Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: - Infernal Soul Heavenly Pattern Canon

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After everything was ready, Ye Lingfeng’s emotions fluctuated violently as he prepared to go out. He stared at Tianming with his fists clenched.

“What’s the matter?”

“A headache.”

“Oh.” Taking a deep breath, Tianming said, “Let me hold your spatial ring first.” After all, he could only keep Ye Lingfeng’s ‘corpse’ in his spatial ring for now.

“Oh, right.” Ye Lingfeng took out a black book from his spatial ring and handed it over to Tianming.

“What is this?” Tianming asked as he received the book.

“It’s a gift for you,” said Ye Lingfeng.

The book looked like it was made from ordinary paper, but it wouldn’t burn in the volcano. Tianming could tell that this book was pretty old, judging from how it looked. Clearing the dust off the cover, Tianming saw this book’s name: Infernal Soul Heavenly Pattern Canon. Looking at the book, Tianming remembered that Ye Lingfeng mentioned that he learned his battle art from the Myriad Souldevouring Canon, and there was a similarity between the two names. This book was clearly an inheritance of the Infernal Soul Race. Since the other book was a battle art, then what was this canon?

“Do you know what this is?” Tianming asked.

“The practice method for heavenly patterns and barriers,” said Ye Lingfeng.

Indeed, it was just as Tianming had guessed. This could be the patterscribe inheritance of the Infernal Soul Clan, with their achievements in heavenly patterns recorded in it. But how much could be recorded in this book? Tianming was feeling skeptical about it as he flipped open the first page.

“Heavenly patterns are broad and profound, and this book contains the insight of the ancestors and every talented member of the race. In this book, there are three thousand different heavenly pattern tomes and six thousand heavenly pattern barriers. This is the fruit of the ancestors, and there’s only one copy in this world. Moreover, all the heavenly pattern tomes and heavenly pattern barriers recorded in it have been further refined throughout the generations. There’s no need to worry if the later generations can’t find a master, the ancestors will be your masters. Heavenly pattern tomes can be used in battle to launch sneak attacks, while heavenly pattern barriers can create eternal barriers with both offensive and defensive functions to benefit later generations. Comprehend this book fully, and you can become a powerful patternscribe in the Flameyellow continent.” Tianming was stunned as he read.

He didn’t think this book would contain so much content, and he never could have expected that it would contain the essence of the entire Infernal Soul Race. Every heavenly pattern tome and heavenly pattern barrier came with countless ancestors’ experience and skills, which was equivalent to god only knows how many masters. This was definitely better than taking someone as his master.

Tianming didn’t read any further and immediately said, “Feng, this is the treasure of your race, the inheritance of the Infernal Soul Race’s patternscribes. I can’t possibly take this. You should study it yourself.”

Ye Lingfeng was too innocent right now and had no idea what this book meant. Tianming felt that he couldn’t take advantage of Ye Lingfeng.

“I don’t need it. I don’t like what’s in it. I prefer the Myriad Souldevouring Canon.” Ye Lingfeng shook his head. As he still couldn’t lie, he was honest when he said that he didn’t like it. At the very least, no one could force him to learn the ways of a patternscribe. Compared to that, the Myriad Souldevouring Canon contained killing methods, which was more in line with his desire to take revenge.

“Your Infernal Soul Race will lose the patternscribe inheritance if you don’t learn it.”

“I’m not learning it,” said Ye Lingfeng.

“Alright, then. I’ll keep it for you right now, and hand it down to your children in the future. Of course, I’ll probably study it until then,” Tianming smiled. He was really interested in it, and he wanted to see if he had a talent for patternscribing. After all, the Spiritburn Tome and Bloodbane Barrier had left a deep impression on him. Now that his black arm had a natural control over heavenly patterns, he wanted to give it a try and see if he could create heavenly pattern tomes and barriers.

“You can have it. I don’t need it back,” Ye Lingfeng said seriously. He probably wanted to repay Tianming for bringing him out of this hellhole with the book. Without Tianming, he had no idea how long he would need to cultivate before he could leave this place.

After Ye Lingfeng finished speaking, he fell on the altar and his soul left his body. Looking at Tianming, he said, “Big Brother Tianming, I’ll be entering your consciousness now. The process might be a little painful, but it’ll feel better once I’m in.”

“Get in quickly!” Tianming blushed, as Ye Lingfeng’s words sounded wrong.

“Alright.” The white mist started shrinking into a one-inch-tall human and shot into the center of Tianming’s brows. At that moment, Tianming felt a stinging in his head, but the pain quickly passed. A small human suddenly appeared in his consciousness, hiding in the corner for fear of hurting Tianming.

