Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: - I Shall Remain Undying As Long As The Heavens Do

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The Crimsonblood Saber’s edge had actually cut Yuwen Taiji’s scalp. Blood flowed down, soaking Yuwen Taiji’s eyes, ears, and mouth, giving him an even more hideous appearance.

It was clear for all to see that Yuwen Taiji had suffered a disastrous defeat!

“Ah!” Li Wudi’s blade fell again, and this time, it was Yuwen Taiji’s right arm that was sent flying! Now, he was an armless man who had lost his ability to wield the Grand-Orient Sword.

“Li Wudi!!” Yuwen Taiji bit his lips and glared at the man. Perhaps all he wanted was for Li Wudi to reply to him.

“Watch clearly,” a voice said, as frigid as ice.

Yuwen Taiji saw all too clearly as the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng descended onto the Yinfiend Taotie. The taotie was currently in a wretched state, bloodied and battered all over. The kunpeng used its sharp claws to rip apart its body, then buried its beak in its body and ripped out the still beating heart!

Then, the kunpeng swallowed!

Yuwen Taiji’s eyes almost burst out of his sockets.

“Enjoying it? This is just the start.” Li Wudi’s voice finally broke. It wasn’t fear, but excitement from exacting his revenge.

As the Yinfiend Taotie fell, the Yangfiend Taotie came charging at the kunpeng. The kunpeng used its wings to slap it to the ground, then ripped out its heart and swallowed it as well. Finally, the sixth-order saint beast gave out a piercing shriek!

When it shot up and flew in the direction of the Grand-Orient Sect, everyone was frightened and scrambled out of the way.

“Yuwen Fengtian!” Li Wudi’s blood-colored eyes shifted from Yuwen Taiji to the shaking old man. Yuwen Fengtian wasn’t the only one shaking; Huangfu Fengyun and the rest had also collapsed onto the ground.

It didn’t matter if Li Wudi wasn’t targeting them right now, because this was the most frightening person in the Li Saint Clan’s history! Six bane-rings, and they were all blood-colored beast faces! They didn’t even know what that symbolized!

“Kill him!” Yuwen Fengtian shouted to the elders by his side. However, by the time the kunpeng arrived, only Su Yunzhi and a few other elders were still there. The rest had already run away.

“Attack together!”

Three Su Clan elders, Qin Wulie, Chen Nantian, Gongsun Shengji and Yuwen Fengtian. Seven people and seven beasts staked their everything at this critical juncture.

Then, what people saw was one lifebound beast sweeping through all of them and leaving rivers of blood in its wake.

Skyquake Taotie? Myriadeyes Flysnake? They were all directly ripped apart and eaten. The kunpeng left a trail of blood behind it as it slaughtered them.

Elder Chen Nantian rode a Starriver Stallion over, and didn’t even have the chance to show his stuff before the kunpeng directly reduced him to a bloody paste.

Qin Wulie and Gongsun Shengji were instantly beheaded by a red blur.

The three elders from the Su Clan held on the longest. However, panicked, they attempted to flee. The kunpeng sent its spiritsource abilities screaming in their direction. Blood-colored feathers turned into a storm that swept past and engulfed them, filling their bodies full of holes.

The members of the Grand-Orient Sect stared at him. They knew who he was, yet at the same time, they didn’t know who he was.

Yuwen Fengtian collapsed limply in front of the kunpeng. When he lifted his head, he saw the kunpeng tilt its head and look at him indifferently.

“Yuwen Fengtian!” It actually opened its mouth.

“Mercy, mercy… I know I was wrong….”

“If I show you mercy, who’ll show me mercy for the past fourteen years where I lived a life worse than death!” the kunpeng said hoarsely.

“I was wrong!” Yuwen Fengtian grabbed his throat and forced himself to speak.

“You weren’t wrong!” In that instant, a Venomdrake Spike suddenly flew over and buried itself in Yuwen Fengtian’s chest!

“Ah!!” Yuwen Fengtian rolled on the ground, wailing in pain.

Seeing this made flames flicker in the kunpeng’s eyes, as it thought about that day. It transformed a kun bird into a peng fish. It swam through the sky, then spat out a current that swallowed up Yuwen Fengtian. The current transformed into a blood-colored sphere that the peng swallowed up.

