Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: - Chong Yang, Jing Yue, and Ling Xing

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Jun Niancang was covered in blood, heavily wounded, and had lost his weapon. As such, coupled with the severely injured Firmament Saint Dragon, he was no longer Tianming’s opponent. If the Grand-Orient Sword stabbed Jun Niancang, he would surely lose his life. Tianming wasn’t the sole reason that Jun Niancang had lost; Tianming’s lifebound beasts and Jiang Feiling had played important roles as well. The Spiritburn Tome was a rare treasure of the Grand-Orient Realm, but it was a consumable and could only be used once.

“Stop! If he dies, these three people will follow him to hell!” a female voice sounded out just before the Grand-Orient Sword pierced into Jun Niancang. The voice came from Yun Zhenzhen. When she spoke, she grabbed Jiang Qingluan’s neck, causing her face to contort in pain.

In the end, Tianming could only stay his hand and turn to look at Yun Zhenzhen coldly while grabbing Jun Niancang. Jun Niancang was covered in blood and down to his last breath. He naturally knew that he was on the brink of death, and the only thing he could hear was his breathing.

“Jun Niancang, you’ve lost. Do you have any words to say?” Tianming asked.

“Nothing. A loss is a loss,” Jun Niancang said in a hoarse voice, black blood flowing from his mouth as he spoke.

“I heard that you’re a righteous person? Then, could you be a gentleman once? This is a battle between you and me, and I also agreed to fight you. So can you not involve others in it?” Tianming gnashed his teeth.

Jun Niancang took a deep breath as he struggled with the pain. In the end, he spoke out, “Zhenzhen, let them go.”

“No! Not unless he lets you go!” Yun Zhenzhen said.

As a result, she and Tianming fell into a stalemate. Honestly speaking, Tianming didn’t want to let Jun Niancang off; he wanted him dead. But he knew that he didn’t have a choice. Jiang Qingluan was too weak, and he couldn’t afford to take the gamble.

In the end, Tianming could only comply. “We’ll release them at the same time!”

As he spoke, he tossed Jun Niancang toward Yun Zhenzhen. His gaze was like a ferocious beast, and he was shrouded in a murderous aura. This made Yun Zhenzhen gnash her teeth and retreat. While she was moving back, she even looked at Tianming’s black arm. She made a detour, then came to Jun Niancang and helped him to his feet.

“Lan Huang, let it go.”

“Alrighty!” Lan Huang threw the Firmament Saint Dragon on the ground and excitedly ran over to Tianming. When it ran, it caused tremors, toppling the surrounding buildings.

“Stop!” Tianming’s forehead was covered in sweat. He was speechless in the face of Lan Huang’s destructive abilities and could only protect Wei Tianlan and the rest. Jiang Qinglan was crying from the fright, and Tianming could only hug and comfort her. However, he didn’t dare to hug her too tightly in case Ling’er said anything.

However, Tianming knew they weren’t out of danger yet, because the true victory depended on Ye Yuxi and Jun Yifeng’s battle. Both of them were in the fifth level of the Saint stage, and either one could kill Tianming or Jun Niancang. So that meant that the victor of their battle would decide the life and death of Tianming and Jun Niancang!

“I didn’t expect Aunt Ye to be so irritable.…” Tianming broke into a sweat. They were now closely related, but there was no way he could address her as ‘elder’. Aunt was the name that Ye Yuxi had chosen herself. As Tianming watched the battle, he finally felt relieved, since Ye Yuxi had the upper hand. It now made sense why Li Wudi would run every time he saw her. Jun Yifeng had also just learned from Ye Yuxi that the Elysian Emperor had died, and Heaven’s Elysium was gone, which affected him greatly in the battle.

“Die!” Jun Yifeng and his lifebound beast were beheaded by Ye Yuxi a quarter-hour later. Drenched in blood, Ye Yuxi’s injuries looked pretty serious. But it wouldn’t be a problem for her to kill Jun Niancang and Yun Zhenzhen. The two hadn’t left, because they were waiting for Jun Yifeng to defeat Ye Yuxi, but it was a pity that Jun Yifeng had lost. After Ye Yuxi had dealt with Jun Yifeng, she looked at Tianming in shock, “How were you faster than me?”

“Luck, it was all luck,” said Tianming humbly.

“Tianming, you have to kill them! They know about this place, and it’ll be a disaster to keep them around!” Ye Yuxi said in a deep voice, looking at Jun Niancang and Yun Zhenzhen.

“Can I bring my relatives to the Grand-Orient Sect?” asked Tianming.

“Yes, but he’s the son of Jun Shengxiao. How can you guarantee that he won’t take revenge against Ignispolis?” Ye Yuxi said coldly as she walked toward Jun Niancang and Ye Zhenzhen. At the very least, she felt that she had to kill the two of them. Tianming didn’t say anything, because he didn’t want to bet on the lives of the entire Ignispolis.

“I’m a clansman of the Ancient Qilin Clan, and I have the lifetime curse. If I die here, the elders of my clan will be able to find this place. At that time, they’ll take revenge for me!” Yun Zhenzhen didn’t seem worried about being murdered.

“The Ancient Qilin Clan?” Ye Yuxi was stunned. She felt that she had heard about the Ancient Qilin Clan somewhere.

“That’s right!”

“The Divine Capital’s cursed race?”

“You can put it that way,” Yun Zhenzhen sneered.

