pulling out his black sword, abruptly pointing it at Wei Jing.

Wei Jing was currently supporting Wei Tianxiong away. Many people had been giving her their attention, as Li Yanfeng used to be her husband.

“Wei Jing, look here.” Li Yanfeng lifted his chin up.

“What?” Wei Jing’s eyes were currently a little bloodshot.

“All this time, I’ve never had a chance to announce it. However, I want to clear up something since I have the chance to today.” Li Yanfeng’s fiery gaze shifted to Li Tianming. He spoke slowly, “Some believe I’ve let down that mother and son. However, today, I want to tell everyone, I owe Wei Jing nothing!”

“Because, Li Tianming is NOT my son!”

Everyone burst into commotion. If Li Tianming wasn’t his, whose was he? Had Li Yanfeng been cuckolded? Was Wei Jing a fickle woman?

Even the man himself, Li Tianming, was stunned.

He had suspected many times that was the case, but his mother had said before he was Li Yanfeng’s son. However, he could see it from her face now. Wei Jing, who usually never lied, had lied in this matter.

Honestly, this was a relief to Li Tianming. He had never really liked Li Yanfeng, but the blood ties had made him feel conflicted.

This announcement was an excellent thing!

It was no wonder Li Yanfeng had helped Liu Qianyang and not him. It was no wonder he had never discharged his duties as a father in all these years.

It was a joyous occasion to not have Li Yanfeng for a father!

“At that time, Wei Jing found me when she was three months pregnant. We agreed to marry. I was desirous of her beauty then, and allowed her to raise Li Tianming to maturity. However, the two of us were never ever father and son!” Li Yanfeng said. “Shortly after marriage and giving birth to Li Tianming, Wei Jing contracted Lifesbane. Hence, we’ve never had the relationship of a couple before either!”

“I, Li Yanfeng, have never been connected to Wei Manor.” Li Yanfeng was making this announcement, in order to cut all ties to them and therefore become a full member of Lightning Manor.

Li Tianming was currently in the centre of the storm.

Li Tianming however, was busy feeling confused. When he looked, it seemed Mu Yang and Wei Tiancang weren’t any surprised by Li Yanfeng’s words, as if they were already aware. They were probably notified of this surprising fact after Wei Jing had been cured of Lifesbane. However, she hadn’t had the opportunity to tell him since.

Li Tianming could roughly guess the sequence of events. Wei Jing had been pregnant for three months, when Li Yanfeng was chasing her then. Although he knew she was pregnant, he had willingly agreed to raise Li Tianming. That was the reason she had chosen him over Mu Yang and Sage Chen!

After all, the two were her good friends, and she wasn’t able to face them or Wei Tiancang.

Obviously, Li Tianming wasn’t Mu Yang or Sage Chen’s son.

Only one question remained: Whose son was he?

During the chaos, the Lighting Seigneur, Lin Tao suddenly spoke up. “Then, Li Yanfeng, do you know who is his father?”

This was a joke in Vermilion Bird’s culture, especially considering Wei Jing’s background.

Li Yanfeng sneered, “Who the hell would know where this mongrel comes from!”

His words made everyone laug.

The first part of his words might have been forgivable, but his last sentence had crossed the line.

“Silence! You willingly married Jing’er in hopes of latching onto Wei Manor. And look at what you’re doing now. Don’t you feel embarrassed?” Mu Yang said.

“What does it have to do with you? Mu Yang, she let you down and used me. Yet, here you are, fighting for the Wei Clan. You really are magnanimous,” Li Yanfeng mocked.

“Brother Yang, that’s enough,” Wei Jing said softly. Today, many people were mocking her, but it meant nothing compared to the clan’s current situation. “Don’t bring up my matter publicly too much. It’s not fair to Tianming.”

“Mother, I believe you. Just tell me what happened tonight when we go back. As for Li Yanfeng, to tell the truth, I’m happy he’s not my father,” Li Tianming comforted. He knew what kind of person Wei Jing was.

It would seem that this matter had some hidden secrets. It involved his birth, and possibly even the ten Primordial Chaos Beasts! The Lightning Manor had played their hand well. One Li Yanfeng had almost defeated all three children of Wei Tiancang today!

Now that he no longer had this father Li Yanfeng, Li Tianming no longer had any burdens.

He had attempted to join the Wei Manor all those years ago, but Wei Tiancang hadn’t liked him. Then, the Lifesbane had wasted all his effort. That was why he was so uncaring towards them all these years.

However, that was his own freedom and he couldn’t be judged for that.

That said, all this didn’t make up for how he had crippled Wei Zikun, publicly humiliated Wei Jing and called Li Tianming a mongrel!

Now, Li Tianming hoped he would be forced to pay a price. Alas, they only had Mu Yang left, while the other side had six!

Mu Yang’s shocking performance had created some suspense. However, with Li Yanfeng carrying the Lightning Manor, all suspense had been lost.

Li Yanfeng was currently basking in glory. Narrowing his eyes, he pointed his sword at Mu Yang now. “Mu Yang, come down and show me how strong the so-called number one of Vermilion Bird is!”

It was an utterly arrogant display, but he currently qualified to do so.

“Hmph. One daughter pregnant out of wedlock and two incompetent, delusional trash. Wei Tiancang, how could you look down on me with such kids? Now, I’ll kill your favourite disciple! I want your Wei Manor gone!”

Under his challenge, Mu Yang walked towards the barrier expressionlessly.

He was the person people most looked forward to seeing in a fight. Although he looked calm, everyone knew he was furious.

However, no one had expected a man in blue robes to suddenly appear in the midst of the Wei Clan. “Damn. I've had enough of these conniving bastards!”

Who was the one cursing? That question echoed in everyone's minds as they looked around.

It was the master of Xing & Chen Merchantry, Sage Chen. He stood in front of Wei Jing, his eyes seemingly containing a sea of stars. He stared at her and bluntly asked, “The Yueling Clan has relatives but Wei Manor doesn’t. Fine, I guess I’ll do it myself. I'll be your relative. Wei Jing, marry me here and now! After I’m done, I’ll divorce you straight away! Do you dare?!”
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