Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1743

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Chapter 1743

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Chapter 1743 - Assailant

The group’s departure for Orderia had to be low profile. Given that the Violetglory Star was quite a good place for Tianming, especially with how open the sovereign and Mu Ziyan had been, he was likely to return. His fate was already intertwined with this world, especially with the two billion Omnisentient Threads.

The Starchasers had also protected him for the past year without resting one bit. For that, he was thankful. Soon, they would receive an order to secretly leave Tianming's side. On the way back, they even asked him when he would go to the sixth level of the Tranquil Battlefield. They could already imagine the day he reached the ninth level. Tianming felt relaxed enough and chatted with them.

"This young man is a rarity. Even though he's achieved such a high status, he never relents and is also polite to us."

"That's right. He isn’t nearly as arrogant as he appears in the Astraldome."

Tianming only acted out against others, not those on his side. There was a reason he had so many Omnisentient Threads, after all. The seventy Starchasers were filled with nothing but praise for him.

Feeling good after clearing up the misunderstanding, he was about to reach Violetpeak. Right that instant, danger came from the skies. Tianming hadn't felt danger in the real world for a long time now, but he sensed a fatal threat and instantly tasted death; killing intent seemed to chill him to the bone. his vision was blanketed in darkness instantly, as if someone had stolen the light.


"Protect Tianming!"

Lifebound beasts and totems appeared around Tianming when the tenth-level solarian seniors struck. They were swift and precise, and after one year, their assignment to protect him had truly begun. Lifebound beasts comparable to Jiang Qingliu's qilin, as well as top-tier totems, appeared above Tianming to shield him.

"Who dares cause trouble in the imperium?!"

"Stand down and surrender or face the consequences!"

They yelled to threaten the enemies as well as signal for more help. However, they would still have to buy time until Sovereign Starfeather arrived. For someone to dare attempt to assassinate Tianming in the core of the imperium meant that they were incredibly powerful. Fewer than five people in the whole of Violetglory would be capable of such a feat. Perhaps it could even be the minister supreme of the Divineglory Dynasty.

It was no laughing matter at all. The assailant could be encircled and stopped from escaping in little to no time, and that was when most of the defensive formations hadn't been activated yet. It was peacetime, after all, so there was no need for those formations to be deployed. In other words, this wasn't something that a Violetglorian would do. The Starchasers were immediately filled with doubt as to who this fool could be.

This was the worst possible time to assassinate Tianming. He felt the rush and turned up to look. The thing that created all the darkness was a pair of primalwings! They were pitch-black and stretched thousands of meters across, covering up the sky and sucking away the light. Even though many totems and weapons emitted light, it was absorbed all the same. Many people couldn't even clearly see their own weapons.

"It's the primalwingers!" someone called out with disbelief. Powerful primalwingers were already rare to begin with, yet there were some who dared to assassinate Tianming in the Violetglory Star. Tianming had seen top-tier primalwings like those on Ji Lingxian. They belonged to the primalwinger royals. Yin Chen had been paying attention to the Kunlan Realm, but this elite primalwinger had been really careful and hadn’t tripped any warnings. Tianming and the Starchasers all turned to the owner of the Evernight Skywings in the darkness.

"That's a sovereign-level elite!" came a warning, causing their expressions to change. Someone of that level could break through their line instantly to kill Tianming. There was only one primalwinger on that level that Gong Xiong knew about—the primalwinger elder. Tianming had nothing to do with that person, so why would he risk the imperium's vengeance to assassinate him? It would be one thing if this were Sovereign Brightscorch. At least the reason for an attack from him was more reasonable than one from primalwingers who had nothing to do with this.

The Starchasers shielded Tianming with their own bodies as they called for backup. Even though the primalwinger elder was quite advanced in age, he was still much more powerful than normal solarians.

"The primalwinger overlord is trying to assassinate Li Tianming! We have to help!"

Most of the other thirty Starchasers left to help, leaving only a few behind.

"Protect Astralking Tianming!"

"Quick! Notify the imperium to deploy the defensive formations!"

They quickly made preparations to give their lives to protect Tianming.

The primalwings flapped, sending waves of darkness around once more. One could see a white-haired old man in the middle of the two wings. As the wings flapped, they sent out huge gusts of wind as well. The winds were like blades that cut down from the sky with the power of a sovereign, seemingly beyond that of a solarian. Tianming felt an oppressive sensation despite the protection he had.

"Totems first!" The reason for that decision was that the imperium had more totemancers than beastmasters, not to mention that damaged totems could be restored as long as the bane-rings remained intact, while dead lifebound beasts were permanently gone. Tens of peak solarian elites sent out hundreds of totems of different kinds, ranging from celestial beings, weapons, and plant types toward the huge pair of wings, crashing against them. The shockwave alone caused a few nearby buildings to collapse, yet the wings seemed to be swallowing the light of the totems, consuming them and grinding them away.

"Abilities!" The lifebound beasts launched a wave of abilities after the totems struck. Streams of all elements spread out across the battlefield, turning it into a warzone, yet they seemed to disappear into the wings like water droplets in the sea.

With a whoosh, the wings struck with the will of a sovereign, causing many Starchasers to fall. Fortunately, Tianming was safe. They had managed to endure the first wave of attacks, buying quite some time for the imperium. If the primalwinger overlord didn't eliminate the Starchasers first, there wouldn't be a chance for him to kill Tianming.

The Evernight Skywings flapped once more, suppressing the totems and lifebound beasts. The overlord seemed completely shrouded in black fog, only slightly revealing his face. There didn't seem to be a hint of fear in his expression, as if he didn't know he was playing with fire at all.

"Old thing, you’d better stand down now. Any further mistake could cause Primary to be completely wiped out."

"If it weren’t for the fact that your world is already doomed to collapse eventually, you would've felt our wrath long ago from all of your provocations. Yet now you dare to come here to cause trouble?"

The seniors chastised the primalwinger, who didn't care for their scolding in the slightest. He flew even higher without pause and came down with another barrage of attacks, focusing only on Tianming, who felt a fatal pressure pressing down on him. The power of a sovereign was like a mountain that pushed all the air out of his body. What others didn't expect was how the black wings suddenly shone with colors from countless stars of a galaxy. The pitch darkness had turned into two bright galaxies that stretched out from the back of the primalwinger overlord.

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