Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 389

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Chapter 389: - The Final Battle

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When the army arrived, it was like a swarm of locusts descending upon the Southsky Barrier. Over two hundred thousand troops threw the innocent commoners at the huge globe in the ocean. The commoners were all bawling and screaming when they were thrown, but there was nothing they could do about their fate of being devoured by the barrier.





The purifiers didn’t care about the weak and threw anything that lived into the barrier, as if it had nothing to do with them. The Southsky Barrier was operating at high speed, and when those innocent commoners were thrown into it, they were instantly torn into pieces. The Southsky Sect could only recall the azure dragon pulses and decrease the barrier’s power to the minimum. But even so, the commoners were instantly devoured when they were thrown at the barrier.

Kids were crying in the water. As they didn’t have any beast ki, they couldn’t isolate themselves from the ocean. In the end, their cries gradually died down as they drowned. It looked like countless people struggling in hell to Tianming. The scene unfolding before his eyes was too brutal, and not even kids were spared. The kids were young; they were innocent at their age, and they hadn’t offended anyone. “Is being weak a sin…?”

“Heaven’s Elysium!!” Tianming raised his head, looking at the purifiers and defenders. The barrier’s power had already been weakened, and they could’ve just slaughtered their way in. There was no need for them to sacrifice so many innocent lives. On the other hand, the sentinels not only had to fight the army, but they also had to save lives, which made things harder for them.

“Brothers, there’s no path of retreat for us! We must succeed!” the Southsky sentinels roared. They had to hold on until the news of Aquamarine’s calamity reached the Grand-Orient Sect, then wait for the guardians and legionnaires to come as reinforcements. Every single sentinel had been tasked with their jobs, part of them saving lives and part of them fighting.

Those defenders who were fighting passed through the crowd of commoners and stood at the front, fighting the purifiers and defenders. As for Li Wudi, he was leading over three thousand saints to fight at the front line. Standing on his Ancient Infernalblood Kunpeng, Li Wudi’s crimson hair fluttered in the wind as he searched for Jun Shengxiao.

There was another group of sentinels creating heavenly pattern barriers to protect the commoners and shift them into the barrier. However, it was too much for them to face an army of over two hundred thousand, not to mention that they also had to save lives. It was the worst for kids. Most of them had fainted when they were washed away by the waves, and all they could do was wave their hands and feet around in the water.

“Damn it!”

“These bastards!”

The invading army had separated, so it wasn’t easy to get rid of them. Not only did they launch their attacks at the sentinels, but they also wrought a more general sort of havoc. They could also be seen slaughtering the commoners. In a war, how many of them could maintain their clarity when their leader, Jun Shengxiao, had gone insane?

The battle in the ocean could only be described as brutal. It had just started, but the ocean had already been dyed red with blood and there were many corpses floating before Tianming’s eyes.

However, he didn’t have any time to sigh with sorrow at the scene. He had been busy with saving lives right from the beginning. The rope in his hand was a hundred meters long, and had been specially prepared. He had experience with whips, so controlling the ropes in the ocean to save the commoners who were struggling was a simple enough matter.

“Big brother, there’s a kid over there!” Jiang Feiling said in a trembling voice. Before Tianming could even make his move, she had already controlled the Celestial Wings and brought him over there. Tianming was traveling at a rapid speed, which even exceeded the limits of the Heavenly Will Stage. That was because the Celestial Wings acted like fins, allowing him more efficient travel in the water. Moreover, the Temporal Field had also allowed him to race against time.

Tianming already had over twenty people tied to his rope, but most of them were beastmasters who could move underwater with their beast ki. However, the little girl before him couldn’t do that. When Tianming arrived, her stomach was already bloated from the water she was choking on. Tianming immediately circulated his beast ki to force the water out of the little girl’s system, but the little girl had already stopped breathing. There was a high possibility that she was already dead.

“Quick! Quick!” Jiang Feiling was sobbing as she urged. The Celestial Wings trembled as they sped to the nearest heavenly pattern barrier.

“Die!” All of a sudden, a purifier charged over from his left.

“Meow!” Meow Meow’s voice could be heard as it took on the Regal Chaosfiend transformation and rushed over, grabbing the little girl from Tianming’s embrace. As he tied his rope around Meow Meow, he yelled, “Ying Huo, protect them!”

Ying Huo was already on guard beside Meow Meow before Tianming gave the order and the lifebound beasts charged out of the ocean as quickly as possible. The purifier wanted to chase after them, but was suddenly interrupted by Tianming roaring, “Get over here!!”

