Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: - Fury of the Heaven’s Elysium Disciples

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Three hundred thousand people watched on as Tianming routed two onyx disciples. His attack on their tongues, as well, had obviously been a reply to Sikong Jiansheng.

The entire Elysium Battlefield fell silent when Li Tianming went on his merry way, dragging the two onyx disciples in his wake. That the two defeated were onyx disciples didn’t stop the people from Heaven’s Elysium from going pale, nor keep their hands from shaking. What they had been looking forward to hadn’t happened in the end.

“What the hell happened there? How could those onyx disciples be so damned useless?”

“How embarrassing!”

Previously, they had been hoping that Tianming would create some tension. But now that he had, they found they weren’t enjoying it. The sharper ones could see Li Wusheng and Li Jiusi’s strength, so they could only use such curses to cover up their feelings.

They all refused to admit that Tianming had become a thorn in their eye.

The people of Heaven’s Elysium had never had such ugly expressions before in a Realm War, even when the Grand-Orient Sword had been snatched away. That was because those cases had always been the four sects relying on delaying strategies and luck, never a head-on battle. But now, they hadn’t just lost, but they had lost to a spawn of the Li Saint Clan, the worst person they could imagine!

Hence, they just pushed all the blame on the Onyx Sect. They carelessly threw out words like trash and useless, disregarding the two sect leaders and sect elders of the Onyx Sect.

“So much for the show those two were going to put on.”

“Right, and I was curious what they were going to do.”

“Elysian Long is strong and can casually take down Li Tianming, but the problem is she doesn’t know how to torment people!”

“We can only leave it to Elysian Yi to humiliate this fellow now.”

“What an annoying match. Wasn’t the Realm War supposed to be an entertaining show?”

Under this storm of cursing, the Onyx Sect felt very awkward, especially the Onyx Emperor and Empress. After all, it distressed them to see their two grandchildren in such a sorry state.

“That Li Tianming shouldn’t be that strong. Honestly, Wusheng and Jiusi probably just underestimated him,” Sikong Jiansheng said with an ugly expression. He had just finished speaking when he saw Tianming’s last two thrusts. He shot to his feet and sword light began flickering within his eyes.

Everyone knew this was Li Tianming giving him a reply!

“How audacious!” Sikong Jiansheng’s face turned pale.

“Sect Master Sikong, you’re overthinking things. My grandsons have never underestimated an opponent. Li Tianming must be the real deal for them to lose like that.” The Onyx Emperor sighed, then continued speaking to the people from Heaven’s Elysium, “Apologies. My grandsons have let everyone’s expectations down and led to the other becoming even more arrogant.”

“Yes, we apologize,” the Onyx Empress added.

Although they didn’t enjoy it, they still saw the big picture. They had only just recently yielded, unless Sikong Jiansheng had been raised up by Heaven’s Elysium.

The East Cardinal King, Jun Dongyao, looked up to see his father looking at Tianming with a profound gaze. Seeing the Elysium Emperor had no intention of speaking, Jun Dongyao said, “No need to be concerned. That Li Tianming does have some tricks up his sleeve, or he wouldn’t have beaten Sikong Tianchen and your grandsons. There’s no need to blame Tiansheng and Jiusi after they tried their best. Rather, this has only made the Realm War even more exciting. I look forward to seeing how far this member of the Li Saint Clan can go.”

Although they were surprised, they were still members of the senior generation. They couldn’t exactly freely curse like the disciples.

“We still have the seven elysian children, especially Elysian Yi and Long. Li Tianming will be no problem.”

“Apart from him, only Weisheng Ruosu has some skill, but they’re still far from equal to the elysian children.”

“The Realm War has just begun. I think this Li Tianming will spice up the show. There’s no novelty if we just bully them every single time. Hopefully, he doesn’t run into Elysian Yi and Long too soon.”

The atmosphere relaxed. In the end, only the onyx disciples had been defeated, and not the elysian children, so Heaven’s Elysium itself hadn’t been embarrassed.

The ones who were still uncomfortable were those from the Onyx Sect, as the ones that were defeated had been their future.

