Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 269

Published at 19th of November 2020 08:21:51 PM

Chapter 269: - The Bloodfiend Taotie

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Tianming’s crushing victory was equivalent to stepping on Chen Xiaoji to chase Yuwen Zhenxing. Unbeknownst to Tianming, he had already set off an uproar in Grand-Orient Sect’s first battlefield.

The audience was both nervous and excited, standing up one after another and blocking the view of the people behind them, which inevitably caused a commotion. In the world of cultivation, a clash between such geniuses was enough to enthuse many disciples who stared wide-eyed as Chen Xiaoji was forced to taste utter defeat. The eighth-level Unity beastmaster fell to the ground, spewing out blood while his lifebound beast wailed miserably—a result that had defied everyone's expectation. Most of the audience in the first battlefield gasped, shock plastered on their faces as they stared at each other.

“The junior sect master must’ve progressed to be evenly matched with Chen Xiaoji. Looks like I underestimated him." Yuan Huitian shook his head and revealed a wry smile.

"He’s frightening! Everyone knows he’s a man who defies destiny. He’s more talented than we imagined!” Gu Yu’s eyes were filled with worship.

Azure Dragon Sword Mountain disciples cheered Tianming's name, blood boiling from the heat of the battle they’d just witnessed. There were countless others who thought like Yuan Huitian and Gu Yu.

There was no way they could equate Tianming to mediocrity now. Before this battle, they realized Tianming must have made a new breakthrough, but they never expected Tianming’s preparations and calculations to exceed everyone else's.

There were many spectators from the Li Saint Clan, led by Li Xuanyi, Li Yansheng, Li Yunting, and Li Xuanhe, who were huddled in a corner of the battlefield, watching the scene.

"He defeated Xuanchen not too long ago, and now he’s crushed Chen Xiaoji. His progress is amazing!" gasped Li Xuanyi.

The members of the Li Saint Clan had ugly expressions on their faces. After all, they had long since discarded the Apex Bloodline in their hearts.

"A pentabane is really a freak of nature! Have we made a mistake?" Li Xuanhe turned ashen.

He was the one to get acquainted with Tianming, and knew better than anyone else how powerful Tianming was when he defeated his son, Li Linghe. This wasn’t the advancement of a genius, but the rise of a God!

"We’ll see if he can actually leave the Prime Tower alive." Li Xuanyi gritted his teeth. Though he was well aware of a certain incident that was sure to happen, he was afraid to come clean.

"Of course, if he does become a prime disciple, we have to support him," Li Yunting sighed. In fact, he was already convinced.

"Do you actually think the Yuwen clan will allow him to continue growing?" retorted Li Xuanyi.

"Maybe not, but he has the Azure Dragon’s Ye clan behind him, after all. Once he becomes a prime disciple and enjoys an elevated status, the Yuwen clan won’t be able to kill him so easily. A prime disciple is no joke, and killing one is just as grave as killing an elder," said Li Yansheng.

"He’s certainly made great progress, but whether or not he can survive the hands of Yuwen Zhenxing is still debatable, not to mention challenging the prime disciples. Becoming a prime disciple is purely a dream.” Li Xuanyi grimaced.

This was the only way he could comfort himself so Tianming’s meteoric rise wouldn’t give him a sense of despair.

"Yes, let’s wait and see," said Li Yansheng.

What was more embarrassing were the people coming to congratulate the Li Saint Clan. Li Xuanyi had to deal with them one by one, which caused him much discomfort.

Out of the hundred thousand people in the audience, at least seventy thousand admired Tianming’s rise. His genius lay not in challenging his opponents, but constantly breaking the limits of everyone’s imagination!

“I don't know what else to say except that I’m amazed," admitted Elder Ye of the Azure Immortal Mountain.

"There’s a good show waiting for us to watch," said Ye Shaoqing, who moved over to his father’s side. As Tianming’s master, he was of course proud.

"After this, we must protect him no matter what," added Ye Qing.

"That won’t be a problem."

"Father, about big brother..." Ye Yuxi began in exasperation.

"He’s made his choice. Let him be." Ye Qing shook his head helplessly.

Ye Tianlong had taken refuge in Yuwen Taiji. Over these past few days, he had constantly tried to persuade the rest of them to join him. After being rejected, his pained look as he stared at the family he considered fools was truly chilling. Finally, Ye Qing drove him out of Azure Immortal Mountain.

"Yuxi, once we make a choice, we must be fearless and stick to it," Ye Shaoqing interjected.

"You don’t have to tell me—I don't want to be a running dog." Ye Yuxi rolled her eyes.

What they didn’t know was what a bombshell Tianming's performance would cause at Fengtian Mountain. But they could imagine just how upset Chen Xiaoji’s father, Chen Nantian, would be, and they wondered just how many others would show the same chagrin.


While the audience cheered, the battle in the Prime Tower was at its most tense moment! The audience kept their eyes wide open and saw Yuwen Zhenxing drawing infinitely closer to the manna ball. Although Tianming had been intercepted by Chen Xiaoji, he was tearing hell for leather through the tower. Whether or not he could catch up with Yuwen Zhenxing remained to be seen.

Behind Tianming were several other disciples. With the aid of his Celestial Wings, Tianming could already glimpse Yuwen Zhenxing’s back. On a pillar up ahead was the manna sphere.

He shuttled through the passage as fast as he could, throwing out Archfiend. As long as the manna ball was within the range of Archfiend, it could instantly shoot out.

"Get out,” Yuwen Zhenxing coldly laughed without even turning around.

A blood-red beast dashed out, directly occupying the passage and blocking Tianming’s path. It was a Taotie! The beast was a third larger than the Eight-Armed Taotie, covered in scales the color of blood, and had a gigantic, ferocious mouth. In that mouth were five rows of shark-like teeth that could tear its opponents apart. Its blood-red scales were thick and coarse, its eyes a matching color. With a spike at the end of its slender tail, it was almost no different from a pike. This was a monstrous fighting machine.

At a glance, Tianming noticed thirty-three stars in its eyes. It was a third-order saint beast, undoubtedly the highest order saint beast in the entire tower. This beast was known as the Bloodfiend Taotie—the greatest killer amongst its kind, both cruel and ferocious, resembling a wildbeast. In fact, it was more bloodthirsty than a wildbeast!

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