Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1747

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Chapter 1747

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Chapter 1747 - Violetcloud Corps

Feiling’s cold gaze and action of blocking Tianming’s sword spoke volumes. It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured on his head, dousing all of his anger and anxiety. The only thing he could use to console himself was that this wasn’t his Ling’er.

There was no way he could allow his sword to land. He hurriedly retracted his power; however, the power of his believers was like a rampaging horse, so he switched targets instead. His strike split the purple clouds for a hundred thousand meters.

Feiling’s Sapphire Skywings appeared. Tianming suddenly realized that if she didn’t want to be caught, her Flashsoul Skywings would have been enough to allow her to evade.

Neither of them spoke a word.

Tianming’s eyes were filled with emotions like confusion, struggle, pity, and unwillingness, while hers were like the vast blue sea. Only in their depths was there an almost unnoticeable warmth.

In the end, the Lord of Perpetia had used her countless years of experience to push down the twenty years of Tianming’s Ling’er. She simply turned away without another word.

A black star appeared above them. It was constructed from divine ore and was smaller than the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb and Kilostar Capital, but it was undeniably an astralship.

“Please.” Ji Xiaochen bowed in invitation. Feiling didn’t hesitate to enter the Primary Sphere.

The astralship activated and the power of its formations roared to life as it shot into the clouds. She had left.

Tianming could still feel his heart being torn into two. The pain of separation was even worse than the time Feiling had experienced Perpetual Nirvana and turned into a flower on Xian Xian. Back then, he had been certain she would return alive. However, he hadn’t expected her past incarnation to return as well. Now, he was assaulted by the worry of never meeting again, even though she had only gone to Primary. Tianming had never lost Feiling before, so this moment was like his world had collapsed.

“What happened?” Ying Huo jumped up and impatiently asked.

“She left.”

“Then give chase! It’s not like Ling’er wanted to leave. If she knows you gave up like this, she’ll hate you!” Xian Xian was so anxious that her eyes turned red as she grabbed his neck.

“Exactly! Just treat it like she lost her memory and regained it, so she’s confused right now. This isn’t what she actually wants. Do you still not understand her after so long?” Ying Huo was angry.

Tianming had been disoriented by her cold gaze, but his beasts’ words woke him up. He knew what Feiling was going through. Now wasn’t the time to shrink back, else her memories with him would be eroded away by her past. He couldn’t admit defeat now, or ‘Ling’er’ may be gone forever.

“Tianming!” Sovereign Starfeather, Mu Ziyan, the patriarchs, and astral kings all raced over. Tianming grit his teeth and rushed into the capital.

“Sovereign, help me chase after them!” Tianming said.

“I’ll try my best!”

The Kilostar Capital rushed after the Primary Sphere, both of them leaving Violetglory in the direction of Primary. The Kilostar Capital was clearly superior in size and tier.

Up ahead was Primary, while behind was Violetglory and its glowing purple nova source. Tianming had returned to the astralscape.

“Their astralship can’t even be considered a tier one astralship. Its attack and defense are both lacking. Only its speed is decent enough to reach a tier one level.” Sovereign Starfeather frowned.

“Can we catch up?”

“Primary and Violetglory are near neighbors to an astralship. They’ll reach it fast. I’ll see if I can bring it down, but that may hurt Ling’er.” Sovereign Starfeather’s words were questioning whether Tianming wanted to risk it.

“Bring it down!” Tianming grit his teeth. He understood now he couldn’t lower his head to the Lord of Perpetia. The more she wanted to escape, the more it showed how much Tianming affected her. It meant she feared him! “The last life, this life, and the next, you will never escape me.” Tianming was unhappy when he thought about how hurt he had been just now. The more hurt he had felt, the deeper he had fallen for her trap.

Tianming’s permission obtained, Sovereign Starfeather no longer hesitated. The Kilostar Capital’s control apparatus was a circular plate. He manipulated it, and moments later, the capital lit up as it gathered the terrifying power of the miniature nova source.

“Fire cannons!” Mu Ziyan had never seen an astralship attack before, so she was very excited.

Tianming watched a pillar of starlight pierce through space. It was over ten thousand meters in diameter. If Myriadmile City’s defensive formations weren’t active, this single blast would raze half of the city. Astralships were truly the number one weapons of the astralscape. A mobile combat base and eternal sovereign both, any peak race would fall if they lost theirs. And this was just one miniature nova source. The Sun Palace had two, which was even more frightening.

“Did we hit?” everyone anxiously asked.

“Hit. But it used its defensive formation, so we only managed to destroy part of it. We didn’t affect its flight speed.” Sovereign Starfeather frowned and turned to Tianming. “Don’t worry. Their roots are in Primary. If our army deploys, their astralguard formation won’t hold. They can’t escape.”

“Speaking of that, why did they do something so stupid? They even revealed their astralship.”


No one could understand, so they all ended up looking at Tianming.

“Sovereign, I’ll explain it all after I retrieve her,” Tianming promised.

“Including that power you exploded with just now?”

“Yes!” Tianming nodded.

“Alright, I’ve mobilized fifty million of our Violetcloud Corps. Whether or not we fight, we need our deterrence. If they decide to turtle up on Primary, the Kilostar Capital will immediately turn around and pick up the army. We’ll see if they still dare to refuse to hand her over,” Sovereign Starfeather said.

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