Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1691

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Chapter 1691: 1691

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Chapter 1691 - Blood Of The Old Gods

Sovereign Starfeather kept repeating the words ‘no wonder!’ Qingyu’s cultivation level surpassed other octabane geniuses on Violetglory Star who were of the same age. "The Astraldome is your brother’s playground, and might be yours in the future," he sighed. In his opinion, Qingyu's talent definitely surpassed that of Lingfeng, Xiaoxiao, and Feiling.

"Sovereign, I actually have something more important to tell you," Tianming said.

"Please speak." Sovereign Starfeather put aside his look of surprise.

"Look at these bane-rings. Do you see anything special about them?" Tianming asked.


Sovereign Starfeather was a little puzzled. Eyes solemn, he lowered his head and stared at the bane-rings on Qingyu's arm. With his eyesight, he clearly saw faint traces of red that formed ghost faces.

"This…" frowning, he added, "can you explain?"

"Someone dripped blood into her bane-rings. Another person who received the same treatment completely changed. Her bane-rings changed, her totems became evil ghosts, and she turned hideous. However, her strength, cultivation level, and talent seemed to skyrocket," Tianming replied.

"This is?!" After listening to his explanation, Sovereign Starfeather's expression drastically altered.

"What is it?" Tianming and Lingfeng anxiously asked. Judging from his expression, Sovereign Starfeather was definitely familiar with it.

"It’s most likely the blood of the old gods! What an eye opener this is. The legendary blood of the old gods actually exists!" His eyes were filled with more admiration now than they were when Tianming had conquered the Godsin.

"Blood of the old gods? What exactly is it? What are the old gods?" Tianming asked.

As a sovereign and totemancer, Sovereign Starfeather definitely possessed vast knowledge. Even so, he took some time to think before answering, "According to ancient legends, every totem is in fact real. They’re supposedly the gods of gods. We call them old gods. Because of that, the Violetcloud Imperium still has statues of various totems that we worship every day to thank the old gods who give us strength through our totems."

"You said that they’re legends. So you’re not sure if these old gods really exist?" Tianming asked.

"How should I explain...." After further contemplation, Sovereign Starfeather continued, "Maybe a million years ago, there were altars and temples dedicated to the old gods everywhere on the Violetglory Star. There were many religions based on them, and some people even claimed to be messengers of the old gods. However, this gradually faded. People realized that their totems wouldn’t be affected even if they failed to worship the old gods, so a new belief gradually emerged—that is, old gods don’t exist and totems were innate. We started to believe that, like beastmasters, our strength comes from cultivating under the laws of heaven and earth and had nothing to do with old gods. In today’s world, this belief is more popular, so faith in old gods has almost disappeared. I can't say with certainty that old gods exist, but you’ve brought me strong proof today. From the very beginning, I always believed that greater beings beyond sovereigns existed, that true gods exist!" Sovereign Starfeather became more excited as he spoke, while the look in Qingyu's eyes repeatedly changed.

Faith in old gods! Tianming had seen it in the Divine Moon Realm, where they enshrined the moonfiend or the canine voidgod. It turned out that the astralscape of order called them old gods and considered them the source of totems.

"Tianming, what do you think?" Sovereign Starfeather asked.

"Me? I only believe the truth, and seeing is believing. Maybe I’ll have an answer if I see them one day," he said. After all, heavenly being totems were merely one type of totem. There were all kinds of totems, even strange ones like the gonggong watergod. It might be an ancient god, but what about sword totems? Could a sword be an ancient god? Taking a deep breath, he asked, "So the blood in my sister’s bane-rings from an ancient god? Are you sure?"

"Of course. According to historical records, only the blood of the old gods can transform and evolve totems. Because totems were bestowed by old gods, all totemancers are their believers. And as you said, it existed in the form of blood before being dripped into her bane-rings, not flames or stones. That’s consistent with historical records." Sovereign Starfeather’s excitement signified that he had determined his beliefs. His certainty was important to him.

"So is there any way to remove the blood of the old gods?" Tianming asked. The names and effects of the nine drops of blood might be closely related, but saving Qingyu was most important.

"Remove it?" Hearing Tianming's words, Sovereign Starfeather was stunned and looked at him in disbelief.

"Yes!" Tianming nodded.