Ye Yuxi then turned to look at Jun Niancang, but before she could do anything, Yun Zhenzhen spoke out again. “Touch him, and you will suffer my wrath.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Ye Yuxi was afraid that the curse could track them, but she wasn’t scared of this girl.

Suddenly, Ignispolis became quiet. Three black-clothed elders appeared in the sky, and all three of them were looking at Tianming.

“Exalted ones, Disciple Yun Zhenzhen of the Thunder Qilin Branch pays her respects!” Yun Zhenzhen immediately knelt on the ground. Her face was pale, and her body was trembling.

The three black-clothed elders were all looking at Tianming. Suddenly, one of them asked, “Yun Zhenzhen, you reported that there’s a youth in the Grand-Orient Realm that possesses the ‘eternal curse’ arm of our clan?” As they spoke, their eyes were glowing as they briefly looked at Tianming’s black arm; then, they started laughing.

“Yes, that’s right!” Yun Zhenzhen replied nervously. She had never expected that her casual report would draw the attention of three exalted ones!

“Well done. You’ll be greatly rewarded when you return.”

When Yun Zhenzhen heard that, she immediately rejoiced. She knew that she had made a fortune this time.

“Are the three of you elders of the Ancient Qilin Clan?” Ye Yuxi immediately retreated to Tianming’s side. She had shock in her eyes, because she could feel that these three elders were more dangerous than the Elysian Emperor and Li Wudi!

They were definitely masters in the Theocracy of the Ancients, but why would someone like them come to the Grand-Orient Realm? She locked her brows together and looked at Tianming’s black arm. She could tell that even Tianming was puzzled. Right at that moment, the elder standing in the center took a step forth and looked at Tianming, “Young man, is Li Muyang the name of your father?

Tianming was shocked when he heard that. Wasn’t Li Muyang the person that his mother met in the Grand-Orient Realm’s Abyssal Battlefield, who happened to be his father as well? Did they deduce that from his black arm?

“Senior, my father’s name is Li Yanfeng. Have you gotten the wrong person?” Tianming pretended to be puzzled after calming down from the shock. He had a feeling that these people were likely the ones who had gone after Li Muyang two decades ago.

Luckily, mother and Uncle Yang went out to play. Otherwise, things would get more troublesome. Tianming thought to himself.

“Li Muyang? Was he so afraid that he even changed his name?” The three exalted ones laughed; they didn’t believe Tianming’s nonsense, as they had already identified Tianming’s background.

“Li Muyang, you can run, but can you run from your home? You even dared to leave your son in Ignispolis? He thought that he could mislead us, but he didn’t expect that a descendant of my Ancient Qilin Clan would come to the Grand-Orient Realm and recognize his son’s Ancient Devil Arm!”

Tianming turned to look at his black arm. This is called the Ancient Devil Arm?

“Jing Yue, Ling Xing, let’s bring Li Muyang’s child back and force Li Muyang to show up. What do you guys think?” the elder standing in the middle asked.

“That’s for sure!” the two other elders agreed.

Holy shit… Tianming instantly knew that he was in deep trouble. The sect war had just ended in the Grand-Orient Realm, and he had only come here to pick up Jiang Qingluan. So why did he come across something like this? Most importantly, Li Wudi and the rest weren’t around! Ye Yuxi had already whispered to him that these three elders were top-tier masters in the Theocracy of the Ancients.

“Seniors, did you make a mistake somewhere?” Ye Yuxi asked nervously.

“Cut the crap. We’re not killing you, so that you can inform Li Muyang that his son has been brought to the Ancient Qilin Clan. But you can die if you continue blabbering! After all, there’s plenty of people around to use as messengers,” said the elder that went by the name of Ling Xing.

“It’s fine. I’ll go with them. Just let my father know about it.” Tianming immediately held onto Ye Yuxi. He knew that there was no way they could beat these three people, and Ye Yuxi’s life might be in danger if she got involved. Tianming could only consider this his bad luck. Then again, Tianming didn’t feel that the situation was bad. He was Li Muyang’s son, and if his identity needed him to shoulder some burden, he would do it.

“Come with us!” Jing Yue snapped.

Walking forth, Tianming turned to Ye Yuxi. “Aunt Ye, bring her to the Grand-Orient Sect on my behalf and give her some guidance.” He naturally meant Jiang Qingluan.

“Okay. I’ll take her as my disciple and be responsible for her!” Tears started welling up in Ye Yuxi’s eyes.

“Tianming, Ling’er, what’s wrong?” Jiang Qingluan had just survived a disaster, so she had no idea who these people were, except for the fact that Tianming was in trouble once again.

“It’s okay. Wait for us in the Grand-Orient Sect.” Tianming smiled. He was doing this for Jiang Feiling. He even wanted Jiang Feiling to stay behind, but she was currently attached to him and wouldn’t leave, no matter what he said. She had decided to stand by him, even if they had no idea what to expect for their future. So what else could Tianming say?

An invisible power came crashing down on Tianming, restricting his movements and bringing him over. Chong Yang grinned, “If Li Muyang returns, get him to go to the Divine Capital. Otherwise, he’ll only be picking up the corpse of his son.”

He then turned and left before Tianming could bid his farewells to Wei Tiancang and the Vermillion Bird King, not to mention Li Wudi, Ye Shaoqing, and Li Qingyu.

Would he be able to see them again in the future?

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