Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: 312

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Chapter 312 - A Sword Pierces The Tongue


Amidst the silence, Jun Dongyao's eyes shone like liquid gold, two dazzling suns staring at Tianming; it was a gaze so oppressive it was hard for him to look up.


"Yes, Elysian King." Tianming's eyes burned, but he never blinked. This wasn’t just a test of strength, but of willpower as well.


"I heard you’re a pentabane comparable to the first ancestor of the Li Saint Clan?" asked Jun Dongyao.


Sooner or later, news of this would spread. It couldn’t be concealed.


"That's right," admitted Tianming.


"Show me your bane-rings," said Jun Dongyao.


"The bane-rings are merely a representation. Elysium King, you may refer to my previous performance. If you have any doubts, please continue watching my performance in the Realm Wars," replied Tianming.


"Hahaha...." Jun Dongyao couldn't help laughing.


However, he was the only one who found it funny. Everyone else wore cold expressions on their faces.


"No one from the Grand-Orient Sect has dared speak like this to us for a long time." Shaking his head, Jun Dongyao chuckled.


"Just that bit of talent and he thinks he’s so great. He’s obviously courting death. With his character, even ten thousand bane-rings would be useless. What a pity," laughed Sikong Jiansheng.


When it came to Tianming, the Cloudmist Sword School appeared more aggressive than Heaven’s Elysium. Tianming merely glanced at Sikong Jiansheng. Although he could have made a remark, he didn’t think it was necessary. Defeating Sikong Tianchen was the most effective counterattack against the Cloudmist Sword School.


On such an occasion, Weisheng Ruosu and the others were too afraid to speak. At the very least, facing these powerhouses showed Tianming’s fearlessness.


"Elysium King, the Grand-Orient Sect and Southsky Sect disciples have pa.s.sed the test. A total of five of us are eligible for the Realm Wars. Please welcome our elders to ensure they’ll begin on time and proceed smoothly," added Tianming.


His words made the East Cardinal King even more uncomfortable. What a slap to the face! Just half a day ago, he had left the Southsky Sect and Grand-Orient Sect at Heaven Inn, suggesting they could circle the foot of the mountain and go home. But now, out of seven places, they occupied five. If it had been one or two, it wouldn’t be this embarra.s.sing.


After all, they’d prepared a place to lodge Cloudmist Sword School, yet none of their disciples had made it. This matter had been decided by Jun Dongyao alone. Never mind that Tianming mentioned it; the process of going down to meet those elders was the truly uncomfortable and depressing part. If those elders weren’t present, the Realm Wars couldn’t begin.


By this point, everyone noticed Jun Dongyao’s ugly expression; especially Sikong Jiansheng, who was discomfited by the former’s reaction. He was responsible for Sikong Tianchen's defeat, which had in turn caused Jun Dongyao such embarra.s.sment.


"Just get someone to inform them. Weisheng Tianlan and the others can head up on their own. They don’t need a welcome entourage, do they?" scoffed Sikong Jiansheng.


"Yeah, they can head up on their own," echoed the elders of Cloudmist Sword School.


"Is Sect Master Sikong afraid we’ll rob you of your place? Don't worry, even if you don't have disciples partic.i.p.ating, Heaven’s Elysium won't drive you away," mocked Tianming. Having endured Sikong Jiansheng’s sarcasm once, he wasn’t about to do so again.


"How dare you!" glared Sikong Jiansheng. A menacing sword ki shot toward Tianming, so quick that he didn’t have time to dodge. The sword ki pierced his tongue, leaving a b.l.o.o.d.y hole. Although the wound wasn’t large, the burning pain and metallic taste in his mouth was unforgettable.


"A little one such as yourself dares talk to me like this?! Let the hole in your tongue be a warning. Next time, it’ll be your head!" roared Sikong Jiansheng.


This scene was a shock to the others. Before the sect master, even a pentabane genius was a worthless bug. So why should they fear the genius? The genius of a weak sect was of no significance, since they couldn’t preserve their talents.


"That’s enough," Weisheng Ruosu pulled Tianming aside, her eyes conveying her worries.


Tianming gritted his teeth. The sharp pain and b.l.o.o.d.y taste in his mouth was seared into his memory. Compared to the Grand-Orient Sect, the rivalry in the Grand-Orient Realm was far more dangerous. These people hadn’t an ounce of sympathy.


How could he forget this enmity?


"I have some lotus elixir from the lotus spiritfruit. Would you like—" asked Weisheng Ruosu.


"No thank you," Tianming interrupted.


Although this injury was humiliating, it had little impact on Tianming. He would recover after a few days of speaking less. Additionally, he realized that his injury would activate the Prime Tower. The white lights from the Prime Tower had completely enveloped his damaged flesh.


