Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 314

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Chapter 314

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Chapter 314 - The Realm Barrier

In the blink of an eye, it was deep into the night. Heaven’s Elysium was still brightly lit under the dim moonlight. Every so often, beasts would gallop through the city. Tianming stood by the window, which overlooked the endless city ahead. Even standing as tall as he could, it was impossible to see the end of the sect.

The Grand-Orient Sect and Southsky Sect elders had gathered in the hall. Among the disciples, the five who were to participate in the Realm Wars were present. A solemn atmosphere pervaded the closer they were to the Realm Wars.

"Although you might already know the rules of the Realm Wars, I’ll repeat them to you.”

Weisheng Tianlan and Huangfu Fengyun sat at the top, while Tianming and the other disciples walked up to him.

"The Realm Wars, from the name to all the rules and supervision, is actually set by the Theocracy of Ancients. As the host, Heaven’s Elysium only provides the venue, that is, the Elysium Battlefield."

Similar to the First Grand-Orient Battlefield, the Elysium Battlefield was said to have 200,000 seats and a large number of observation platforms which could accommodate 300,000 spectators in total. At least 300,000 people would be watching the battle tomorrow, and most of them were Heaven’s Elysium disciples.

"Why is it called the Realm Wars? That's because your battlefield tomorrow is held within the Realm Barrier. This barrier is of course exceptional, since it originates from the Theocracy of the Ancients. It’s known as the Grand-Orient Barrier. When you step into the battlefield, you’re actually entering a miniature version of the Grand-Orient Realm, with the same terrain and its key locations. For example, both Southsky Island and the Azure Sea exist in the Realm Barrier."

The Southsky Sect disciples relied heavily on the Azure Sea; the presence of a vast body of water on the battlefield was critical for them.

"Although this miniature version of the Grand-Orient Realm can’t be compared to the actual thing, the battlefield is considered enormous, with mountains, plains, and deep seas. There are many places you can explore and hide, as well as spirit hazards and wildbeasts to block your way. Because of the complexity of this battlefield, the Realm Wars has many variables. These variables are the reasons why we, Southsky Sect, have won the Grand-Orient Sword twice throughout history. Otherwise, if it were just an ordinary confrontation, it’d be difficult for our disciples to surpass the elysian children."

A miniature version of the Grand-Orient Realm sounded incredible as a battlefield. When Tianming first heard of it, he was extremely shocked. He could only admit that the mysteries of heavenly patterns were endless. A heavenly pattern barrier could produce so many changes. Just an ordinary one could seal space, and the blood barrier on Throughpath contained toxins and confused one’s direction, while the Bloodbane Barrier of the Li Mausoleum could kill invaders. 

Since the Realm Barrier was a miniature version of the Grand-Orient Realm, the Grand-Orient Mountains, Northwest Onyx Hole, Southern Azure Sea and Southsky Island existed in the battlefield. They could make use of the terrain to hide, but at the same time, a sudden confrontation was also a possibility.

"You must be curious how a miniature version of the Grand-Orient Realm can be placed in the Elysium Battlefield. And how do we watch the battle? This is the mystery of the Realm Wars. In the Realm Barrier, what you see is an illusion produced by heavenly patterns. In fact, the sea and mountains you see are all simulated by the Realm Barrier. For you, the terrain is real, but not for us. One of you might be in the Grand-Orient Mountain while the other is in Onyx Hole, but from our perspective you’re perhaps less than ten meters apart. So when you fight, we can clearly see the situation. However, that isn’t something you have to consider. With the barrier’s power, even though what you see is simulated, you perceive it as real. Although you’re ten meters apart in reality, as long as you have a distance of ten thousand meters in the Realm Barrier, you’ll never encounter the other party."

Throughout the history of the Realm Wars, they had witnessed opponents passing by, yet never noticing each other. That was because their positions in the Realm Barrier were miles apart. In short, Tianming and the others needed to give priority to the environment within the Realm Barrier, regardless of the real situation or the audience. Where the Azure Sea was located, there would definitely be water. 

"It's so mysterious," sighed Tianming.

"Yes. Although the Grand-Orient Barrier isn’t as lethal as the Bloodbane Barrier, it’s certainly mysterious," said Weisheng Tianlan.

"Since the battlefield is so vast, will the Realm Wars last very long?" Tianming asked.

"Not necessarily. It can be as short as ten days, or last more than a month," replied Weisheng Tianlan.

The fourteen disciples would be transferred to the wilderness. The terrain, environment, and even day and night were all variables of battle. The weak might still have a chance to seize the Grand-Orient Sword.

