Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: - Five Gold and Five Black, Descent of the Grand-Orient Sword

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“Disciples who are participating in the Realm War, step into the battlefield!” Jun Dongyao announced, starting the Realm War.

His voice was accompanied by the audience’s cheers, and the Elysium Battlefield exploded. Under everyone’s scorching gazes, the seven elysian children and two onyx disciples stepped into the battlefield. All nine of them stood together, shining with golden brilliance. Most of them were haughty and had mockery on their faces. They were all excited for the Realm War.

Unlike them, however, Yueling Long only had killing intent on her face. She swept a cold gaze at the challengers from the four sects. Even the two onyx disciples who met her eyes trembled, a chill running down their spine.

“The previous generation of elysian children produced a monster like Jun Niancang, whose talent even shocked the Theocracy of the Ancients. He’s only in his early twenties now, and he’s probably already in the Saint stage.”

“That Yueling Long is only a few years younger than Jun Niancang. When she reaches Jun Niancang’s age, she’ll probably be on the same level as him!” the onyx disciple, Li Wusheng, whispered in his brother’s ears with revere in his eyes.

“When the two of them grow up, I’m afraid that they might even surpass the current Elysian Emperor! When the time comes, it’ll be the most prosperous era for Heaven’s Elysium,” Li Jiusi said hoarsely.

“Brother, we have to perform well in this Realm War and make Heaven’s Elysium happy. It’ll make things easier for us in the future.” Li Wusheng smiled.

“Then let’s bring them… to cloud nine!”

Their gazes were vicious as they looked at their opponents in the Elysium Battlefield. The Elysium Battlefield was huge, so both parties were close together. But almost the whole of Heaven’s Elysium had their eyes on the youth in white. Only Weisheng Ruosu could draw away part of the attention. This was the Realm War, and it was hard to attract any attention if you weren’t in the Heavenly Will stage.

“That’s the Li Saint Clan’s pentabane!”

“The one comparable to their first ancestor?”

“Interesting… but it’s a pity that he’ll be so short-lived.”

No one here questioned Tianming’s talent. But just talent alone wouldn’t be sufficient to shut your opponent’s mouth. As the tension grew stronger, the Realm Barrier suddenly descended. Tianming felt a huge pressure crushing his body. When he raised his head, he saw a colorful ball up in the sky, the size of his fist. It shone brilliantly as it descended from the sky.

When the ball descended, it began growing in size. When it was right above their heads, the width of the ball was already equivalent to the entire Elysium Battlefield. In the next second, it smashed against the Elysium Battlefield.

The explosion that everyone had expected didn’t occur. The Realm Barrier had merged into the Elysium Battlefield. Looking from the outside, it looked like a colorful sphere enveloping the battlefield, with fourteen disciples within.

In the eyes of the others, the fourteen disciples were just standing on the same spot. But for the fourteen disciples themselves, their surroundings had undergone drastic changes. A strong wind had swept past, separating them from each other. Even if they just looked to be a few meters apart from each other from the outside, it was a completely different matter inside the barrier.

“Sect Master Weisheng said I don’t need to pay attention to my true position in the Realm Barrier, just follow what I see and hear.” Tianming could no longer hear the crowd, and no longer felt the mocking gaze of the three hundred thousand spectators.

A mountain suddenly rose before his eyes, creating a river and forming a whole new landscape. It looked like the miracle of creation.

“The Realm Barrier is truly mysterious.”

The scene before him gave Tianming a new lesson about the profundity of cultivation. This was the path for him to reach a higher mastery in heavenly-ranked battle arts, heavenly pattern tomes, heavenly pattern barriers, and patternscribes.

“Perhaps I have a chance of becoming a patternscribe, writing my own heavenly pattern tome, and creating my own heavenly pattern barriers!” Tianming exclaimed, standing on the mountain.

The sun hung high in the air, illuminating the clear sky. The ground beneath his feet also felt real. He picked up a stone and crushed it, observing it closely as it crumbled. Looking at the cracks spreading out little by little and being carried away by the wind, Tianming was shocked.

“How realistic!” Even Ying Huo was shocked as it came out from Tianming’s lifebound space.

“It’s amazing.” Tianming looked around at the realistic world. “Who’d think of this as a place created by illusion?”

The path of cultivation wasn’t as simple as Tianming had thought. All of a sudden, he thought of the Godsoul Canon.

