Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 259

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Chapter 259

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Chapter 259 - Yuwen Shendu and the Heavenly Will Stage

Two men stood on Fengtian Mountain’s cliff. One had two different-colored eyes, one black and one white: Yuwen Taiji. The other was in a white robe and had a skinny figure. His aquiline nose and long, narrow eyes combined to give him the semblance of a hawk. Finally, his perceptive gaze and hands clasped behind his back made him look full of foresight and wisdom. 

He was the third elder, Yuwen Fengtian!

The father-son pair stood there like two trees rooted to the cliff, staring into the misty abyss below. A black-clad youth sat there cross-legged, a large pile of red spirit gems, the most basic kind, beside him.

His hand grasped at the air repeatedly, as if he was trying to grab hold of the mysteries within.

In a nearby cave lurked a gargantuan beast. It kept its head lowered, and its two eyes looked like swirling black vortexes.

Ripples began emanating from the black-clad youth’s body.

Upon seeing this, the gargantuan beast made its way out of the cave, the ground shaking in its wake. The thick mist only barely revealed the thick layer of spikes that covered its body like a hedgehog. However, unlike a hedgehog, which had spikes for the purpose of self-protection, this beast’s were a deadly murder weapon.

It reached the black-clad youth, and endless spiritual energy began surging in their direction.

“Success!” Up on the cliff, Yuwen Fengtian’s eyes reddened. He kept his voice low to avoid distracting the youth, but his emotional state could easily be gleaned from his expression. “He’s finally comprehended the heavenly will. Shendu has successfully made the final step before the Realm Wars! Heaven is on my Yuwen clan’s side!

“He really didn’t let me down. As expected of my, Yuwen Fengtian’s grandson. He’s had an iron will and tenacity since he was young. Now, with the divine items we’ve prepared for him and his Heavenly Will stage cultivation, who could possibly stop him in the Realm Wars?” Yuwen Fengtian’s fists were balled tight, as he was filled with endless yearning for the future.

However, when he turned around, he saw that his son, Yuwen Taiji’s expression remained solemn without the slightest excitement.

“Taiji, are you not excited?” Yuwen Fengtian asked.

“There’s no need to celebrate until the Grand-Orient Sword is in our hands,” Yuwen Taiji said coolly.

“Honestly, you should take care not to push him too hard. Shendu has never let me down before all these years,” Yuwen Fengtian said.

“Push him too hard? You can’t say that. Our world has a strict hierarchy. If he wants to climb up, he needs to put in more than a hundred percent effort and devote all of his focus to the task. Father, don’t blame me for pushing him. One day, when Shendu reigns over the Grand-Orient Realm, he will thank me.

“Shengcheng is the same. I’ve been focusing on Shendu all these years, and neglected him in the process. His current state is my fault. When Shendu retrieves the Grand-Orient Sword, it’ll be Shengcheng’s turn to experience everything his elder brother has! Our Yuwen clan only needs shocking talents, not embarrassments.”

Yuwen Fengtian sucked in a long breath when he heard this. He couldn’t deny that there were reasons why Yuwen Taiji had accomplished so much, and even surpassed him. And those reasons were his harshness and vision.

“Father, there’s not two months left until the Realm Wars. This is the last stretch for Shendu. Henceforth and until then, you and I will be here the whole way, guiding him in heavenly-ranked battle arts, except for the day of the Prime Struggle.” Yuwen Taiji looked northwards, his eyes ablaze.

Yuwen Fengtian nodded in agreement.


At Taiji Mountain, next to Fengtian Mountain, Yuwen Shengcheng was currently lazing around on a bench in one of its courtyards.

“Ever since elder brother reached Heavenly Will, father and grandfather have locked themselves away. I don’t think they’ll come out until the Prime Pagoda opens.”

Yuwen Shengcheng had been chased away yesterday when he’d gone to Fengtian Mountain. At this juncture, not even Yuwen Kaitai would be allowed to disturb them.

“Your elder brother is really awesome. He’s actually a prime disciple who’s in Heavenly Will! I guarantee he’ll be dominating all comers in the Realm War,” Li Xuanchen said.

Yuwen Shengcheng smiled, not denying anything.

Also present were Yuwen Zhenxing, Su Wuyou, Su Yiran, Gongsun Chi, and Chen Xiaoji. They were all in a circle, in deep discussion about the prime struggle. Su Wuyou stood at the head of the group; she was looking in the direction of Fengtian Mountain, happiness for Yuwen Shendu still present in her heart.

However, her gaze turned cold when she noticed her younger sister’s pale complexion.

“Shengcheng, Guo Xiaofu has already been handled. I promise you she’ll be obedient. Now you just need to come up with an excuse for her to bring Li Qingyu out,” Su Wuyou said. Her features had always been beautiful; however, her expression was slightly twisted now, causing her looks to drop a grade.

“Thank you, Big Sis Wuyou!” Yuwen Shengcheng said excitedly, finally hearing the news he had been waiting for.

“No need. Those two flies are our mutual enemies. Everyone will be happier if the flies stop buzzing around earlier.” Even now, Su Yiran was still feeling tormented by her severed finger.

“Big Sis Yiran, don’t worry. I’ll definitely help you vent your anger! When Li Qingyu becomes an idiot, I’ll definitely torment her well and good!” Malevolence filled Yuwen Shengcheng’s eyes.

“It’ll be up to you, Shencheng. Right, are you curious how I handled Guo Xiaofu?” Su Yiran asked.

“I would love for you to broaden my horizons.”

“She has no power or backing. Her parents had low cultivation too, so I just grabbed them directly. If she doesn’t listen, I’ll just execute them on the spot,” Su Yiran sneered.

“Amazingly done,” Yuwen Shengcheng said.

Everyone laughed, filled with expectation at what Yuwen Shengcheng was going to do.

“Li Qingyu is already at fifth-level Unity. While you’re one level higher, getting her to yield may not be that easy.”

“Don’t worry, Big Sis Wuyou. Li Xuanchen will be with me. We’re both at sixth-level Unity, and I have a second-order saint beast,” Yuwen Shengcheng said smugly.

“Then it should be fine.” Su Wuyou nodded.

At the side, Su Yiran grit her teeth, filled with impatience. For her, it wasn’t just Li Qingyu, but Li Tianming as well! She turned to look at a hulking figure in the corner. The man’s head was currently lowered and unknown thoughts filled his mind.

Two youths were by his side as well, one dressed in blue and one in red. They were Chen Xiaoji and Gongsun Chi.

“Big Brother Zhenxing, I’ll be leaving my grudge to you!” Su Yiran stepped forward, looking extremely moving and pitiful.

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