Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 276

Published at 23rd of November 2020 09:52:05 PM

Chapter 276: - Bloodburn Curse, Boiling Fiendblood

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"Fool!" There was no situation Yuwen Zhenxing hadn't prepared for. He was someone who had survived countless battlefields. His Bloodsea Field surged around his body, covering the area in a bloody tint. He held a crimson warblade in hand that looked thick and heavy. Its edge was lined with jagged teeth, off of which blood dripped. It was called the Bloodsea Fiendblade. Word was that Yuwen Zhenxing had killed more than five hundred people with that very weapon. He was a true murderer among the disciples of the Grand-Orient Sect, and now he had his attention on Tianming.

"Killing a pentabane like you will be enough for me to brag a lifetime. After all, if you’re allowed to develop, you may become an existence on the level of an empyrean saint!" Yuwen Zhenxing said with a twisted expression.

"Penta?" Tianming smiled. He held the twenty-or-so-meter-long Archfiend in hand. He quickly walked towards his foe, causing his chain to scrape against the ground and produce an ear-piercing sound. As he charged, he glanced at the little chick with his burning gaze.

"Kill!" At that moment, the little chick turned into a flaming mirage as it charged toward the taotie's flank. With a burst of Skyscorch Featherblast, countless burning needles shot out. The panicked Imperial Flame Locust that had lost its beastmaster was impaled by countless needles that started burning with an eternal flame. Even the fire-type locust feared this terrifying, hellish flame. At the same time, the little chick doubled down by spitting out a phoenix of flame towards the locust.

"How dare you bully my little brother?!" it chirped with rage as it looked at the bloody marks on Meow Meow. The flaming phoenix enveloped the entire locust, causing it to shriek as it tried frantically to escape, but it was all in vain.

There was no way it could avoid its fate of being burnt to crisp.

"Now it's only you left. I'll let you taste what it's like to be ganged up upon!" Like a descending war god, Ying Huo climbed atop Meow Meow's Regal Chaosfiend form. Meow Meow had been splattered with quite a lot of burning blood and exposed to the bloody miasma that came from the Bloodfiend Taotie's spiritsource ability, Bloodburn Curse.

However, Meow Meow still pounced toward the taotie that was easily twice its size, and countless bolts of black lightning surged forward with it.

The taotie let out an earth-shaking roar. Within its blood-colored field, it and Yuwen Zhenxing's blood started boiling under the effects of its other spiritsource ability, Boiling Fiendblood. Tianming could clearly feel that the two's capabilities had been boosted considerably by its effect, making them look even more savage. Even so, that alone wasn't enough to douse the killing intent in his heart.

The clash started as Meow Meow morphed into a bolt of lightning and shot toward the taotie at blinding speed. Meow Meow was the perfect fighting machine, possessing stellar speed, explosiveness, defense, and ruthlessness. The little chick hid somewhere on the giant cat, wielding its wings and claws that were just as terrifying. The wings, used like swords, executed the Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven and the Voidgod Sword Intent, while both of its claws could be used for Soul Hook and Death Requisition.

When the chaotic lightning bolt clashed with the taotie, the little chick came out in assault. At the same time, countless lightning bolts gathered at the top of the third floor of the tower. When the fight began, the nine lightning snakes circled above it, striking in tandem with each bite, pounce, and claw, causing the taotie to shriek in agony.

"Man, you need to shut up!" The taotie never expected the little chick would fly straight into its mouth. The next time it roared, blood flooded from its stomach and burst out, burning like a stream of magma. It was another spiritsource ability, Bloodsea Forge.

However, Ying Huo was much faster. With a flap of its wings, sword ki filled the area. It cut and tore the tongue of the taotie away and used it as a shield. Blood flooded the taotie's mouth as it desperately spat fire and blood out, to no avail. Ying Huo was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it had remained in the taotie's mouth and gone on a rampage with its beastial arts.

"You think you're so tough, huh? Cry! Cry more for me!"

The taotie was completely floored; it had never met a foe like this before. Even as its mouth flooded with blood, it suffered a blow from Chaos Disaster. The crackling of electricity caused the taotie to roll its eyes. With a loud wham, the Chaos Regalfiend came ramming at it again. It opened its mouth and revealed electric fangs that bit down on the taotie's neck, pressing it to the ground in the process.

That was how lions hunted on the plains. Even when faced with the largest of wild bulls, the lion would bite down on its neck and never let go until its prey stopped breathing. In addition to that, Meow Meow silenced the taotie's struggles with its three-pronged electric tail, plunging it deep into the taotie's eyes and sending even more black lightning into its foe.

The current flowed nonstop through the taotie's body, slowly turning its bloodshot eyes white. Eventually, its frantic struggling slowed down. Soon, a pool of blood had flowed out of its neck. What was more terrifying was the streams of sword ki continually bursting out of its mouth from within, making countless holes in the process.

In the end, the little chick rampaged its way into the taotie’s guts. When the ugly beast let out its final whimper, the bloodied chick burrowed its way out of the taotie's belly. Only then did the black cat feel fatigued. It cancelled its Regal Chaosfiend form and lay on the ground licking the blood from its fur. It was probably a clean freak, based on how desperately it was cleaning the gunk from its little head.

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