“The voice back then reminded me to cultivate the Godsoul Canon to the level of the Skypolarity Eye to unlock the gateway of the Wondersky Realm and seek god’s miracles. Who knows what stage the Skypolarity Eye is. Is the Wondersky Realm something similar to this, or is it different?” Then again, those were just Tianming’s guesses. “I’ll master the Bewildering Eye soon, so I should be unlocking the second stage.”

It was a unique technique, and Tianming had once felt that it was as valuable as the Saintbeast War-Soul. But looking at it now, the Godsoul Canon seemed even more valuable. There was even a possibility that they weren’t on the same level.

“Let’s go!” Tianming headed down the mountain toward the west, together with Ying Huo. As he wasn’t familiar with the Grand-Orient Realm, he naturally had no clue about his current location. “I need to find the Grand-Orient Sword and hold it for ten days….”

The big question here was where to find the Grand-Orient Sword. Tianming believed that the participants and audience alike were pondering the issue. The requirement for finding the Grand-Orient Sword would be different each time, and not even Heaven’s Elysium could interfere with it.

Just as Tianming was feeling puzzled, something suddenly occurred. When he raised his head, he saw a ball under the blazing sun. It had two colors—black and gold, each occupying half of the ball. The separation between the colors wasn’t equal, but twisted around like snakes instead.

Tianming knew that the Grand-Orient Sword was a black and gold sword. But all of a sudden, the sphere suddenly split in half, the gold and black parts completely separating from each other. But that wasn’t the end of it, as the gold portion continued dividing into a total of seven parts, and the same went for the black portion as well.

So in total, there were fourteen balls, seven black and seven gold, which corresponded to the fourteen participants. In the next moment, the fourteen balls scattered in all directions. Among the fourteen balls, one black ball fell right before Tianming. When Tianming grabbed it, a row of golden text appeared on it: five black and five gold, the descent of the Grand-Orient Sword!

The meaning of those words was straightforward.

There were fourteen balls…seven black and seven gold…the elysian children should have the gold balls. So whoever gathers five gold and five black balls first will obtain the Grand-Orient Sword! The rules were simple, but executing the challenge was a whole new different story. Tianming had a hunch that this Realm War would be chaotic. The Realm Barrier is massive, and it won’t be easy to find the others. For example, it won’t be easy to find them if they hide in the deep sea. Furthermore, fighting will take time, and someone might lose their ball in this time. So I need to be stronger than everyone else and try to get those from my side to give me their balls willingly to collect five of them!

In addition, the Realm War rarely states the rules directly. But then again, who knows how much time we’d spend here if the rules weren’t clearly stated this time. In the end, Tianming concluded that speed was the key in this game. He only had to snatch the balls right now. He didn’t have to go through the troubles of searching the place around for clues on the Grand-Orient Sword; it was straightforward and simple. Then again, the designer of this game was clearly just being lazy!

I’ll need to defeat at least five elysian children. Furthermore, if the elysian children give their balls to Yueling Long or Jun Tianyi, things will get ugly. On our side, we have two onyx disciples from the enemy faction, so I’ll quickly need to grab their black balls too. Even if I fail, I can try snatching the Grand-Orient Sword during the ten days. The only uncertainty is if the Grand-Orient Sword will strengthen the wielder’s strength.…

After all, based on the history of the Realm Wars, there were wielders who were empowered by the Grand-Orient Sword. So the first to obtain the Grand-Orient Sword would definitely have an advantage over the rest, and waiting for the last ten days would be his last resort.

After Tianming sorted out his thoughts, he set his foot on the battlefield. When the rules were revealed, the audience outside could also see it, causing an uproar.

“Isn’t this the rule for the first Realm War? Isn’t it just being lazy?” said Jun Dongyao.

“If my memory serves, you can obtain the Grand-Orient Sword by gathering five black and five gold balls.”

“And we just happened to have seven elysian children and seven challengers that time.”

“It’s rare for the rules to be stated right away in the Realm War.”

The elysian elders were discussing among themselves. They were mainly debating whether or not it was a sign that the Theocracy of the Ancients no longer wanted to bother about the affairs of the Grand-Orient Realm.

“But it doesn’t matter. Personal strength plays a great part in this rule, and it’s more beneficial to us this way.” Jun Dongyao smiled.

“That’s right. This is the most favorable rule for us. None of those five have the strength to gather so many black and gold balls.”

“In the past few Realm Wars, it’s mainly been a game of treasure hunting. They usually let the challenger find the Grand-Orient Sword, although it was ultimately snatched by us.”

“The rules don't matter. We’re just here to enjoy the show,” said the South Cardinal King with a smile on his face.

All the Heaven’s Elysium disciples had their eyes wide open, waiting to see how this Realm War would unfold.

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