Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Tomb Of The Grim Reaper

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Tianming had gained a new understanding of his ancestors. They were a generation of heroes of the Grand-Orient Realm made of flesh and blood. Within his veins flowed their blood, as well as the resonance attributable to Lifesbane.

"The eighteenth ancestor, Li Wushen, was called the Grim Reaper. A mighty title indeed, befitting of a ferocious man who sent the masses scrambling in fear during his time. Countless villains died at his hands. He was the God of Slaughter! As far as I know, the weapon he used was the chain."

Tianming stood before a black, dilapidated tombstone that had five words engraved on it: Tomb of the Grim Reaper.

What kind of man would such a fierce title belong to?

"Come, my son. Serve our ancestor wine. Let your youthful energy relieve his loneliness."

His words had Tianming breaking out in goosebumps. It was as if the Grim Reaper’s shadow had already appeared on the tombstone, his malevolent laughter ringing in Tianming’s ears.

"Ancestor, have a drink!"

Mustering up his courage, Tianming emptied the jar on the grave. As wine seeped into the soil, he could almost hear the sound of someone drinking.

"Meow Meow, don't be afraid, I’ll protect you!" On Tianming's shoulder, the quivering little chick held the black cat.

"I’m not afraid." Meow Meow was filled with curiosity. If it weren’t for the little chick holding him down, Meow Meow would have already climbed the tombstone.

"No, you're terrified. I can feel you trembling." the little chick shivered.

"Big Brother Chicken, you’re strangling me. I’m really not afraid, I just can't breathe."

"Don’t worry. With me around, there’s nothing to fear."

Tianming couldn’t bear to watch them. Despite the display of fearlessness, the lethal, bloodthirsty little chick was actually afraid!

The third jar of wine went gurgling down. A loud belch sent Tianming jumping up in shock. In an instant, an eerie glow originated from the Grim Reaper’s tomb. A total of thirty-three pale white saintly heavenly patterns spread on the tombstone.

On the black tombstone, the saintly heavenly patterns soon formed four words: Life-Death Whip Art.

At the moment, Tianming was still uncertain if this was a unity-ranked or heavenly-ranked battle art.

The saintly heavenly patterns twisted and formed another set of words:

Step 1: Soul Hook.

Step 2: Death Requisition.

Step 3: Transcendence.

These were most likely the three moves of the Life-death Whip Art.

The words faded as the saintly heavenly patterns merged into the Grim Reaper’s tomb. A black figure suddenly appeared, his back turned toward Tianming. He was clothed in an eerie blood-red cloak, brimming with a murderous aura. The most terrifying thing was the crimson chain in his hand.

While Meow Meow dully looked on, the little chick felt his throat close up from fear. After composing himself, his eyes widened in surprise. What was this? Battle arts!

Boiling with excitement, the little chick assumed a combative stance of Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven, spurred on by the roc’s shadow beside the figure on the tombstone. The presence of the bloody roc signified the possibility of beastial arts.

Just then, the whip flew out and Tianming narrowed his eyes. This was no ordinary whip! From it, Tianming sensed an aura similar to the Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven, proving this was a heavenly-ranked battle art.

However, Tianming could only practice the unity-ranked portion. In other words, the heavenly-ranked battle art had been simplified for a Unity stage cultivator!

At the same time the whip flew into the air, the bloody roc waved its claw. Despite the differing forms, the moves were exactly the same in both trajectory and principle. Weapons were merely the medium, but heavenly will remained fundamental. More importantly, because it was simplified to a unity-ranked battle art, the whip and claw were a perfect combination.

Tianming couldn't quite describe the move. However, just as abruptly as it had appeared, the figure on the tomb vanished.

It took Tianming a long time to calm down. As soon as his eyes fell upon the whip, the dark clouds receded and deathly stillness prevailed, as if all beings had lost their souls.

If his guess was correct, this was the Life-Death Whip Art. Based on this move alone, the profundity of the Life-Death Whip Art was comparable to the Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven.

Tianming took a deep breath, sinking into contemplation.

Soul Hook…. How does one hook souls?

Archfiend appeared in his hand, the bloody chain spread out around him. Tianming was every bit as terrifying as the Grim Reaper. Although his left hand could control the chain, what he lacked was flexibility.

However, the Soul Hook didn’t require flexibility, but heavenly will. As soon as that realization dawned upon him, Tianming began meditating.

The realm of cultivation wasn’t solely dependent on time, but insight, rest, and recuperation. Tianming reserved time purely for practicing his battle arts every day. Although he hadn’t found a suitable battle art in the Grand Hall, the Life-death Whip Art he now had was far superior.

I wonder, with all these ancestors, what other fortunes are there? I’m a descendent of the Li Saint Clan who has awakened Lifesbane. Now I’m in the Li Mausoleum, the blood of countless ancestors flows within my veins. Thus, I shall take on the responsibility of reviving the clan! My ancestors have guided me with care and bestowed me with such fortune. Evidently, they, too, are unwilling to watch the decline of a once brilliant clan. Qingyu has broken the curse of Lifesbane, and I’ve embarked on the same journey. From this day forth, my future is tied to the Li Saint Clan!

Unbeknownst to Tianming, countless tombstones glowed, projecting light rays onto him. The heroic spirits of his ancestors emerged in him one by one. These were men who once fought against heaven and earth and opposed destiny. Together, their wills would become a storm capable of subverting the entire Grand-Orient Sect.

This scene resembled the day their spirits were projected on Li Wudi. Behind Tianming, the flask in Li Wudi’s hand tumbled to the ground. His eyes opened just a crack, revealing a bloody spark that was enough to engulf the heavens.

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