Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: - Tomb of the Ancients

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First Prince Dongyang Fen took a deep breath. His face was already turning purple, the same shade as when Autarch Yun had announced the new crown prince.

“Li Tianming. From this day on, all of the Theocrats will remember your name!” Many people were furious.

“That’s alright. It’d be the case sooner or later anyway.” After all, he was the son of Li Muyang.

The Evil Suppression Barrier was shut down, and all of the spectators and Dark Hall beastmasters left. Finally, peace had returned to the Decimo Dao Palace. However, the difference was that Tianming had gone from someone overlooked to the number one of his age group in the Theocracy!

“Dongyang Zhuo’s strength was near my master, Ye Shaoqing’s,” Tianming considered. He was well aware of how fast he was improving. The black arm, Prime Tower, Primordial Chaos Beasts, and Aeonic Grandbane had all combined to make him faster than Li Wudi.

If he returned to the Grand-Orient Realm as he was now, he would be considered an expert there.

In truth, Dongyang Zhuo wasn’t weak. He had lost because Tianming had too many tricks up his sleeves. He had many beasts and the Oceanspirit Tomes, as he was a patternscribe. If they hadn’t fought inside the barrier here, an opponent wouldn’t have just stayed inside the sea he created.

“Normally, I’d struggle against a seventh-level Earth Saint even with Ling’er’s help. Fortunately, I’ll be getting the empyrean manna soon.” Tianming grinned.


Several of the Hall Kings, and the Dark’s Hall’s hall master, Ye Yi, came to Tianming.

“Disciple Li Tianming greets the Dark Hall Hall Master.”

“A good performance. Later, go to the Dark Hall’s Sacred Dao Palace and withdraw your empyrean manna.” Ye Yi smiled.


“Spirit, wits, and talent. You’re much better than your godfather,” Ye Yi praised.

“My godfather is quite badass though,” Tianming chuckled.

“That’s for sure, but he really does act in a way that’s just asking to be beaten up,” Ye Yi said.

Despite how domineering Ye Yi had been acting just now, Tianming now realized this senior was actually not bad after privately chatting with him.

“Alright, I’ll be making a move. Don’t forget your manna,” Ye Yi said.

“I definitely won’t.” There would have to be something wrong with his head if he forgot.

The Theocrats hadn’t all left yet when Ye Yi left. Jiang An’s group of five Hall Kings brought a man wearing a bamboo hat over to Tianming.

“Tianming, this is the Theocracy’s crown prince,” Bai Mo introduced mildly.

Tianming had already heard before about Autarch Yun’s ninth son, Dongyang Fengchen. Autarch Yun hadn’t hesitated to give him that position just three days after ascending to the throne. Supposedly, Dongyang Fengchen was rather young.

Although Dongyang Fengchen’s face was covered by a veil, Tianming could still see that it was rather abnormal. It didn’t seem like a birthmark, but half of his face was entirely black.

Tianming frowned; his instincts were telling him this crown prince was a terrifying person. However, it wasn’t from power, but rather his willpower and gaze being much stronger than Dongyang Fen’s.

Tianming was rather curious; how many heads did this man’s lifebound beast have?

By this time, the crown prince had already exchanged greetings with Ye Yi and Bai Mo. When he was done, he suddenly looked over. “Li Tianming, your strength and cultivation speed is impressive. I have nothing but respect.”

“I’m flattered, Your Highness.”

“I have an eye for people. You have a bright future ahead of you. Right, the Fireworks Festival is coming up. My father will be organizing a feast for it, and you’ll most likely receive an invitation.” The crown prince’s words were measured. Just now, the Theocrats had all desired to kill Tianming, but he had been an exception. Even now, his eyes didn’t have any murderous intent, but appreciation instead.

“Tianming, quickly thank the crown prince,” Bai Mo indicated.

Tianming thanked the crown prince. However, he didn’t actually have any knowledge of this Fireworks Festival Feast.

“During the feast, my father will see the performance of the disciples of the dao palace. These few years, the disciples of the dao palace have been impressive, even outshining the youths from our Dongyang Clan. Who knows, maybe even more disciples will be able to go to the Tomb of the Ancients this year.” The crown prince gave him a light smile.

“You must be joking, Your Highness. When has the Dongyang Clan ever not taken over eighty percent of the slots for the tomb? The dao palace disciples have never really had many gains over the past few centuries.” Bai Mo smiled back.

“Maybe it’ll be different this time.”

“I wonder, is Your Highness overaged?”

“The Tomb of the Ancients opened forty years ahead of schedule this time. Maybe it’s fate, but I can coincidentally enter one more time. The Tomb is the number one wonder of our continent. It birthed both the dao palace and the Ancient Theocrats. Even just going in is already incredibly beneficial,” the crown prince said in a heartfelt manner.

