Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: - Primordial Mountains and Seas World

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The Grand-Orient Sect and Onyx Sect were currently cleaning up the battlefield and treating the injured. However, they didn’t expect the imperial dragon pulses to wrest free of their control at this moment. Roaring, the dragon pulses gathered above Li Tianming.

“What’s going on!” Stunned, they watched as they descended toward Tianming. “Junior sect master!”

The dragon pulses had charged many a time like this during the war, and had killed many. Now, they were doing the same thing to the junior sect master.

“Who’s controlling the dragon pulses? Is there an enemy at the core?”

“That can’t be. He’s not marked by the barrier. Even if someone turned traitor and is controlling it, they still can’t make the spirit hazards attack!”

It all happened too fast for even Li Wudi and Ye Shaoqing to react, and Tianming was swallowed up!

“Tianming!” Li Wudi rushed over.

However, the dragon pulses couldn’t be stopped. If they intended to kill him, a moment would be enough to turn him to dust. At that moment, white light suddenly shone out from the center of the dragon pulses. A massive white tower appeared where Tianming was, seemingly protecting him within.

“The Prime Tower! Wasn’t it on the Sacred Mountain?”

To the Grand-Orient Sect, the Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower were treasures of equal importance. However, the sword was more valuable. That was because the Prime Tower was fixed at the Sacred Mountain and unusable by others.

“The tower is protecting Li Tianming!” Or rather, it was more accurate to say the tower was sucking in the dragon pulses. Dragon pulse after dragon pulse entered the tower, gradually turning it light brown.

No one had even comprehended this new development before the mighty dragon pulses were all gone. And then, the tower vanished.

The only one left was Tianming! He looked completely unharmed. However, his eyes were closed and he was frowning slightly, as if he was uncomfortable.

Presently, Tianming was experiencing a vision of a shocking world. He had experienced this twice before. The first time, he had seen an eternal flaming bird devour the sun. The second time, he had seen a lightningfiend born from primordial chaos refining countless worlds.

This was the third time!

He was standing in the endless void, a massive continent without end in front of him.

There were countless mountains on that continent. Nine of them in particular that were so massive they reached the heavens. Countless beasts roamed the mountains, possessing endless longevity. Stars glittered in the sky, all giving off scorching light. Tianming didn’t have to count to know that there were at least ninety thousand suns there baking this continent.

However, all of the life on this divine land easily withstood it, a clear indicator of how powerful every creature was.

The crux was that this was just one side of the continent. On its reverse side lay nine azure seas. One of them was even so deep that it was bottomless. They were filled with all kinds of aquatic life, all massive in size and some even bigger than planets!

Above those seas were ten thousand blue moons, all giving off ethereal blue light and making the nine azure seas incomparably beautiful.

“What is this place?” Tianming was once again stunned by the scale of the Primordial Chaos Beasts. It was no wonder they had billions of stars in their eyes.

Suddenly, as if to answer him, a name appeared in his mind: Primordial Mountains and Seas World.

Where did this world exist? Was this really a world? Tianming could see this boundless continent was slowly moving through the endless void. It seemed the continent, with its mountains and seas, was itself a living creature.

Then finally, Tianming saw it. At four different corners of the continent, four limbs extended. They were dragon claws, so massive in size that countless living things existed on them.

One side’s two dragon claws were formed from seawater. There were countless dense scales on them, each like a continent.

As for the other two, they were formed from soil and had numerous sharp brown scales.

At the very end of the continent was a thick dragon tail. It had eighteen rings of scales, of alternating blue and brown. At its end, it split in two, tapering off in two sharp ends.

Then, what would be at the front of the Primordial Mountains and Seas World?

Tianming looked there and saw two massive dragon heads. The left was brown, while the right was blue. The brown head was filled with power, while the blue head was beautiful.

This was the truest of divine dragons, imposing and massive.

“This isn’t just the boundless Primordial Mountains and Seas World, this is also a two-headed dragon! It had nine mountains on its back, and nine seas on its bottom half! It nourishes countless living things as it roams the void.”

At this point, how could Tianming not realize this was his third Primordial Chaos Beast?

“What kind of dragon is this? Well, this one definitely looks the part of a Primordial Chaos Beast!” Although Tianming was shocked, it wasn’t his first time, so he still remained calm.

Although the third egg hadn’t hatched yet, perhaps the Prime Tower had let him see this scene ahead of time.

It was at this moment that the black hand turned up once again, just as Tianming expected. It slapped downward, causing mountains to collapse and seas to roll as countless creatures died.

Draconic scales were ripped off!

No matter how furiously the dragon howled, it couldn’t defy that black hand!

And once again... “Henceforth and forevermore, I am the master of all primordial chaos and reincarnation.”

Suddenly, Tianming felt his face burning, as if someone had slapped him.

“That…” Tianming hadn’t finished cursing before the vision was replaced by Li Wudi’s glaring face!

“What did you hit me for!” Tianming said, dissatisfied. If not for Li Wudi, he could have watched the shocking scene for even longer.

“You little bastard. You really screwed me over!” Li Wudi wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Li Wudi, is your son fine? Where did the imperial dragon pulses go?” the Onyx Emperor asked.

“Haha! The Prime Tower kept it for a bit. No worries, I’ll release it in the Abyssal Battlefield soon,” Li Wudi laughed. He hurriedly continued, “Brother, what are you waiting for? Quickly release Brother Onyx Emperor’s wife!”

“Yes,” Ye Shaoqing said.

When the Onyx Emperor heard that, he quickly departed with Ye Shaoqing.

“Tianming, quickly release them! Those are for protecting the sect!” Li Wudi hurriedly pulled him aside.

Tianming felt a headache coming on. He saw the Prime Tower was already back in the lifebound space. It had temporarily turned brown, and the imperial dragon pulses had already been absorbed. The tower was actually covering the third egg, as if it were incubating it.

The dragon pulses were slowly being absorbed by the egg. However, it still wasn’t hatching, probably because they were lacking water-type spirit hazards.

“Godfather, this was absorbed by the Prime Tower. I can’t do anything,” Tianming said helplessly.

Without the dragon pulses, the Grand-Orient Barrier would drop in power by at least half.

“You… you, my god, you really screwed me over!” Li Wudi said.

“It wasn’t me!”

“Speaking of which, since when did you have the Prime Tower? I was wondering why the Prime Tower on the mountain had lost its spirituality. So, you’d taken it away.”

“An old man gave it to me during the Prime Struggle.”

“Describe him.”

Tianming went through what had happened that day.

“That was the first ancestor, Li Shenxiao.” Li Wudi was flabbergasted.


“I’m envious of you, but that doesn’t change how you screwed your dad over!” Li Wudi grit his teeth.

“Don’t sweat the small details. By the way, are there any water-type spirit hazards in Grand-Orient Realm that are of equal level to the imperial dragon pulses?” Tianming asked expectantly.

“The Southsky Barrier was created by the first ancestor as well, and has ninety-nine azure dragon pulses,” Li Wudi said.

Tianming’s eyes lit up!

“Little punk, what are you thinking?” Li Wudi asked warily.

“Nothing much, I was just thinking I wanted to take a vacation to the Southsky Sect when I have the chance,” Tianming smiled.

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