Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 1755

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Chapter 1755

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Chapter 1755 - Carefree Divine Wonder

Cultivators make divine celestial patterns out of divine ordered patterns. A combination of divine celestial patterns could make miracles like the strongest of fusion or astralguard formations, allowing them to harness the energies of the universe. With that as a foundation, divine wonderians created wondersky realms, as well as divine wonder embryos for their next generation. While they couldn't be compared to fusion formations, they were still miracles in their own right. Tianming was filled with respect for them in that regard.

By now, he was mostly certain that the Azurespirit was a divine wonder embryo. It had split up into fish smaller than his own albi and infused itself into them, giving him a second divine wonder. The fish weren't able to change the shape of his albi like the Prime Tower did; instead, they behaved like normal divine wonders, turning into a marking made up of divine celestial patterns that were imprinted upon the albi. They looked like the little azure fish from before. When the billions of patterns across his albi fused together, the divine wonder was formed.

"I wonder what it can do...." He didn't feel any explosive changes, unlike the time he had fused with the Prime Tower. Instead, the power from the Azurespirit was clean and pure, making him feel quite worry free and relaxed.

"What’s this sensation?" He took out Godsin and took a bit of the toxin out to put into his body. It began corroding his flesh, but right after that, countless fish swam out of his albi to consume the divine hazard before spitting it out of his body. The Galactic Godsin had been chased out of his body. He tried other divine hazard sword ki only to have the same result.

"I guess the function of this divine wonder is that it expels any negative forces from my body. It isn't like healing, but detoxification. Looks like it works well against divine hazards like Galactic Godsin."

It was similar to the Greenspark Tower, but for a different aspect. The Greenspark Tower had already fused into his body and basically functioned similarly to a divine wonder. The combined effect of the Greenspark Tower, Purple Tower, and a now real divine wonder layered upon each other.

"You're quite useful. I guess I'll call you the carefree wonder."

It was quite interesting that his body was filled with little fish. While the carefree wonder didn't have any offensive capability, it was Tianming's second divine wonder and a gift from Weisheng Moran. He was quite happy to have found it. Not to mention, it was only in its beginning stages and could still contain surprises in the future.

"The question is whether the locator function still works after it changed from an embryo into a divine wonder." There was no way for him to tell. "Guess all I can do is to approach Orderia first to awaken the Yin Chens there and communicate with Weisheng Moran for more information. If the locator still works, I'll have to figure something out."

One thing was for sure: there was no way to simply remove the Azurespirit from his body just by plucking out his eye anymore. Once the divine wonder had formed, it would be stuck with him for life. The dreamless celestial emperor's plans for the Azurespirit had been completely dashed. Even so, he got a brand new divine wonder out of it. The prime wonder boosted his offense and defense, while the carefree wonder allowed him to not worry about invasive toxins, making him even more confident. After a day or two of messing with them, he had more or less mastered them.


Three youths sat at the head of the Ninedragon Imperial Tomb, watching the stars zoom by. While the journey was a relatively lonely one, they could enter the wondersky realm any time they liked, so it didn't feel too different from when they had lived at Violetpeak.

As Tianming had been messing with his divine wonder, he hadn’t entered the wondersky realm recently, though Lingfeng and Qingyu often went. According to them, Xiaoxiao had entered twice and everything was normal. Feiling remained at the lake that was the entrance of the Kunlan Realm. A lot of primalwings were assimilated into her three pairs of wings, causing her Sapphire Skywings to constantly change. It sounded like she was working quite hard to merge both her past and present. She had said she wanted to return to Tianming in a much better state than before. The moment she entered Soulburn Hall, Tianming would no doubt rush there.

"The astralscape is truly huge," Lingfeng said, leaning against a pillar. His red eyes radiated respect. Any normal person being thrust into the infinite void would no doubt feel a sense of existential terror. There was little else but eternal silence.

"It's said that cosmic wildbeasts roam the astralscape," Qingyu said.

"Have you seen them?" Lingfeng asked.

"No. How could I have, you dummy?"

"Ahem, please don't flirt in front of me. I can't take it," Tianming said. With Feiling away, he felt quite empty, like he was lacking something. Even back at Taiji Peak Lake, when they were functionally separated, or when she was inside of Xian Xian's flower, it didn't feel like that. "By the way, Feng, have you entered the sixth level of the Tranquil Battlefield, the Tranquil Hall?"

"I have."

"How was it?"

"They have close to a hundred thousand caeli imperius, far more than the Imperius Ruins in Violetglory. It's like there's no end to it." The Mysterium Cluster had tens of thousands of nova source worlds, most of which had histories stretching back millions of years, so that wasn't too much of a surprise. With enough time and space, countless powerful elites would be born.

"How’s the quality?"

"Above average, I would say. They come from rather powerful sovereigns of their time and are a little better than Violetglory's. Violetglory's caeli mostly come from totemancers, and there aren't any specter sovereigns. Most of the totemancers are also from the Pentarchy, so the variety is really limited. Tranquil Hall, on the other hand, contains caeli from all kinds of races across the astralscape. There's a lot of variety and it’s a huge help to me."

"That's great. I'll check it out in a bit." That was the whole point of bringing the rest with him to the sixth level. If they never made it there, they wouldn't have caeli to train with after leaving Violetglory. It wasn't that training would necessarily be impossible, but they would be at a disadvantage relative to other cultivators who still had access to them.

"It's good and all, but I can't go," Qingyu complained.

Tianming merely laughed.

"Laughing is all you know how to do.


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