Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: - Wargod Spear Art, Vajra Invulnerability

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Jun Tianyi enjoyed this cat and mouse game he was playing. For all the running Weisheng Ruosu did, she would never be able to escape his grasp. That feeling filled him with utter joy, unlike his past conquests.

"My dad wants me to make your dad cry. Guess what I’ll do to you? Weisheng Ruosu, I really wonder what kind of courage made you dare to enter here. Beauties that enter the Realm Wars have always ended up horribly. You want to take our Grand-Orient Sword? I’ve got one right here waiting for you. Run all you want, I have you locked in. Let’s enjoy our remaining time together. Who cares about Li Tianming? Sis Long can deal with him. Nobody is coming to save you. Eventually, you'll tire out and fall to me. I'll make sure you can’t even kill yourself as an escape, hahaha...."

When will a person turn into a monster? When the others around them encourage it. Now, all three hundred thousand spectators were wishing he would show them a good time by making Weisheng Ruosu cry. Jun Tianyi felt he owed them at least that much.

"I'm sure you taste good. I'll squeeze every ounce of flavor out of you." The more he said, the more his desire grew and burned. He knew how significant it was to make Weisheng Tianlan crumble from the terror. Heaven's Elysium didn't need upright people like him, but rather people like the Onyx Emperor and Onyx Empress who would kneel and submit to them.

"The Grand-Orient Sect is filled with nothing but weak lowlives. The Onyx Sect and Cloudmist Sword School are enough to take them down. The Southsky Sect, on the other hand, is located far away, in the seas. They're the sole obstacle of my clan's domination of the realm! When I deal with you, I’ll have contributed much to it."

He wouldn't regret the atrocities he would commit, for he was carrying out a glorious work on behalf of his clan. He smiled as his two helldragons used their spiritsource ability nonstop to shoot at the dragonwhale in the ocean. Thankfully, it still hadn't been hit so far. That's why Ying Huo and Meow Meow waited when they caught up instead of attacking.

"This fellow is strong. This might turn out to be a close fight; let's wait for him," Ying Huo said, stopping his partner.

"Why's he spouting all that disgusting crap?" the black cat snapped.

"Like father, like son. It's normal."

"When Boss takes both of his gold balls, the black ball down there will be the only one he needs," Meow Meow said.

"That's right."

Soon, Tianming came zooming in.

"That was fast," said Ying Huo.

"How is it?""Still fine for now. We haven't revealed our presence yet."

Tianming gave it a look. Jun Tianyi had been chasing Weisheng Ruosu for around an hour, so she could probably still hold on.

"Do we go?" Ying Huo asked.

"Let's give it a try." Tianming looked at the other two with Onyx Dragon in hand. "Go!"

The three of them acted without hesitation once they reached a decision. They would be fighting a twin beastmaster like Tianming himself.

"Let's help Ruosu escape first."

All they had to do was hold him back to let her escape from his clutches. Just as Jun Tianyi was toying with Weisheng Ruosu, thunderclouds began gathering and a thunderous rumble rang out as nine lightning snakes fell from the skies.

"Who is it?!" Jun Tianyi turned back and saw Tianming charging him with his sword. At the same time, tens of thousands of Infernal Haze clones were scattered all over, executing sword moves at Jun Tianyi and his two helldragons.

"Li Tianming?" Jun Tianyi smiled. He wasn't afraid of him, but rather, afraid that he wouldn't show up. He wielded a long, golden spear that shone so brightly it hurt to look at. It was a grade-eight beastial weapon, the Helldragon Lance. It fit Jun Tianyi to a T.

He smirked as Tianming came charging in with Cosmic Break. "Child's play!"

Jun Tianyi had been at Heavenly Will for quite some time. In terms of heavenly-ranked battle arts alone, he was much better than most others. He used his technique, the Wargod Spear Art, causing his body to shine like gold as he became an avatar of a wargod.

Wargod Spear Art, Thousand-man Crush!

Helldragon Lance shot out from his hands with enough force to shock a whole army. This was a clash of pure power, where beast ki and physical strength both played significant roles.