Although he shouldn’t have spoken, he didn’t regret it. Anyway, the Realm Wars were just around the corner. Under the Theocracy of Ancients’ supervision, Sikong Jiansheng couldn't kill him. A little physical pain was nothing, but Tianming would commit the incident to memory.


The day will come when I shut you up!


With Tianming finally suppressed, the audience revealed smug smiles. "He’s finally behaving!”


"Elysian King, I’ll head down," said an elysian elder behind Jun Dongyao. It seemed he was also a member of the Jun clan.


"Go!" Jun Dongyao waved his hand. It was certainly unrealistic to expect Weisheng Tianlan and the other elders to head up on their own.


The elysian elder rode his lifebound beast down the mountain. At his speed, he would return soon; and he did, but without the others.


"What’s the matter?" asked Jun Dongyao.


"Elysian King, they said since you personally welcomed the Onyx Sect and Cloudmist Sword School, they shouldn’t be treated any differently. They’ll only come up if you greet them," muttered the man.


Upon hearing that, the three allied sects were hard-eyed.


"Looks like they want to do this the hard way!" Sikong Jiansheng pounded his seat.


"These people don’t know what’s good for them! You give them an inch and they want a yard, hmph!" the Onyx Empress laughed disdainfully.


"Elysium King, don't lower yourself to their level," added the Onyx Emperor.


The Southsky Sect and Grand-Orient Sect’s move had clearly embarra.s.sed Jun Dongyao, but he was the one who had dug himself into such a hole.


Now that the Onyx Sect has surrendered to Heaven’s Elysium, the balance in Grand-Orient Realm has been broken. Heaven’s Elysium will surely deal with the Southsky Sect and Grand-Orient Sect sooner or later. Since Elder Weisheng Tianlan and Master dare behave like this, they’re obviously not afraid to offend Jun Dongyao. It’s a sign of their unwillingness to yield. Tianming came to a realization upon hearing of the elders’ response.


Since the elders showed such backbone, he, too, would fight bravely. He had been worried his actions might cause trouble for his elders; however, it was obvious they were united.


Under such circ.u.mstances, there was nothing Jun Dongyao could do except go down the mountain and welcome the elders. If the Realm Wars were delayed, he would be in trouble. Who knew if the Theocracy of Ancients was watching!


Thus, he flew down the mountain on his Golden Dragon once more. The wildbeasts on the Throughpath submitted to the dragon’s great power.


Now that Jun Dongyao had personally gone down to welcome them, Weisheng Tianlan, Huangfu Fengyun, and the other elders finally entered the venue. Along the way, they made a stop on the Throughpath and brought along Xi Menglin and Bai Taijun. Though the two couldn't partic.i.p.ate in the Realm Wars, they were allowed to follow their elders.


Tianming recognized the wounds he had inflicted upon Xi Menglin but wasn’t sure what happened to Bai Taijun to make him look so miserable.


"Tianming!" As soon as they arrived, Ye Shaoqing immediately walked up to him. "Any injuries?" he asked with concern.


"No." But as soon as Tianming spoke, the blood in his mouth came trickling down.


"Let me have a look."


The hole in his tongue was clear at a glance. This obviously wasn’t the work of Sikong Tianchen; Ye Shaoqing had heard of his defeat.


"Which shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d did this?" frowned Ye Shaoqing. His gaze flickered toward the Cloudmist Sword Sect. It was obvious the injury had been caused by sword ki.


"Master, what’s the point in identifying such a shameless man?" mocked Tianming. He stared at Sikong Jiansheng as he spoke.


"How ridiculous and shameful! How can Sect Master Sikong retaliate against the younger generation just because his grandson was defeated? What a joke! I’m just wondering what kind of sword intent Cloudmist Sword School cultivates to pick on someone smaller than them?" Ye Shaoqing’s gaze seemed to burn into Sikong Jiansheng.


"What an embarra.s.sment!" Weisheng Tianlan snapped in contempt.


"Who do you think you are? Are you worthy to speak to me? A sect without a sect master leading a pack of wild dogs. Who’s the ridiculous one?" Sikong Jianshen retorted.


The elders behind him laughed along with him.


"A dignified sect master attacking the younger generation to vent your anger and shame. Such a lowlife act would only degrade your entire sect. What's the use of coming here?" Ye Shaoqing added, t.i.t-for-tat.


Sikong Jiansheng’s smile solidified, his face frozen in resentment. Members of the Cloudmist Sword School rose to their feet, as if about to exchange a few blows.


"Silence!" While tensions ran high, Jun Dongyao endeavored to control the situation.


"Since they’re here, let’s not waste any time. According to the regulations, the Realm Wars will be held tomorrow in the Elysium Battlefield. Whatever grievances and grudges there are can be solved when the chosen ones enter the battlefield!" announced Jun Dongyao.


With a wave of his sleeves, Jun Dongyao left. Naturally, others from Heaven’s Elysium would arrange lodging for the Southsky Sect and Grand-Orient Sect.

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