Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: - Inner Disciple Of The Azure Immortal Mountain

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Upon leaving Fatepath Peak, Li Xuanchen headed for the foot of the mountain instead of returning to Goldgleam Mountain where the Metal Bloodline resided.

On the river was a boy of about thirteen in white robes, lightly treading across the surface of the water as he approached. Despite his young age, the boy was slender and tall, with only a trace of childlike immaturity visible between his brows. His handsome features could almost be described as beautiful. Undoubtedly, this boy would grow into a gorgeous young man who could tempt talented beauties.

When he smiled, his eyes shone brightly and white teeth were revealed through his curled lips.

"Brother Li," greeted the boy.


Despite being his senior, Li Xuanchen bowed his head slightly in a show of servitude.

"I came to watch the battle today and was planning to personally congratulate you on becoming junior sect master, but who could’ve imagined such an upset," lamented the boy.

"It’s nothing, I can wait half a year. It won't take long for Li Tianming to fall."

"Don't you believe he’s a pentabane?" asked the boy.

"Of course not. Our first ancestor only managed to awaken the pentabane after fifty years. If it was so easy, would the Li Saint Clan be in such a predicament? I don't know what special techniques he cultivated to create such an effect. It’s very likely he’s at the Unity stage, but lacks a unity field. So in less than half a year, he’s bound to show his true colors. At that time, only death awaits him."

Smoldering under his stony expression, murderous intent leaked from his small, narrowed eyes. Just as he had been about to assume the role of junior sect master, a stranger stepped in, obstructing his way.

"Damn it. I want to know what’s in the Li Mausoleum!" The boy’s eyes darkened.

"If he tries to stop my younger brother’s marriage to Li Qingyu, I’ll be glad to give him the whooping he deserves so he’s bedridden for half a year! We’ll see how he rises to Unity level three in bed," sneered Li Xuanchen.

"Li Qingyu? I noticed her earlier. She’s beautiful indeed."

Li Xuanchen was struck by an idea. "Shengcheng, are you interested in Li Qingyu?"

"So many women within the sect are interested in me, yet they lack Li Qingyu’s unique, cold temperament." At the thought of her appearance, the boy in white smiled faintly.

“Shengcheng, let me ask you a question."

"Speak, Brother Li."

"Has your brother ever taken you out for merriment?” chuckled Li Xuanchen. “What I mean is, have you ever felt the touch of a woman?"

"No, I’m only thirteen years old. My father has forbidden me to partake in such matters until I’m fifteen, so that I may develop properly."

"Would you like to secretly have a go?" A smirk rose to Li Xuanchen’s lips.

"Of course! But the girls around me are granddaughters to the sect elders. I wouldn’t dare. And those without notable families, or who are short on looks can’t tempt me," he complained.

"That’s simple. I’ll arrange a wonderful first time for you."

"Brother Li, what do you mean?"

"Don't you like Li Qingyu very much?"

"Yes, there’s something special about her. Even if she’s older than me, I’m attracted to her."

"Haha, Shengcheng, do you know what an idiot my brother is? He’s practically half beast. On his wedding night, I’ll knock him out and Li Qingyu will be yours." Li Xuanchen threw his head back in laughter.

"Really? Won’t your brother make a fuss?"

"If he dares, I’ll kill him," assured Li Xuanchen.

"But I don't just want it once. I want Li Qingyu to belong to me completely. Of course, I’m not planning on giving her any titles," he added.

After all, he was only thirteen and still under his father’s care.

"Easy peasy. I’ll handle my brother. In the future, he’ll be Li Qingyu’s husband only in name, but he won’t touch a hair of hers. She’ll belong to you alone, and only you can plunder and conquer her. She won't speak a word about it. After all, your identity, looks and talent make you a million times better than my brother. Li Qingyu could be considered to have made a bargain!" Li Xuanchen scoffed.

"Yes, what an honor it is for her. I practically saved her! What a waste it would be to have your brother defile her. I’m merely performing a good deed," laughed the boy.

"Yes, an anonymous good deed. With your talents, such a beauty is deservedly yours," flattered Li Xuanchen.

"You’re right. The Yuwen family loves performing good deeds!" The boy glanced in the direction of Kunpeng Sacred Hall.

How much longer? He ardently awaited the day.

"I heard that Father loved a woman named Mu He, the wife of that loser Li Wudi. And Li Qingyu is Mu He’s daughter. What the father failed to attain will be achieved by his own son. How interesting."


When night fell, Fatepath Peak was filled with blooming flowers and lush greenery, like a scene out of a fantasy. The solitary bright moon emerged as a protagonist in the absence of the stars, reflecting its silvery light onto the earth.

Under a blue rock, a black cat was sleeping on all fours. Occasionally, mosquitoes stared at the pink nose and paws, trying to take a bite. But before they could get close, they were fried into dust.

On the edge of the moonlit cliff was a little chick, waving its wings and practicing hard.



"How dare you lay a finger on my sister Qingyu! Off with your head!"

Sweat drenched the little chick’s feathers as it violently swung its wings.