Tianming's mastery of Cosmic Break had been growing, but Jun Tianyi's Wargod Spear Art was just as savage. With him having more beast ki, Tianming didn't have much of an edge. His Cosmic Break was shattered by a single spear strike that continued on and grazed past his ear.

Even so, Tianming's sword ki didn't falter. As he was forced back, Jun Tianyi almost fell from his mount. The sword ki from Onyx Dragon had left quite a few marks on his long robe.

"Interesting! So you have some tricks of your own after all!" Despite the casual remark, Jun Tianyi was quite shocked. He hadn’t expected that Tianming would be able to block his absolutely crushing strike. Not even someone in the first level of Heavenly Will would be able to do that. He looked around and saw that Tianming was a twin beastmaster as well. Apart from his feline thunderbeast that was fighting one of his helldragons, the little chick's clones had surrounded him and his other dragon as well. Its sword intent came crashing down as Jun Tianyi was still doubting what he saw. Four strikes of the Voidgod Sword Intent were unleashed at once by every single clone, from Countercurrent all the way up to Myriad's Only, and there was no telling which was the true strike.

"Come!" Light from the Golden Helldragon covered Jun Tianyi, causing his body to glow a metallic gold as he grew to three meters in height. He seemed like a golden combat automaton. This was the effect of a spiritsource ability, Vajra Invulnerability. Like Ying Huo's Infernal Armor, it could be applied to the beastmaster, too. Now, he seemed even tougher than before.

He charged at Tianming with his spear, and his dragon's scales glowed as it extinguished the little chick’s haze clones.

Ying Huo's Goldflame Featherblade collided against the helldragon's scales nonstop. Though the attacks managed to leave a lot of bloody nicks, not a single strike truly pierced the thick scales.

"A little bit more!" Just one bit more and Ying Huo would be able to defeat the Golden Helldragon, but their three foes were too well armored. The Golden Helldragon could simply ignore Ying Huo and focus on fighting Tianming. Its abilities were quite powerful—its long tail especially. Tianming could be bisected if he was careless.

Jun Tianyi also fought unrelentingly. His spear came in hard and fast, and his invulnerable body made it hard to hurt him. Tianming furrowed his brow as he glanced at Meow Meow engaging the other helldragon.

Meow Meow's lightning abilities seemed a little lackluster against the metal-type beast. It could also fight well in close range, so Meow Meow didn't have much of an edge.

If this goes on, it’ll be a close call even if I win, and Ying Huo and Meow Meow might get hurt. There's no need for me to force myself to fight, since I have most of the gold and black balls I need. He decided he would make a strategic retreat. While he was no doubt hot blooded, he didn't let it get to his head. As the leader of the trio, he needed to be the rational one.

Since he had the edge in the Realm War, he didn't need to go down this route—there were many other options available to him. He should leave the desperate fighting for when he really needed it, like when he’d fought Yuwen Shendu. But those things didn't happen too often, and he wouldn't gamble his brothers' lives if he could help it.

"Ruosu's already escaped, so we can go now!" Tianming telepathically said to his partners as he pushed Jun Tianyi away with his sword.

"Let's go!" Meow Meow shrunk and entered his lifebound space with Ying Huo. Tianming immediately turned and left, much to Jun Tianyi's surprise.

"You can’t escape!" he cried and gave chase.

"Take your time." Tianming smirked and headed for land. Without Ling’er’s Temporal Field or Celestial Wings, his speed was normal. However, the lightningsource allowed his body to zip around like a lightning bolt, making him much faster than the three-meter-tall Jun Tianyi, who could only rely on the speed of his Golden Helldragon. While they could fly fast enough to keep up with the Stillocean Godwhale, it couldn’t match up to the relatively tiny Tianming in terms of speed.

"Li Tianming, you shameless prick! Come back and fight, coward!" His helldragon unleashed its abilities nonstop in an attempt to stop Tianming. While the pursuit could continue at sea, it would be much harder on land; there were many places to hide, like the many caverns and mountains.

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