A black figure dashed across the ocean to the purifier. When the middle-aged purifier raised his head, he saw Tianming, who was charging over with bloodshot eyes. “Those two lifebound beasts belong to Li Tianming! You’re Li Tianming!”

“You’re smart. So as a reward, I’ll send you off!” Tianming roared, unleashing the Voidgod Sword Intent—Myriad’s Only. He swung his sword four times, each swing more powerful than the last. The purifier was instantly killed before he could scream. If he called out Tianming’s name, he would surely have attracted a lot of attention.

“Let’s go!” Tianming quickly caught up to Meow Meow and carried the little girl, along with the other twenty people, into the heavenly pattern barrier. “Save the child first! She’s dying!”

Very quickly, someone came over to feed the child a spirit herb. In just three breaths, the child began breathing again and she opened her eyes. Fear was reflected in her eyes as she cried, swinging her limbs around.

“She’s alive! Big brother, she’s saved!” Jiang Feiling might be in her spiritual form, but she had tears rolling down her cheeks nonetheless.

Tianming let out a deep breath. He immediately called Ying Huo and Meow Meow back to the battlefield.

“Boss, it’s too chaotic! How many people will we be able to save?” Ying Huo sulked.

“Cut the crap. We’ll save as many as we can!” Tianming had never experienced this kind of scene. Perhaps it was common throughout the realms, but it wasn’t something he could accept. Honestly speaking, his head was still buzzing even at this moment, especially when he saw how the children were struggling in despair. It was something that he would never forget in his lifetime.

“Someone’s coming over! Protect the heavenly pattern barrier!” Before Tianming could even catch his breath, a team of thirty Earthorigin defenders charged over.

Those defenders could see many people in the barrier with just a glance. If they destroyed the barrier, the people that had been saved would die.


Tianming’s bloodshot eyes were fixed on them. “Hold on! Shift the barrier back to Southsky Island!”

“Got it!” Perhaps it was because of the righteousness in their hearts, but the sentinels today were especially courageous and frantic.

“Kill them!”

People say that it isn’t easy to differentiate good and evil on the battlefield. But there is an overall classification. Unifying the Grand-Orient Realm wasn’t an evil goal, but using the lives of four hundred thousand innocent people as cannon fodder was beyond evil!

Tianming was disguised as an ordinary sentinel on this battlefield, and he had no idea how many people he killed. The battle was so frantic that he didn’t even know how many times he escaped death. There were many times he had only escaped death thanks to the black arm and Celestial Wings. The Southsky sentinel’s armor that he was wearing was heavily damaged, and he had several bone-deep wounds.

But fortunately, he managed to hold on thanks to the Prime Tower. The Prime Tower seemed to be in a rather good mood today, as the endless white radiance allowed Tianming’s injuries to constantly recover.

“Hold on, brothers! Hold on! Continue saving people!” Perhaps because he had lost too much blood, Tianming started feeling dizzy. His vision was dyed with blood, and his ears were polluted with screams of despair. Shaking his head, Tianming turned around and grabbed a spear with his black arm.

The spear had nearly pierced him through. The Earthorigin defender wielding it was covered in blood as he tried to stab it into Tianming. “Die!”

With a swing of his sword, Tianming decapitated the defender. His vision began growing blurry, which was a sign that he had exhausted himself. But everyone on the battlefield was exhausting themselves, and he wasn’t the only one.

“How many people did we save…?”

“I have no idea, but at least five hundred.…” This number was practically the highest among all of the Southsky sentinels. The entire battlefield was practically hell right now, and it was all caused by the ambitious tyrant, Jun Shengxiao!

Taking it so far without any bottom line, just to achieve his goal, he’s not qualified to become an emperor! He’s not qualified to possess an imperial will! Many thoughts began rising in Tianming’s mind and soul as he slaughtered the invaders. Was this the most righteous path? All of this felt real, and it had been deeply engraved in Tianming’s heart. His understanding of the Imperial Will was increasing at a rapid speed amid the slaughter.

Strength should be used to protect and benefit lives, not to slaughter lives and flaunt one’s superiority! The world has its own will and law. Masters should be righteous, with a heart as clear as a mirror. The world can only be peaceful and flourishing if the ruler is righteous! As for those who’ve lost their humanity, they’ll suffer heaven’s wrath! That’s not someone that I want to become. I may not be a virtuous and impartial person, but I will never lose my humanity! Tianming still couldn’t see through the profundity of Imperial Will, but right at that moment, the Grand-Orient Sword in his spatial ring and the Prime Tower in his lifebound space began trembling.

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