“You can hide in someone’s consciousness? Doesn’t that mean that you can take over the bodies of others?” Tianming suddenly thought of a question.

“I can, but the price is a little on the high side—the stronger the person, the stronger the soul. I have to forcefully devour their soul before I can leave my mark and control their body. But because I’m an outsider, I’ll be destroyed if I’m unsuccessful,” said Ye Lingfeng.

“How do you know about this ability of yours?” At the very least, Tianming knew that no one in history could separate their soul and body, let alone take over the body of someone else.


“You won’t try devouring me, right?” Tianming asked.

“I can’t. Your Heavenly Will is too powerful, and you also have something terrifying on you. My soul might seem big, but it’s very chaotic, so its level isn’t very high,” said Ye Lingfeng.

Tianming instantly understood what Ye Lingfeng meant. Putting it in a nutshell, he had great talent with his soul. While others were born as ants, he was born as a lion. But he still had lots of room for growth, transforming from a cub into an adult lion. Anyway, Tianming couldn’t understand this kind of soul mutation.

“In short, you’re a monster.” Tianming smiled.


Tianming was dumbfounded by how Ye Lingfeng had straightforwardly acknowledged it.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the outside world!” Tianming packed up the ‘corpse’ and walked over to the wall. He suddenly called out, “Feng.”


“Rise to the heavens after leaving this place!”



Both parties were in dead silence as they waited in the lower layer of the barrier. The three Hall Kings still hadn’t left, and the exalted ones from the Ancient Qilin Clan were also there. As time continued passing, the atmosphere became colder.

“There’s not much hope,” said the South Hall King.

“We won’t be able to explain to Li Wudi now,” the Sky Hall King added.

“Let’s wait a little longer,” the Future Hall King said with a cold, sharp gaze. He looked at his daughter, wanting to reprimand her, but he saw that her eyes were red. There was no need for him to reprimand his daughter, because she already blamed herself. Then again, this was just an accident. No one thought that Ning Wushuang would be so bold and try to manipulate her elders.

“Father, Tianming is a good kid. I don’t want him dead. Is there really no other way?” Bai Zijin’s voice trembled.

“There isn’t.…” The Future Hall King shook his head.

“My condolences. We’re really sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about this situation. I’m sorry about that,” said Chong Yang.

“That means that Ning Wushuang has killed two people now. How are you going to deal with her?” Bai Zijin threw her temper. However, none of the exalted ones answered, as they had to discuss the matter with Jing Yue.

“What kind of shit is the Ancient Qilin Clan,” Bai Zijin cursed.

“Watch your tone. Otherwise, we’ll ask you to leave this place,” said Chong Yang.

“Do you think I want to be in this shabby place?” Bai Zijin rebuked.

“Cut it out.” The Future Hall King glared at Bai Zijin.

“Hall Kings, he must’ve been killed by the Infernal Soul Race, so there’s no need for the three of you to wait here. But we’ll notify you if anything happens,” Chong Yang said.

“That’s right. This is the Infernal Soul Purgatory that we’re tasked to guard. It’s truly inappropriate for the three of you to be here,” Mo Yu added, asking the outsiders to leave.

But just when the Future Hall King was about to speak, Bai Zijin suddenly cried out and grabbed his clothes. “Dad! Dad! Someone’s coming!”

In that instant, everyone directed their attention over. “Is it the Infernal Soul Race?”

Right before everyone, that silhouette swiftly climbed up the wall. When he appeared beneath the barrier, his white hair was spotless, even in the smoke. Tianming waved at Bai Zijin with a smile and tore apart the barrier with his black arm, easily coming out.

“How lively! Were you waiting for me?” Tianming smiled. When he came out, the barrier swiftly closed up. He wasn’t followed by any of the Infernal Soul Race.

“Tianming!” An intoxicating fragrance suddenly blew in his direction, and shortly after, Tianming fell into a soft embrace.

“...Holy shit!” Tianming widened his eyes, suffocating in the patch of white skin before his eyes.

“Why didn’t you come up earlier if you were fine? You scared us all!” Bai Zijin released Tianming and glared at him, biting her lips.

“How could I have tasted a beauty’s embrace if I’d come up directly?” Tianming replied.

“Glib tongued. You’re asking for a beating!” Although the two of them had only spent two months together, Bai Zijin had come to like this young man. It wasn’t the love between the opposite sexes, but between a brother and sister instead. Bai Zijin was finally relieved when she saw that Tianming was fine. She quickly wiped her tears and smiled.

“Greetings to the three Hall Kings,” Tianming immediately greeted. He was clear that these three were his backing.
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