Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: - Hot-blooded Youth, Standing Brave and Tall

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How in the world did a first-level Unity beastmaster defeat one at the sixth level, then break through after the battle? It was one of the things that nobody would believe unless they had witnessed it with their own eyes. As for the patriarchs of the three bloodlines, they were completely dumbfounded to see Li Xuanchen fall and shudder at Tianming's feet.

Their mouths were agape and their expressions pale. Many youths from the three bloodlines gasped in disbelief as their legs began unconsciously shaking with fear.

All of them had clearly seen it. Initially, Li Xuanchen held the upper hand and put his prowess as the top genius of the Li Saint Clan on full display, and yet he had still lost in the end. In that battle to the death, the dedication, fighting spirit, and ferocity Tianming showed were the keys to his victory, not to mention his two lifebound beasts. In a chaotic fight like that, Tianming had the advantage in numbers.

He had managed to cut off one of the kunpeng's sixteen wings, and was even able to resist Li Xuanchen's barrage of attacks until his lifebound beasts could come to his aid. The two beasts also performed magnificently in battle, working alongside Tianming with praiseworthy teamwork. The crowd was stunned, not from unwillingness to accept the outcome, but rather from the sheer shock that they had been convinced by Tianming's victory.

Even though Tianming was wounded and had a bloody hole on his shoulder, that didn't take away from his domination of Li Xuanchen one bit. The blood covering him only made him look more sinister.

"Tianming, my grandson!"

Hearing that, the crowd thought the matriarch had gone mad. She was jumping around like a lively young girl, despite her age.

"That was a swift victory! O hot-blooded youth, standing brave and tall, never yield! Your performance astonished even an old crone like me! You of the three bloodlines, do you see it now? This is the descendant of the Apex Branch! Your useless progeny can't even compare to my grandson! Hahaha!"

Jingyu laughed so loudly with her hands on her hips that those from the three bloodlines felt a ringing in their ears. What was worse was they had no retort for it, but could do nothing other than look down in embarrassment. Li Xuanchen was the only direct disciple of a sect elder in the clan, Yuwen Taiji, and was among the best the clan had to offer. How could Tianming even compare?

Today had to be the most relaxing day for Jingyu, to say nothing about Qingyu, who was already tearing up. Tianming had given her a lesson today about the willpower of an avenger. This battle would leave an imprint on her for the rest of her life, though its main purpose was still the annulment of the marriage contract. He stomped on Li Xuanchen and turned to glare at Li Xuanyi.

"Second Patriarch, please heed our previous agreement to void my sister’s marriage contract. From now on, that matter shall never be brought up ever again," he said, emphasizing each word.

Everyone's gaze turned to Li Xuanyi. Ever since Li Xuanchen was defeated, the three patriarchs had kept quiet. Li Xuanyi's lip trembled, possibly from the doubts and worries only he was privy to.

The son he was proudest of was actually defeated by someone at the first level of Unity, who then proceeded to break through to the second level while his own son was beneath his feet. Forget half a year; it seemed like he wouldn't need more than half a month to reach the third level! How could Li Xuanyi be happy with how this turned out?

"Li Xuanchen was the one who made that bet with you, not me. Li Tianming, the marriage contract has the elders' signature on it, and shall not be voided. Doing so would be disrespecting the elder who signed it!" Li Xuanyi argued.

"Is that so?" Tianming smiled and tightened Archfiend.

"Gaaaaah!" Li Xuanchen groaned in agony as the spikes easily pierced his flesh.

"Time is running out. Piss me off and I'll crush his spiritsources. Regret will be pointless by then!" Tianming removed a spike from Archfiend and placed it against Li Xuanchen's chest.

"Dad! Stop fooling around! Save me, Dad!" Li Xuanchen said, panicked. If his spiritsources were crippled, it would be over for him.

Li Xuanyi's face darkened as his eyes filled with killing intent. "You know what’ll happen if you threaten me! Nobody in the Li Saint Clan will be able to save you!"

"Looks like you like to talk a lot of crap."

Li Xuanyi thought that he could threaten Tianming on account of being a senior, but he was deadwrong. Tianming raised his spike and thrust it toward Li Xuanchen's spiritsource.

"Stop!" Li Xuanyi helplessly yelled as he held out the marriage contract in hand.

"Dad, no! Not my marriage contract!" Li Jincan bawled and threw a tantrum on the ground. A chubby fellow like him could really cause the ground to shake a little with his sheer mass.

"Granny, please check and see if it's the real thing," Tianming said.

Li Xuanyi tossed the contract to their feet. Since it had been signed by an elder, he wouldn't dare to tear it to shreds himself. Jingyu, hand shaking, picked it up and recognized the signature of the elder.

"It's real!" she said agitatedly, then proceeded to publicly tear the contract apart. Tianming and Qingyu, seeing the deed done, relaxed. All these years, she had been afraid of her sixteenth birthday. But from now on, she was free to soar in the skies like a caged bird that had suddenly been released.

"Sonny, are you badly hurt? Let Granny treat your wounds," Jingyu said with a pained look.

"I'm fine. They're only flesh wounds." He could easily heal from them, given his body's regenerative capabilities.

"Li Tianming, release him now!" Li Xuanyi bellowed. As long as Li Xuanchen was still in Tianming's hands, there wasn't much he could do. But there was no way someone of his status would just leave like that. He was the strongest in the Li Saint Clan, yet he was threatened with his son's life; he would never be able to live it down if he didn't regain some face.

"Will you obediently leave if I let him go and stop causing us trouble?" Tianming asked. He was more careful than anyone else. Knowing Li Xuanyi's character, he definitely wouldn’t mind giving Tianming a sound beating if there were no witnesses around.

"Enough nonsense! Let him go now!" Li xuanyi said, his golden eyes glowing.

Tianming smirked. "Granny, can you tell Elder Ye Qing that the marriage contract has been voided by them of their own accord?"

While the marriage contract was still valid, it wouldn't be appropriate for the Ye Clan elder to step in and stop Li Xuanyi. But now, it was different. Tianming was confident the elder would stand on his side.

"There's no need. We are here."

All of a sudden, three experts stepped out from the forest surrounding Fatepath Peak and walked toward the crowd.

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