Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: - The Army Falls

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The ninety-nine imperial dragon pulses all gathered and glared at the enemy. However, all of a sudden, their gaze shifted to Li Tianming. Tianming was stunned when he felt some activity from the Prime Tower and the third egg. However, he wasn’t sure if the sensation was a mistake.

The next moment, the enemy was surrounded by the dragon pulses. These enemies were led by the Cardinal King, Jun Dongyao. There were nearly fifty of them, and they were the strongest in Heaven's Elysium’s army.

These previously cocky elders now all had ashen expressions, especially Jun Dongyao. He had come full of confidence as reinforcements, wanting to immediately render merit. As soon as he arrived, he had successfully forced the Onyx Emperor to abandon his Empress and begin the assault on Grand-Orient Sect.

“Cardinal King, the Cloudmist Sword School is almost wiped out!”

“Our Elysium purifiers have suffered heavy losses. We’ve lost nearly twenty of our seventy thousand!”

Several elders spoke with pain.

“I know!” Jun Dongyao shouted hoarsely. He could no longer stand straight on his feet when all he could see were corpses of his purifiers.

“Cardinal King, how will we explain this to the Elysium Emperor when we get back?”

Jun Dongyao nearly coughed out blood himself when he thought about the Elysium Emperor coughing out blood. He roared, “Shut up! All of you just shut up!”

“Dammit! We lost so badly, and Sikong Jiansheng even got himself offed by some kid!”

“That fucking Onyx Sect! They actually dared turn traitor!”

The elders could only powerlessly complain now.

Before this cruel reality, the years of arrogance Jun Dongyao had cultivated came crashing down. His heart felt like it was being ripped apart by these scenes.

“Cardinal King, what should we do now?”

“Run!” Jun Dongyao spat out that humiliating word. It was an utter humiliation to say that; however, was being humiliated the end of it?

“Friends from Heaven’s Elysium, aren’t you being too optimistic?” Cutting off the direction Heaven’s Elysium’s elders were fleeing in was Li Wudi, with Ye Shaoqing and the Onyx Emperor flanking him.

They were accompanied by many onyx elders, as well as Grand-Orient Sect chiefs and hall prefects in the Saint stage. Their number was nearly twice that of Heaven’s Elysium!

Perhaps it might take two or three chiefs to fight off one elysium elder. However, they had Li Wudi, the Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng, the Grand-Orient Barrier, and the ninety-nine imperial dragon pulses on their side!

“Li Wudi!” Golden light emanated from Jun Dongyao’s eyes as he looked at Li Wudi. They were of the same generation, and Li Wudi had even once been insignificant and the laughingstock of the Grand-Orient Sect. But he, Jun Dongyao, had been the legend of his generation!

“Jun Dongyao, who the hell do you think you are to call me by name?” Li Wudi snorted.

“Don’t be too pleased with yourself. You think this ragtag bunch can stop my Heaven’s Elysium?” Jun Dongyao roared. “All elders, follow me as we carve a path out in blood!”

They were certainly an impressive sight. However, what Li Wudi wanted to do was to crush that impressiveness.

“My brothers from the Grand-Orient Sect, it’s time to wipe clean all of our humiliation. My brothers from the Onyx Sect, it’s time to have your vengeance!”

In response, both sects charged in for the kill.

Jun Dongyao still daring to fight at this point could only be chalked up to him being too arrogant. He still didn’t believe Heaven’s Elysium could lose! His eyes locked on to Li Wudi’s, and Li Wudi’s blood-colored eyes were fixed on his.

The ninety-nine dragon pulses rushed forward, each elysium elder having to suffer the attention of at least two, as well as various saint experts! As time passed, corpse after corpse of elysium elders fell.

Wielding a weapon with thirty heavenly patterns, the Elysium Vajra Halberd, Jun Dongyao took on Li Wudi. He was also a twin beastmaster. Tianming had seen his fifth order saint beast, the Elysium Brilliance Dragon, before. However, now there were two of them!

Elysium Radiance!

Elysium Form!

Two spiritsource abilities burst out. A scintillating pillar of golden light shot at Li Wudi, while Elysium Form caused the two dragons to double in size until they were even bigger than the kunpeng. Jun Dongyao grew to over six meters in size as well. It almost looked as if his body was forged with gold. Before him, Li Wudi looked like a baby.

Jun Dongyao was much stronger than Sikong Jiansheng. Without the Grand-Orient Sword, Yuwen Taiji wouldn’t be his match either.