Sikong Jiansheng was also very uncomfortable.

The Realm War didn’t seem to have anything to do with him, and most of the conversations were between the Heaven’s Elysium members and the Onyx Emperor and Empress.

Li Tianming’s two final attacks had also made people look at him with strange looks, wanting to see what reaction he had after being challenged. However, what reaction could he have? There weren't even any cloudmist disciples in the Realm War for him to do anything...


“That was fun.” Weisheng Tianlan couldn’t stop himself from applauding Tianming.

Several elders of the Southsky Sect all visibly relaxed, having previously believed Tianming was finished.

“Shaoqing, your disciple really is special. His lifebound beasts, especially that little chick, are impressive as well,” Weisheng Tianlan praised again.

“So, have you changed your mind?” Ye Shaoqing chuckled. He was already numb to Tianming’s impressive displays.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Weisheng Tianlan coughed.

Obviously, Ye Shaoqing was asking about his precious unmarried daughter.

“The junior sect master does have some chance of obtaining the Grand-Orient Sword, as long as he doesn’t run into Jun Tianyi or Yueling Long.”

“He can still get five gold balls even without taking theirs. After he summons the sword, he can find Weisheng Ruosu in the Azure Sea and hide for a while,” the First Elder, Huangfu Fengyun, analyzed.

“Shaoqing, did you already tell Tianming to find Weisheng Ruosu if he gets the sword?” Shangguan Jingshu asked.

“I did, don’t worry.” Ye Shaoqing nodded.

It was the plan they thought held the highest chance of success. Weisheng Ruosu would definitely be of great help in the Azure Sea. At the bottom of the ocean, the light the sword gave off would also be refracted somewhat, making their position harder to locate.

Furthermore, even Yueling Long would experience a drop in battle power deep in the ocean.

“The rules this time give Tianming a chance. Now that he has three black balls, it also makes it impossible for anyone to win without defeating him,” Weisheng Tianlan said.

“Tianming made a risky move, yes, but it was a calculated risk. Now, he can drag it on as long as he wants. The more time he has, the stronger he’ll get,” Ye Shaoqing replied. He was the clearest of all about Tianming’s rate of improvement.

Tianming didn’t even have to go and look for balls now.

Weisheng Tianlan gave his wife a pat on the shoulder. “Don’t overthink things. Ruosu and Qingluan are already in the Azure Sea. Now, they just need to keep their black balls and give them to Tianming.”

“Is this junior sect master impressive enough for you to bet it all on him?” Sikong Lingyu grit her teeth.

“Didn’t you see it too?”

“I think you’re all being too optimistic.”

“But you have to admit he can change the game, and not be trounced like things have always gone.”

“True....” Sikong Lingyu’s brows finally began relaxing.

“He has courage. Not everyone would dare face Sikong Jiansheng with such courage,” Weisheng Tianlan said.

“Yes.…” For Sikong Lingyu, Sikong Jiansheng had always been someone she respected.

Behind Weisheng Tianlan, the Southsky Sect’s First Elder was seated with his grandson, Xi Menglin, next to him.

“Why does Elder Gu have such an unpleasant look? Could Tianming’s performance have been so displeasing?” Ye Shaoqing looked back and couldn’t resist saying.

“What are you trying to get at?” Gu Qiuyu stared at Ye Shaoqing.

“Nothing much. I just think it’s a joyous occasion, and our little faction here should be happy. But you don’t seem to be,” Ye Shaoqing mildly pointed out.

“Is there a point to relying on a junior’s battle for happiness? Have you considered what’s going to happen next?” Gu Qiuyu said coldly.

“Let’s not talk about the future yet. Let’s listen now, to that pleasant cursing of Heaven’s Elysium disciples of the Onyx Sect.” Ye Shaoqing’s meaning was clear. Bowing to Heaven’s Elysium was easy. However, after that, even the most ordinary of Heaven’s Elysium disciples would be able to curse at you.

Gu Quiyu heard Ye Shaoqing’s message loud and clear. “We’ll see. Let’s see whether he ends up any different from past disciples!” Gu Qiuyu replied through gritted teeth.
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