Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: - It Won't End Until One Stops Breathing!

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Three years ago, the Saintbeast War-Soul had been the opportunity for Lin Xiaoting to soar to the heavens in one leap.

“The Saintbeast War-Soul was obtained by Li Tianming? And Mu Qingqing used to be Li Tianming’s girlfriend? And when she found out Li Tianming had obtained it, she told Lin Xiaoting, and became his girlfriend? And after that, she set Li Tianming up and seized the War-Soul, executing his lifebound beast and crippling him in the process?”

This rumour had already filled Ignispolis ever since Mu Qingqing wrote those eight words under the stone gate at Flameyellow Scions Institute. Now, Li Tianming’s words made everyone recall them.

The truth was starting to surface.

“So the real victim turned out to be Li Tianming. What a vicious move!”

“How ruthless. I can’t believe I even mocked Li Tianming several times.”

“They really hoodwinked everyone. It’s no wonder Li Tianming wants to kill Lin Xiaoting so much. They really went too far.”

Everyone guessed at the truth when they saw Lin Xiaoting’s ashen face.

The Gelding Blight made Lin Xiaoting the butt of all jokes and lose his dignity as a man. And now, the truth from three years ago ruined his reputation. If he weren’t a Heaven’s Elysium disciple who had a powerful status, the audience would probably have started throwing eggs at him by now.

Lin Xiaoting clenched his fists, his eyes red as he stared at Li Tianming. However, he suddenly cracked a smile. “Trying to concoct that story again? You, obtain the War-Soul? Please, if you want to lie, at least make it believable!”

“Three years ago, you couldn’t obtain Qingqing, so you sullied her in the Abyssal Battlefield, leading to her suicide. And now, you dare to come here to slander me? Everyone, do you actually believe this nonsense?” Lin Xiaoting was furious, thinking repeatedly that if he knew this day would come, he should have just killed Li Tianming. However, who would have thought the cripple could make a comeback?

Lin Xiaoting had indeed pointed out something. It was difficult for people to determine the truth without evidence.

Hence, for one more day, the truth remained uncovered!

“We were all just frightened by Mu Yang, but all he did was get one more point.”

“Right, that has nothing to do with Li Tianming.”

“I feel Lin Xiaoting’s version is more believable.”

As long as there were people, all kinds of theories would abound, some even going so far as to forget Mu Qingqing’s words under the stone gate.

However, Li Tianming’s words had only been said casually. He didn't expect many people to believe him without evidence.

However, tomorrow he wanted everyone in Ignispolis to be convinced without a doubt he was speaking the truth!

Let Lin Xiaoting quibble all he wants. I'll deal with him tomorrow.

“Li Tianming, you’ll be fighting tomorrow, right?” Lin Xiaoting said icily.

“I will be the only one from the Wei Clan,” Li Tianming replied.

“Very well. I’ll give you a chance to challenge me. However, it will be a deathmatch. Only one will walk out of the Heavenly Pattern Barrier tomorrow!” Lin Xiaoting narrowed his eyes. He could only vent the frustration from being ridiculed publicly by killing Li Tianming!

“I couldn’t ask for more!” Li Tianming smiled brightly.

“Pretty gutsy.” Lin Xiaoting said disdainfully. True, the Lightning Manor suffered heavy losses, and he was afflicted by the Gelding Blight, but in the end, him being countless times stronger than Li Tianming was an immutable fact. Li Tianming seeking a deathmatch with him was simply suicidal.

“How will you guarantee only one person can walk out from the deathmatch?” Li Tianming asked.

“We’ll ask the inspectors to allow it, with all the experts of Ignispolis bearing witness! Inspectors, as long as someone hasn’t died, please do not open the barrier!” Lin Xiaoting said ferociously.

“Then let me make it a tad more specific: As long as someone is still breathing, please do not open the barrier!” Li Tianming added. Li Tianming had many things he planned to do before Lin Xiaoting stopped breathing. Lin Xiaoting’s suggestion was a true godsend.

“Permitted.” That one word from Jin Yixuan was enough to light the fires of war.

Everyone had been planning to leave, as they hadn’t expected a good show the next day. However, now their minds had changed.

“Let’s watch how Lin Xiaoting will torment Li Tianming to death.”

“He’ll probably vent all his hatred for Mu Yang and the Gelding Blight on him.”

“Death by a thousand cuts? Or will he flay him alive and pull out all his tendons?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“It seems the matter with the Saintbeast War-Soul could be true. Otherwise, Li Tianming wouldn’t be drawn to revenge the same way a moth is drawn to a flame.”

“What a pity. Lin Xiaoting is going to Heaven’s Elysium soon. He’ll lose his chance forever then, which is why he has to choose this self-destructive action.”

“I hear he’s quite strong, able to defeat people at ninth level Spiritsource. Still, does he not know the gap between him and Lin Xiaoting who has the War-Soul and is at Unity?”

Making it so that the barrier wouldn't open until one died made it no different from a fight between caged beasts. It was obvious how bloody and violent it would be.

“Wait, don’t tell me you forgot about me.” Suddenly, a girl with a cold expression walked out. It was Yueling Ji.

