Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: - Make Her Entire Family Accompany Shengcheng In Death

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No one could bear to look at Yuwen Taiji. He looked as indifferent as always, his heterochromatic pupils looking at the young man’s corpse. However, the elders by his side stepped away from him, feeling a heart-palpitating pressure from standing next to him.

“Hand her over! Make her entire family accompany Shengcheng in death!” Yuwen Fengtian roared. Yuwen Fengtian coughed out blood again. Yuwen Shendu had been trained by his father, but this grandson was the one he had raised. Of Yuwen Shengcheng’s bad temper, at least seventy percent had been a result of his pampering!

Yet now he was a headless corpse.

“Halt! No one knows the truth yet. You have no authority to pass down judgement! Killing between disciples falls under the Hall of Inquisitors’ jurisdiction. They’ll get to the bottom of this!” Ye Shaoqing tried to step forward, but the elders, other than Yuwen Taiji and Yuwen Fengtian, blocked his path.

Their eyes were filled with fire; it was obvious that if Ye Shaoqing took another step, they would attack.

“Qingyu, say the truth!” Tianming had never expected things to devolve to this state. He had never even noticed any conflict between Li Qingyu and Yuwen Shengcheng.

Now, things had gotten troublesome. Tianming had never encountered such a problem before. Originally, things should have been smooth sailing after he became a prime disciple, but now this threatened to upend everything.

“Big brother….” Qingyu still seemed to be confused, but when she saw Ye Shaoqing and the rest still trying to fight for her, she knew this was her only chance to live!

She quickly grit her teeth and solemnly said, “It was Su Wuyou and the others. They used Xiaofu’s parents to threaten her and lure me out of the sect. Yuwen Shengcheng and Li Xuanchen had a carefree fruit. They weren’t only targeting me, but also killed Xiaofu! It wasn’t that I wanted to fight them, but they wanted to turn me into an idiot and never let me come back. I just wanted to get revenge for Xiaofu….”

At the corner of her eye, a tear formed. However, it didn’t fall in the end.

No one made a sound after hearing that. Some things were obvious, as long as you put some thought into it. Li Qingyu was part of the weaker side. If she wasn’t pushed too far, why would she take such dangers and offend the current Yuwen clan?

“So that’s how it is!”

“She must be telling the truth. I know her character, she’s not the sort to offend others. It’s Yuwen Shengcheng who’s arrogant and likes to use his family’s authority to bully others. I bet this isn’t his first time!”

“What an embarrassment. He went with Li Xuanchen and ended up getting killed instead!”

People had already been leaning toward Tianming’s side before. Furthermore, the Yuwen clan had bullied quite a few people in recent years, causing a lot of resentment to build up. Now, the boiling point had been reached. Although it wouldn’t matter if it was just one or two people, it was now a full seventy thousand people saying it.

“He deserved to die!”

“Where’s that Su Wuyou? What prime disciple! She actually used someone’s parents to threaten them?”

“What a joke. Two sixth-level Unity beastmasters, and they still got killed by Li Qingyu after using such schemes. They’re the jokes of our Grand-Orient Sect!”

“It’s obvious what Yuwen Shengcheng was trying to do. We all know what the carefree fruit does.”

“I feel ashamed to be a Grand-Orient Sect disciple like him!”

It wasn’t just the hot-blooded young disciples saying such words now. Many Grand-Orient guardians and exalted masters were adding their voices in, too.

Tianming had no idea Li Qingyu had gone through such things. Every time he’d met Yuwen Shengcheng, the Yuwen scion had never ever shown any such indication of interest in Qingyu.

Tianming wasn’t a god; there was no way he could know what Yuwen Shengcheng and Li Xuanchen had said in private. He wasn’t even aware of the arrangement Li Xuanchen had tried to make for Li Jincan’s marriage.

Although Tianming understood he couldn’t be faulted, he still felt some measure of responsibility after what Qingyu had encountered.

Fortunately, she had been able to make them pay the price.

However, he knew the Yuwen clan wouldn’t let her off. It would be difficult for her to escape today. But that didn’t mean he would just let it happen!

“Grand-Orient guardians, hand Li Qingyu over to the Hall of Inquisitors! They shall leave no stone unturned and seek out the truth. If her words are true, she is not guilty!” Ye Qing said, looking at Huangfu Fengyun. He hoped for him to put in a good word too.

However, despite Huangfu Fengyun’s desire, he still held back out of fear of Yuwen Taiji obtaining the Grand-Orient Sword. He knew how resolute the Yuwen clan would be in their goal of killing Qingyu. It was different from when Tianming had become the prime disciple. If he stopped them now, even getting on his knees and begging them may not let him keep his life in the future.

Even though Ye QIng and all of the disciples present were pressuring the guardians to release Qingyu, they still didn’t dare to. Because the Yuwen clan was right here!

The circumstances couldn’t be any more tense.

The sky darkened slightly, and flashes of blood-red light could be seen in the clouds. No one noticed this omen. The only thing they saw was that Yuwen Shendu stepped forward, ignoring all the condemnation as he grabbed Qingyu by the neck and lifted her up.

One slight squeeze and Qingyu would die.

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