“Your Highness is really lucky. No one has ever been able to go in twice before. You’re an historic first,” Bai Mo’s words seemed to be a compliment, but his tone was slightly frosty.

“Future Hall King, stop joking. I got nothing last time, and it’ll probably be the same this time. The marvels within aren’t things that ordinary people like me can understand. Only with luck can you make it big and create a page in the history books,” the crown prince said enviously.

He turned to Tianming and winked. “In my opinion, Li Tianming is one of those people.”

“Your Highness really does have a good eye.” Tianming smiled. After being praised so many times, Tianming was too lazy to reply back about how flattered he was.

The crown prince and several of the people by his side laughed. The crown prince continued, “Tianming, you definitely have to come for the feast. You’re an interesting fellow, and it surely won’t be dull with you around.”

Tianming didn’t express his opinion, as he still wanted to ask Bai Mo more about the feast.

“Farewell, everyone.”


After they left, Bai Mo gave Tianming a light pat on his shoulder. “Good work today. Your rate of progress is even better than Li Wudi’s. With you as an opening act, we can continue putting pressure on the Theocrats.”

“It was a small matter,” Tianming said.

“Dongyang Fen was actually willing to pay out a million saint crystals just to kill you. He really is serious.” Weisheng Yumo shook his head.

“Hall King.” Tianming looked at the Future Hall King.

“I know you want to ask about the feast and tomb. Let’s talk as we go,” Bai Mo said.


After the battle, Tianming had become the most attention-grabbing disciple of the dao palace, No matter where he went, he would always be met with reverent gazes, even from members of the Jiang Clan.

“Tianming, have you ever heard that the Theocracy is a country that a god was born in before?” Bai Mo asked.

“I heard about it. Is it real?”

“Of course not. Those are the delusions of the common folk. None of us have ever seen a god before. Empyrean saints can only look enviously at gods. But one thing that’s certain is that the Theocracy has a god’s tomb, which has persisted for almost a hundred thousand years!” Bai Mo said seriously.

“A god’s tomb?” Tianming was stunned.


“How can we be sure? Does it have some tombstone saying so?” Tianming asked curiously.

“Of course not. However, many people have gone in to see, myself included when I was young. I can be sure that it’s something only a god can create. Those unfathomable things can’t be described using words. You have to see it to believe it. Only a god deserves to be buried somewhere like that,” Bai Mo said with absolute confidence.

Tianming, Qingyu, Feiling, and Ye Lingfeng all showed yearning.

“And the most important evidence!” Bai Mo said, causing their ears to perk up.

“Our dao palace’s ancestor once obtained the greatest treasure of this territory, the Evil Suppression Pillar, there. Using that, he established the dao palace, the greatest of all sects! We controlled what is now the Theocracy’s territory for thirty thousand years. Then, the Nineshades Clan obtained the Cyclic Mirror and became the Ancient Theocrats, overthrowing us and establishing the dynasty of the Theocracy of the Ancients. That’s why both the Theocracy and dao palace owe their existence to the Tomb of the Ancients. If it weren’t for the tomb, the Theocracy would probably still be some rural area now, filled with small sects.”

“Those two divine treasures must’ve come from a real god. That’s why that place must be the resting place of a god. The power of the Evil Suppression Pillar and Cyclic Mirror proves it,” Bai Mo said.

“Wait, wait.…” Tianming was still busy being shocked, when he thought of something. He pulled out the Grand-Orient Sword.

Bai Mo grinned. “Right, your Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower were obtained by your first ancestor, Li Shenxiao, in the tomb. It's different from the two treasures in that it seems its full power has never been fully unearthed, and it rejects everyone not from the Li Saint Clan. If you can fully use them in the future, who knows, maybe you can create an even bigger Theocracy.”

“Incredible.” Tianming had always heard the sword and tower were items created by a god, but he’d thought it was a baseless myth.

“It seems that the tomb is the source of many an expert in the Theocracy’s territory.” Qingyu swallowed, shocked as well.

“You’re right.” Bai Mo smiled. “The tomb is in the Abyssal Battlefield, in an area that corresponds to the north of the Divine Capital. It’s completely under the control of the Theocracy. They even built a city there and declared it the ‘second Divine Capital’, or ‘Abyssal Divine Capital’. Many powerhouses of the Theocracy stand guard there.”

“The tomb opens?” Tianming asked.

“Of course. How else would the ancestors enter? Normally, it happens every fifty years, or sometimes even centuries. There’s no pattern. However, every opening will be heralded by three great earthquakes at the Abyssal Divine Capital.”

“The time between openings this time was just eight years, the shortest in recorded history. We’re all shocked, and we’re speculating that perhaps there’s been some changes in the Tomb of the Ancients.”
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