She looked at Li Tianming. “I’ve already reached Unity. In the Abyssal Battlefield, you relied on tricks to offend me. Tomorrow, I will give you a sound beating!”

Offended? In truth, she was just displeased that Li Tianming had defeated her. Now, however, she was in Unity and had an eight-star beast, the Blizzard Spirit Dragon. She wouldn’t be satisfied if she didn’t take the opportunity to crush Li Tianming.

“Then it’ll make things meaningless. I want him to come at me at full strength, so he knows how futile all this is.” Lin Xiaoting sneered.

“Relax, I’ll leave him in one piece for you. I just want to show Li Tianming who is stronger!” Yueling Ji had trained hard for one whole month just to wipe clean that humiliation. Else, how could she go to Heaven’s Elysium if she couldn’t even beat someone from the countryside?

“That’ll be fine.” Lin Xiaoting smiled. All he wanted was for Yueling Ji to not snatch away the prey he wanted to savour slowly.

“There’s no suspense tomorrow. Li Tianming with his combat prowess of ninth level Spiritsource is just too far from Yueling Ji.”

“Now, husband and wife are fighting over the prey. Li Tianming will have a miserable end; he’s like a little rabbit in front of them.”

“Husband and wife? Pfffttt…” When they thought of the Gelding Blight, people burst out into laughter again.

“Alright, alright, disperse. The battle continues tomorrow!” Song Yixue shouted, bringing an official end to the day.


After half a month of clear skies, a huge downpour began. It wasn’t just any heavy rain, but a full-on torrential storm that came with gales and lightning.

The various families of Ignispolis all shut their doors. Few left the safety of their houses tonight.

This storm was reminiscent of three years ago.

At Lightning Manor.

Lightning Manor was located in a more low-lying area, and water quickly accumulated on the ground. Lin Xiaoting was kneeling in the downpour, soaked to the bones. He had been in this position for four hours.

“Vice-inspectors, Lin Xiaoting requests for a meeting.” This was his third time imploring them. However, no activity could be heard. By now, his eyes had turned red.

Suddenly, the door opened, causing Lin Xiaoting’s face to light up.

However, the people who came out were instead Yuling Hong, Yueling Xiao and Yueling Ji.

“Don’t waste your time. Get lost, the inspectors don’t want to see you. How tactless.” Yueling Ji rolled her eyes, before walking around him to leave.

“Why?” Lin Xiaoting was stupefied.

“You want to ask the inspectors to help you kill Mu Yang to seek justice for Lightning Manor, no?” Yueling Xiao stopped.

“Yes.” Lightning Manor, as of now, only had him who could request to meet the inspectors.

“Don’t indulge in wild fantasies. Mu Yang isn’t easy to deal with. It was your Lin Clan that offended him. They won’t take the risk for you all,” Yuling Xiao said.

“We offended him? Lightning Manor was fighting for your sake!” Lin Xiaoting stared dumbfoundedly at his father-in-law.

“So? Alright, the job’s done, you got the one point for us, thank you very much. You all can withdraw already. Just make sure you all act more honest in the future.” Yueling Ji cut in.

Lin Xiaoting paled.

“Come on, you can’t be that naive, can you? Lin Xiaoting, you’re going to Heaven’s Elysium. You need to mature more. Be realistic; Lightning Manor is worthless now.” Yueling Ji smiled.

Lin Xiaoting was utterly flummoxed, because these words seemed very familiar to him. Was this the same girl that had had so many daydreams of him in the past? “You say that, but have you forgotten we’re married…”

“Huh? What joke is that? Lin Xiaoting, who got married to you? In the future, watch your words, lest you lose your life. I, Yueling Ji, could never have married some genderless thing. Don’t ruin my reputation. You have to see reality clearly!” She looked down at him from above. She had already been thinking of this for quite a while, so it was good to clarify things now.

“Xiaoting, don’t worry. Our Yueling Clan still maintains its friendship with you all. Still, let’s forget all about that marriage, okay?” Yueling Xiao consoled as he patted him on the shoulder.

“I understand.” Lin Xiaoting was currently filled with so much humiliation and frustration that it felt like his heart was tearing apart.

And yet, why do their words sound so damn familiar?

“Alright, Lin Xiaoting. Now that we’ve clarified our relationship, don’t go and try to die in your deathmatch with Li Tianming. If you want to do so, give me a heads up so I can kill him first.” Yueling Ji smiled.

It didn’t matter that she did so now. After all, the battle was a deathmatch where losing meant death. No matter how much grief Lin Xiaoting had, he wouldn’t want to die. Hence, even if he didn’t want to fight for the Yueling Clan’s sake, he still had to work hard for their sake.

“Lin Xiaoting, you’re a mature person. You won’t be childish, right? You know when to admit defeat, right?” Yueling Ji used her finger to tap Lin Xiaoting on the head. Hard. A clear sound rang out as Lin Xiaoting’s head was forced to the ground. However, he didn’t move, keeping it lowered as he sniffled.

A streak of lightning lit up the world as brightly as if it were daytime. For a moment, that girl tapping Lin Xiaoting’s head seemed to be wearing white.
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