"I’ve just introduced the Realm Barrier, and now I’ll talk about the rules. The process of the Realm Wars is divided into two parts. The first part is finding the Grand-Orient Sword. The rules of this process are hidden in the Realm Barrier. Since ancient times, the way to locate the Grand-Orient Sword has been different, so there’s no significant point of reference. After entering the barrier, you’ll have to think about it on your own. The sooner you understand the rules of the Realm Barrier, the more favorable it’ll be for you."

This was similar to the Abyssal Trials, where the contestants had to discover the rules themselves. However, the rules of the Abyssal Trials were determined by people and could be changed at any time, while the rules for finding the Grand-Orient Sword were fixed. The Realm Wars were completely fair and just.

"The second part is more exciting. Once someone finds the sword, the Realm Wars immediately enters a ten-day countdown! Over those ten days, the sword will shine a light that’s visible throughout the entire realm. It cannot be hidden, nor kept in a spatial ring. This means the Grand-Orient Sword will continue exposing the position of the sword holder, who then becomes a common target. His position is visible to everyone, so they hunt and fight him. As long as the sword holder can keep the shining Grand-Orient Sword for ten days, he’ll be the winner of the Realm Wars and gets to take the sword from the hands of Heaven’s Elysium. But if the sword is seized by someone else, the countdown for the new sword holder will be reset to ten days again."

This was a tough rule. Obtaining the sword wasn’t considered victory; one had to keep the shining Grand-Orient Sword, resist, and fight for ten days. If anyone were to be pursued by seven elysian children at the same time, who could hold the sword for that long? It was obvious how much of a challenge winning the Grand-Orient Sword was when such a huge power disparity existed between the top geniuses of the four sects and Heaven’s Elysium.

"The disciples of the four great clans who’ve won the sword basically possessed some special method of escape. None of them defeated the elysian children in a head-on battle. Although most of us come here only to bring disgrace to ourselves, at least there’s hope of success. So, good luck everyone," said Weisheng Tianlan.

"Tianlan, may I speak to you?" Ye Shaoqing beckoned.

The two of them walked to the corner.

"What is it?"

"Why don’t you get your children to withdraw from the Realm Wars? If the situation continues in this direction, they may focus on Ruosu and Qingluan to force you to surrender," Ye Shaoqing whispered.

"I know."


"They don't agree. Since they’re already here, they want to fight. After all, there are many factors in the Realm Wars, and not everyone will be humiliated. They, too, have an opportunity to win the sword," said Weisheng Tianlan. 

"That's true. The disciples of the Southsky Sect have always had a natural advantage in the Realm Wars—the Azure Sea," mused Ye Shaoqing.

"Yes. As long as they quickly enter the sea and stay there, the others can’t do anything to them. They can hide in the sea if they’re in danger."

This was the reason why southsky disciples in the past had managed to safely retreat.

“None of the seven elysian children, nor the two onyx disciples, possess water-type lifebound beasts. Except for Jun Tianyi and Yueling Long, no one could pose a threat to them in the Azure Sea.” Ye Shaoqing was rather relieved by the thought.


“Your children are very courageous. But Tianlan, you must remind them, don’t try to be brave. If everything’s fine, they mustn’t leave the sea. Once they set foot on land, nothing can help them," said Ye Shaoqing.

"I’ve warned them about it and they’ve assured me. After all, Tianming is our main hope. Ruosu and Qinglan have great confidence in him. They’ve decided to enter the Realm Barrier to aid Tianming," replied Weisheng Tianlan.

"They’re good children. Gentle and quiet, but brave." 

"Does your disciple have an intended partner?" asked Weisheng Tianlan.

"No, but he has a lover," said Ye Shaoqing.

"Ah, the young hero is accompanied by a charming beauty," smiled Weisheng Tianlan.

"Are you going to inform Ruosu?"

"Of course. They can be friends.”

"Are you so reluctant to see your daughter married?" Ye Shaoqing teased.

"Without a doubt. You try having a kid and see. I’m very satisfied with Tianming’s situation," laughed Weisheng Tianlan.

"You narrow-minded old man," scoffed Ye Shaoqing.

Weisheng Tianlan was worried that the youths would develop feelings for each other after fighting side by side in the Realm Wars, and was completely relieved to hear that Tianming already had a lover. After they returned to their rooms, Ye Shaoqing called Tianming over.

"What is it?" asked Tianming.

"You’re not two-timing, are you?"

"What do you mean?"

Why did those two middle-aged men behave so sneakily?

"It’s nothing. If it’s convenient, help the siblings during the Realm Wars," Ye Shaoqing reminded him.

"Of course, the four of them are my friends. I must protect them. Besides, they may be able to help me, too."

This time, Tianming wasn’t fighting alone. He had four allies, as well as Ying Huo and Meow Meow. 

I wonder if Ling’er will awaken during the battle. Tianming couldn’t wait.

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