"Are you kidding? The blood of the old gods isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, it’s extremely precious. I’ll be honest with you, it’s more valuable than a nine-star universal manna or a grade-nine divine artifact, even in the Mysterium Cluster. As a nonabane, Qingyu is already way ahead of others, the cream of the crop. With the blood of the old gods, she might become first in the entire universe when her bane-rings complete their transformation. At least in terms of totems, she’ll be better than you," Sovereign Starfeather seriously, solemnly, and firmly said.

This was the first time Sovereign Starfeather had shown such fanaticism. Tianming was quite speechless. Seeing Qingyu and Lingfeng's confused expressions, he took a deep breath and said, "You’re right, it may be a transformation, but there’s a price to pay. Both my sister and her totems will become hideous and resemble ghosts. She’ll become bloodthirsty and her power will transform from divine to evil."

“I understand. Will she forget everything and lose her mind?" Sovereign Starfeather asked.

Except for Li Wushuang’s distorted thoughts at the beginning, she was clear-headed and retained reason. So he shook his head and said, "No."

"Isn’t that fine then? In this world, power is divided into different attributes. Some look holy and others are evil. It all depends on who holds the power. Some use good to slaughter, while others use evil to save. What the eyes see and the ears hear are merely superficial. Power itself isn’t good or evil. As cultivators, we shouldn’t be limited by the world’s prejudices," Sovereign Starfeather said.

"Sovereign, the problem is, if this goes on, her face will turn hideous and bleed. She won’t be able to go out and see anyone," Tianming argued.

"Beauty is skin deep. Strength, talent, and bearing are every person’s foundation. When she stands at the top one day, no one will care what she looks like," Sovereign Starfeather said.

"But she's just a little girl now. Who doesn't love beauty?" Tianming said.

"Beauty fades. No matter how beautiful the weak are, they’ll turn to dust in the end. Only with supreme strength can one be respected for all eternity," Sovereign Starfeather explained.

Tianming blankly stared at him. He felt as if he only really met Sovereign Starfeather today. This was his view of the strong, similar to the sun emperor. Qingyu had heard the same words from the sun emperor as well.

"Trust me, Tianming, Qingyu. Don't give up. This is an opportunity for you to create history. The person who gave you the nine drops of blood must deeply love you," Sovereign Starfeather said.

Qingyu was speechless.

"Is there no way to remove it?" Tianming asked. "If we can remove it, we can still reconsider later, or even give it to someone else." Tianming understood Qingyu. Anyone who had seen Li Wushuang would know that this kind of power would only cause disaster. Qingyu wouldn’t be happy.

"Give it to someone else?" After pondering it for a while, Sovereign Starfeather helplessly shook his head. "I’ll be honest with you. I wish you could give it to me. I’m already old, so I don’t care if I look like a ghost. Besides, I’ve heard that the blood of the old gods may even increase the number of one’s bane-rings and transform their talent.… However, the blood has integrated with her bane-rings. There’s no way to remove it." It seemed there was nothing he could do about it.

Qingyu couldn't hide her disappointment and sadness. Lingfeng gritted his teeth.

"Alright, thank you for clearing our doubts, Sovereign." Tianming cupped his fist.

Smiling, Sovereign Starfeather continued, "Believe me, you have a great future ahead of you."

"I hope you’re right."

The siblings left Kilostar City with a heavy heart.


On the way back, Lingfeng suddenly pulled out a small knife and looked as if he wanted to slash his face.

"What’re you doing?" Qingyu asked.

"Don't be afraid. No matter how ugly you are in the future, I’ll make myself uglier than you, so you won’t have to worry that I’ll despise you," Lingfeng said.

"No, it’s bad enough that I'll be ugly. I don’t want you to be ugly as well. Anyway, you’ll be the one that’s disgusted, not me." Qingyu bit her red lips, unable to control her tears as she spoke.

"I won't be disgusted,” Lingfeng wiped away her tears and comforted, "Don't cry."

Tianming glanced back at them. In fact, he understood that it would forever be Qingyu’s fear. The more indifferent she acted, the more panic she actually felt. "Let’s not resign ourselves to fate yet! No one on the Violetglory Star can help you. I’ll try the Astraldome. The universe is so big, there must be a way," he added.

"Thank you, Big Brother."

His words had given her a little hope.

"How do you feel?" Tianming asked.

"To be honest, because of the changes in my bane-rings, I feel like it’s easier to achieve enlightenment, as well as break through to the next level," she said. It seemed the effects of the blood of the old gods had materialized.

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