"Ahh, kill!"

"I’ll kill those motherfucking bastards!"

Beside the fluffy beasts were two figures on a rock—a young man and woman. The girl leaned gently into the man's arms, eyes glistening as she appreciated the moonlight.

"Big Brother, has your heart settled here?" Jiang Feiling blinked her attractive eyes.

"Mhmm, I think of this as my second home," answered Li Tianming.

"Are you used to it?"

"It's good. Besides, my home is wherever you are," Tianming laughed.

"Oh, you sweet talker!" Jiang Feiling hid her crimson cheeks in his embrace.

"What’s this? Why is it so hard!" Her face brushed against something hard. Brimming with curiosity, she flicked at it. In an instant, Li Tianming flushed shades of scarlet and ink.

"It’s the Grand Thunderflare Sword," he said through gritted teeth.

"Why don’t you put your sword aside? How annoying!" She glared at him, unaware of the fire she was stoking.

"Um, Ling’er, is it alright if we explore a little excitement before our wedding...?" Li Tianming’s eyes glowed with a mischievous gleam.

"What sort of excitement?"

"Something wicked?"

"Dream on, you meanie! You vulgar, shameless man! Oh, I’m so pissed! Ahh!" She clutched at Li Tianming's neck. In the heat of passion, he wrapped his arms around her slender waist.

With the soft, sweet-scented girl in his arms, the couple rolled on the grass.

"Big brother! Ling’er!"

Just as the story was about to begin, a voice interrupted them.

Li Tianming looked up and saw a young girl standing in the moonlight, staring at them blankly.

"What are you doing?"

Neither staying nor leaving seemed the right option.

"We’re training!” Cheeks flushed, Li Tianming helped Jiang Feiling to her feet.

"Wow, it seems you’re really giving it your all. You’re both covered in sweat...." By this point, Li Qingyu was lost for words.

"Qingyu, stay." Jiang Feiling tossed a dirty look in Li Tianming’s direction. What an outrage! He’d almost had his way with her!

If she condoned his advances so soon after leaving home, would there be hope for propriety in the future?

She quickly hid behind Li Qingyu.

"Hahaha...." Li Tianming teared up laughing. He wasn’t in a hurry for intimacy before gaining absolute strength and providing Jiang Feiling a sense of security. His priority was creating a stable future. Engaging in passionate affairs before the wedding was a hooligan’s conduct, behavior unworthy of encouragement.

He couldn’t help but criticize his actions. A wonderful girl like Jiang Feiling deserved better than a casual roll in the grass.

"Qingyu, did you want to speak to me?" Tianming quickly changed the subject, resolving any embarrassment.

"Yes, Big Brother."

"What is it?"

"Aren’t you Elder Ye Qing of Azure Immortal Mountain’s inner disciple? So am I."

Every descendant of the Li Saint Clan basically cultivated within the Grand-Orient Sect, where the resources lay. Otherwise, the Li Saint Clan wouldn’t have sufficient resources. From a young age, Li Qingyu and the others practiced in the sect during the day and only returned at night. After all, Fatepath Peak was only a small part of the Grand-Orient Sect.

"What about it?" asked Li Tianming.

"Tomorrow, a grandmentor named Ye Shaoqing will explain the key to breaking through to Unity from Spiritsource. He’s Elder Ye Qing’s son, and is very accomplished. Since you happen to be stuck at the peak of Spiritsource, I dropped by to ask if you’d like to listen to his sermon. Every time he speaks, it’s a full house."

"Breaking through to Unity?"

A sermon and advice from a mentor of his strength would certainly answer Li Tianming’s many questions. This was a good opportunity indeed; he was well aware he couldn't stay on Fatepath peak forever.

Although his ancestors' fortunes lay here, the vast Grand-Orient Sect contained countless more resources that he required. Only by integrating into the sect could he truly savor and cherish the wonder of this magnificent sect.

Since Ye Shaoqing was Elder Ye Qing’s son, he was a man worthy of Tianming’s respect.

"We’ll go to Azure Immortal Mountain tomorrow," declared Tianming. “Qingyu, you’ll have to show me around the sect."

"No problem!" she nodded.

"Well, I'm going too,” pouted Jiang Feiling.

"Of course! I can’t bear to separate from my Ling’er. How can I leave you here alone?" Upon further contemplation, Tianming decided to take Jiang Feiling with him at all times unless Li Qingyu could accompany her on Fatepath Peak.

She was mortal, too fragile to withstand any storms. Since he needed her help, protecting her was only natural. His heart would ache if even a hair of hers was broken. However, that protection also restricted Jiang Feiling to moving around while attached to his spirit. Fortunately, she was comfortable and could experience everything in that state.

Besides, there was no need for communication with irrelevant folk. Her unparalleled beauty would only serve as a temptation to the disciples of the sect.

In the blink of an eye, it was a new day and the trio set out.

The goal: Azure Immortal Mountain.

From this day forth, Li Tianming was the junior sect master of the Grand-Orient Sect!

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