Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1716

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Chapter 1716: 1716

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Chapter 1716 - Radiant Clouds

Now that he had decided on a game plan, Tianming was no longer in a rush to return to the Astraldome. "Next time, I must make sure to win in one beautiful streak. There’s still some preparations to be made. At the very least, Feng and the others need a bit more time."

Tianming had a rough idea of the strength difference between them and the Celestial Beings. Currently, they didn't stand much of a chance of winning.

"If each of us fights our way through alone, the audience will no doubt get bored. I bet fighting together will have a much better effect." There were half a billion Omnisentient Threads now. To achieve his goals, Tianming believed he had to take it step by step. He had already been booted out by a senior, and chances were that Yanwu Dao and the other mysterians were waiting for him inside. However, he would do the opposite and not enter.

"Letting them wait is also a thing I can do." That would whet people’s appetite and make them anticipate this even more. He decided to let the interstellar audience wait.

"Everyone's trying their best to cultivate. Let's see if I get better results compared to them in the same timeframe."

Eventually, news of Tianming wanting to form a Violetglorian version of Team Celestial Beings spread and brought quite a lot of commotion. A genius from a heliacal-class world actually wanted to try competing with top geniuses of the Mysterium Cluster. Not to mention, the Celestial Beings didn't just have mysterians, but also backers from two other powerful factions. The formation of a group to oppose them left many with their mouths open, hungry to see what would happen next.

Tianming wasn't able to make it into the top five of the Astralium Seeking, which was a little bit of a shame. But now he wanted to take all top five places away! Amidst the complicated undercurrents of the affair, the Violetglorian cultivators anxiously anticipated the match. Some even camped in the wondersky realm, worried that they would accidentally miss the historic battle. For a single heliacal-class world to challenge the entire Mysterium Cluster was something that people would talk about even a million years later. For the first time in the history of the Violetglory Star, its people had the most hope. Tianming's invitation to Ye Chen was also spreading out among the Divineglory Alliance, roping the other half of the star. Would they really join up as friends? Many people wanted to know what Ye Chen's decision would be.


Tianming returned to the star’s core in search of suitable sword ki. There were two more strikes that needed matching sword ki, namely the Whitedragon Exaltation and Blackdragon Abyssthrust.

Sovereign Starfeather said that there were actually thirteen strands of grade-eight sword ki. Three of them had only recently been attracted by Godsin and were yet to be identified. Tianming picked two that would barely match the two sword strikes to have a sword body with six grade-eight divine hazard sword ki strands. The first was called Radiant Clouds, which was an accumulation of lightcloud sword ki shaped like a glowing cloud. Each sword ki was like a drop of water coagulating in the cloud, making it look like a white sword ki pool. Though it looked pure and clean, any living thing that fell into it would be ground to pieces.

The other one was called Blackchain Veins, which took the form of a huge gigantic net formed from black veins. Instead of blood, black sword ki flowed within the veins, making it a little similar to the Bloodweep Swordheart. It was quite suited for Blackdragon Abyssthrust.

"If I absorb these, my Sixdragon Tribulation should reach its ultimate level of power. With the Greenspark Tower and Godsin, absorbing these two strands of sword ki is just a matter of time and endurance.” Tianming was already numb to it all, thanks to his previous attempts.

"Come!" He gripped the Godsin and opened a path. The yellowspring fish leaped out from within the sword, surrounded by Galactic Godsin. It attracted those two strands of sword ki, and soon, they yielded.

"Without the Godsin, I still might be able to forge such a sword body, but it might take ten times the time and torture...." Eventually, he perfected his fusion move in two months. The problem was that he wanted to master the seventh strike, Saintdragon Annihilation, by itself. That was his biggest goal for the time being.


Since hearing about Tianming's plan, Feiling, Lingfeng, and Xiaoxiao also did their best to strive for new breakthroughs. On top of fighting in the duel area of the Bloodbath Arena, they also cultivated in real life. As expected, they ran into griefers who gleefully defeated them after three to four victories each time. Since they would be forbidden from reentering immediately after, they spent time outside the wondersky realm focusing on cultivation. Eventually, the repeated cycles of them being griefed, coupled with Tianming's absence, caused the crowds in the Violetglory Star's wondersky realm to fizzle out, but they all knew it was only the calm before the storm. The quieter it was, the harder those five were training—Ye Chen included.

"Looks like we have to count on Sister Qingyu now."

"Who’re you to address me that intimately?"


Ever since Qingyu absorbed the old gods' blood, her rate of improvement skyrocketed. As she fought, she strove for the Solar stage. The time of her breakthrough would come soon. But the more she cultivated, the more her bane-rings changed. Her aura also turned rather cold. While her face was still radiant, the feeling she gave off was similar to Li Wushuang's.

When Tianming saw her by herself, she seemed quite unhappy and filled with worry. However, not even Sovereign Starfeather could prevent what was happening to her. They didn't know who to turn to for help. All Tianming could do was have Feiling and Lingfeng spend more time with her to cheer her up.


Tianming circled around within the Imperius Ruins for quite a while before spotting a red-eyed black-clothed girl sitting cross-legged and covered in sweat. Once more, she looked completely pale and seemed close to death. Those who didn't know would really think that she was dying.

"Hey, can you break through a little slower? I can't keep up, you know." Tianming was already used to seeing her like that.

"I can't afford to slow down. If I do, I won't be able to defeat a second-level solarian," Xiaoxiao said.

"You really are weird. Others fight above their levels, while you fight below."

"Don't look down on me. You said you wanted to fight as a group, so I'll be carrying you next."

"Yeah, right." Tianming couldn't help but chuckle.

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