It bellowed at the sect, “Yuwen Fengtian has been trapped inside my Bloodtear Sphere. He shall be tormented by both the Bloodtear Frigid Ki and Venomdrake Spike for fourteen years! He shall suffer ten times what I suffered!”

The bellow of this lifebound beast with sixty-five stars shook not only the sect’s grounds, but their hearts as well. By now, all of Yuwen Taiji’s henchmen had perished! But the worst punishment of all was Yuwen Fengtian’s.

Had Yuwen Fengtian’s verdict been cruel? Yes, but this was also called reaping what one sowed!

Everyone knew it wasn’t over yet, as Yuwen Taiji still hadn’t received judgement. Fourteen years ago, he had schemed against a brother and made him suffer at death’s door until today. Then, he had even forced Li Wudi’s wife to her death!

Li Wudi dropped the Crimsonblood Saber and took out a Venomdrake Spike. On that spike was Li Wudi’s blood.

“Hahaha!” Despite being covered in blood, Yuwen Taiji still laughed madly.

Li Wudi grabbed him by the neck. “Have a taste of how it feels.”

“Brother, this reminds me of the day I gave you a Venomdrake Spike!” Yuwen Taiji was still struggling and laughing.

“What a coincidence. Me too.”

The spike entered Yuwen Taiji.

“Ahh!!” Yuwen Taiji’s legs began wildly flailing as he screamed, his wretched state a far cry from how domineering he’d been when he was conducting a massacre earlier. Tears of blood began flowing from his eyes.

A clump of purple flame appeared in Li Wudi’s hand.

“This is blooddevouring fire. It’s even more fun than your nethermare venom. Enjoy it for the next thirty years.” Li Wudi forced Yuwen Taiji’s mouth open and force fed it to him. Yuwen Taiji’s body began burning up, but he didn’t die!

“Blooddevouring fire and Bloodtear Frigid Ki. Ice and fire don’t mix well. Ah, and how can we forget the Venomdrake Spike? You tormented me for fourteen years and took away the person I loved the most, leaving me lifelong regrets. So, my gift to you today is thirty years of desiring death but being unable to die!”

Under the pain, Yuwen Taiji writhed madly.

“Mu He….” In between his screams, Yuwen Taiji grinned at Li Wudi. “When I die in thirty years, I’ll be able to meet her in the afterlife, haha!”

Yuwen Taiji had gone crazy, or he wouldn’t have said such words.

“Okay, a hundred years works for me too!” Li Wudi changed his mind, opting instead for a hundred years of punishment. No one could be a saint in nature, forgiving and understanding. Not after fourteen years of torment.

Finally, Yuwen Taiji felt fear. He looked mutely at Li Wudi, before finally painfully asking, “Could I at least know why I lost so badly?”

Li Wudi pointed at his six beast faces. “See this? It’s because I belong to the Lifesbane Clan that can change their fate! It’s because I loved her as much as my life! I refused to die without making you pay a price a hundred times greater!”

Tears of blood began flowing when he recalled that figure. “Before, I didn’t have the strength to protect the ones I loved. Now, though, I’ve been reborn and can make you two Yuwen father and son pay in blood! I promised her I’d become someone unrivalled. That’s the only way I can protect those precious to me and slaughter vile people like you! Henceforth, I shall remain undying as long as the heavens do!”

Today was just the beginning.

The first ancestor had taken fifty years to overcome his bane and break through to become an empyrean saint. No one had accomplished that before, and no one had since.

Li Wudi had suffered for fourteen years, each year hundreds of times more painful than the last. His path as a powerhouse had only just begun.

Yuwen Taiji’s, on the other hand, had come to an end. Despair was written all over his face. Then, the peng’s Bloodtear Sphere swallowed him up, and Bloodtear Frigid Ki began entering his body.

For a hundred years, he would suffer three great torments, never able to die.

Yuwen Taiji’s new screams as the frigid ki entered him made the scalps of everyone from the Grand-Orient Sect and Cloudmist Sword School who heard them tingle. They watched as the kun swallowed up Yuwen Taiji.

Now, the only thing left was a madman with blood-colored hair, a Crimsonblood Saber,and an Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng.

“Grand-Orient Sect, Li Wudi is BACK!”

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