However, the kunpeng simply spat out a blood-colored current that eradicated the pillar of golden light.

“Die, Li Wudi!” Jun Dongyao unleashed a saint-ranked battle art, God Beheader! “You can’t handle my Elysium Form!”

“Is that so?” Li Wudi smiled. Then, blood ki filled the world!

Jun Dongyao wasn’t bad. Li Wudi hadn’t been able to one-shot him. However, that didn’t change the fact that they were on different levels.

Tianming’s blood boiled as he watched. The kunpeng took on both dragons simultaneously and dragon scales flew into the air. At the same time, Li Wudi, saber in hand, utterly crushed Jun Dongyao.

The ear-piercing clang of metal rang out again and again, until the saber swept past Jun Dongyao’s head, decapitating him!

“Ahhh!!” The giant golden head was still screaming as Li Wudi grabbed it.

Finally, the corpse fell to the ground.

Everyone watched as Li Wudi soared into the air, holding the giant head aloft. “The Cardinal King Jun Dongyao has fallen! Elysium purifiers, are you not surrendering yet?”

The mist receded as Li Wudi spoke, allowing all the purifiers to see Jun Dongyao’s head! Their morale was instantly broken.

“Haha, sorry, sorry, that was a joke. I’m not accepting surrenders today. All of you must die.” Li Wudi tossed the head aside, then started a massacre.

The bugle horn blew to order the final charge. This was war, not a game. It was them or us! Mercy would only cost your fellows’ lives.

All of the Grand-Orient guardians and Onyx legionnaires felt their morale soar, Tianming included. As for the Elysium purifiers and Cloudmist keepers, the only thought in their minds was to flee when they saw all the dead elysium elders.

Of sixty thousand Cloudmist keepers, not even ten thousand had escaped. Bloody and battered, they all rushed in the direction of Cloudmist Sword School like stray dogs. From now on, this sect war wouldn’t have much to do with the Cloudmist Sword School.

This defeat had dropped the Cloudmist Sword School to a third or fourth-rate sect! For at least a thousand years, they wouldn’t recover.

However, even unluckier was Heaven’s Elysium’s army. They were all surrounded and ganged up on, especially by the Onyx legionnaires. In the past, Heaven’s Elysium had killed at least thirty thousand of them. Practically every legionnaire here today had a brother or friend among the dead. They hadn’t been happy to attack the Grand-Orient Sect, because the ones they truly wanted to kill belonged to Heaven’s Elysium!

And now, their wish had come true.

Even if Li Wudi had wanted to spare the Elysium purifiers, the Onyx legionnaires wouldn’t have been willing to.

By the end, not even five thousand purifiers managed to successfully escape. And only six elders fled. The rest were either dead or captured.

The battle had come to an end.

The casualties had been heavily skewed toward the Cloudmist Sword School and Heaven’s Elysium. The Grand-Orient Sect and Onyx Sect actually had very few casualties, thanks to their advantages.

The result of this battle would shake the Grand-Orient Realm for years to come.

“Ha! Heaven’s Elysium thought they could make our Onyx sect submit! They thought they could make us their dogs, but that was their biggest mistake! We never forgive and never forget! We were just waiting for an opportunity. Thank you, brothers from the Grand-Orient Sect, for this chance!” Tears were flowing from the Onyx Emperor’s eyes as his voice reverberated everywhere.

“Thank you!” the Onyx legionnaires roared.

“We also thank the brothers from the Onyx Sect. We could only turn this around today with your help. Next, let’s look forward to when the Elysian Emperor hears the good news!” Li Wudi’s words made everyone break out into cheers again.

Next, they divided the spoils of war. The treasure left behind by a third of Cloudmist Sword School and Heaven’s Elysium was enough to make both the Onyx Sect and Grand-Orient Sect stronger.

Tianming also received quite a bit. However, he suddenly felt his scalp tingle. Looking up, he saw the ninety-nine imperial dragon pulses looking at him again, or, more accurately, the third egg in his lifebound space. Or perhaps, the most accurate description would be that the third egg was staring at the dragon pulses.

“That can’t be. It should be a dual-type. These dragon pulses are earth-type spirit hazards. They can’t help support the symbiotic cultivation. Don’t be impulsive, it’s not time to hatch yet!”

However, the Prime Tower seemed to be trembling. Tianming wondered if perhaps it had a way of keeping the dragon pulses for now.

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