Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 2459

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Chapter 2459: 2459

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Chapter 2459 - The Lin Clan’s Counterattack Plan

Lin Xiaodao somehow grew even more smug.

“I understand now, you’re Gladeus’ Yi Daiyan,” Tianming laughed.

“Utterly wrong. Yi Daiyan is Ebonia’s Lin Xiaodao. She’s below me,” Lin Xiaodao continued bragging.

“How is she below you?” Tianming couldn’t understand it.

“Her luxdaemons are a third-rate power on Ebonia and the bottom of the Infinitum Regal Clans. Only she among them is strong. However, our clan’s tenth branch is strong enough to contest with the ebon branch there. We’re one of the two overlords, and all the factions there are choosing who to side with!” Lin Xiaodao proudly said.

Tianming understood now. It was a fifth-level nova source world, but the cultivators there who had cultivated for thousands of years were much stronger than him. How could he lack a challenge?

Lin Xiaodao leaned on Tianming’s shoulder and meaningfully said, “Let me be blunt, it won’t be easy for you over there,”

“How so?” Tianming immediately hooked arms with him and asked.

“Listen up! When I return, I’ll immediately announce that the Lin Clan’s Tenth Branch on Gladeus will break off from Ebonia’s Lin Clan and establish our independence. We’ll go our separate ways!” Lin Xiaodao gravely said.

“Huh?” Tianming was stunned and turned to look at Lin Xiao and Dongshen Yue. They had no objections, which meant it was the result of their discussions.

“Please elaborate,” Tianming calmly asked.

“After we establish independence, the second thing I’ll do will be to seal off Gladeus before killing all the nova source wildbeasts on Gladeus. I’ll also charge the ebons there with a crime and start a war to wipe out all their power on Gladeus! Once the wildbeasts are wiped out, the ebons won’t be able to make a comeback for thousands of years. Thus, that world will become our clan’s personal fief and stronghold… and the Infinitum Swordsea’s last refuge.” Lin Xiaodao said the vicious words with a joking tone.

When Tianming recalled him killing Chi Hun, he understood this wasn’t any foolish man, but someone who got things done. He actually reminded Tianming of Wudi. However, Wudi was the domineering type, while this fellow was more sly.

Of course, it was rude to call someone on your side sly. You had to call them wise instead!

“However, will the ebons on Ebonia just ignore it? That’ll give them a reason to attack you. It’ll also go against the Infinitum Bodhimanda’s rules, so Yi Daiyan and the other Infinitum Regal Clans may censure you,” Tianming asked.

“You immediately spotted the main issue.” Lin Xiaodao scratched the back of his head. “Honestly, it’s the best-case scenario if they come to Gladeus.”

“Why? Can Gladeus take the heat?”

“That’s uncertain, but if they send a large force to Gladeus, I’ll win.”

Tianming thought for a moment before he was enlightened. “Ah, of course! If they try to focus on Gladeus, their power on Ebonia will weaken! It’ll stop them from causing chaos on Ebonia, and even if they do, they’ll have to fight on two fronts. You’ll also greatly reduce the pressure on the Infinitum Swordsea.”

That was the crux of the matter. It was hard to assault an ether-class astralguard formation. It was so hard that, apart from the ebons, no other Infinitum Regal Clan had the capability. And if they did send an expedition, their people left on Ebonia would lack the ability to shock and awe. But if they didn’t... Lin Xiaodao would successfully take over Gladeus and turn it into the Lin Clan’s second base.

“Any other benefits?” Lin Xiaodao intentionally tested him.

Tianming lowered his head in thought. Finally, he had an answer. “The ebons personally control many wildbeasts, but it isn’t a ridiculous amount. Their advantage is to temporarily use wildbeasts in beast waves to attack. When they attacked Mount Taia, many of the wildbeasts that died were uncontrolled. But if they choose to make an expedition, they won’t be able to use that tactic and can only use what they bring along.”

“And? Remember your first questions?” Lin Xiaodao asked.

“Yes, the Infinitum Bodhimanda and Yi Daiyan,” Tianming said. “You may be going against the Infinitum Bodhimanda rules, but you’re weakening the ebons so they won’t censure you. You just need a good casus belli.”

“That won’t be hard. The ebons killed three thousand of their own and used that to excuse using astralship attacks. Why can’t I learn from them? But I won’t be stupid enough to kill my own people. It’s too easy to frame others,” Lin Xiaodao laughed.

Tianming realized something: it was easy for experts to find an excuse to hit people. ‘What’re you looking at?’ was a good example.

“Honestly, for me it’s just that the emperor is far away so I have my freedom.” Lin Xiaodao grinned.

Tianming nodded, then realized something. “Hey, have my grandparents told you about my lifebound beast’s ability?”

“That omniscient bug? It’s awesome, I just love it!”

“No wonder you said so much to try and get me to Gladeus. You actually want my help!” Tianming was shocked.

“I mean... yes? Why can’t I use my dear disciple?” Lin Xiaodao slyly said.

Tianming went quiet.

“So is it a go or a no go? Be decisive!” Lin Xiaodao said.

“Yes, but….”

“But what?” Lin Xiaodao was a tad anxious.

Tianming burst out laughing. “I need higher pay.”

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