Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 509

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Chapter 509: - Ninesilver Astral Ar

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Dazzling City, Moonseeker Pavilion.

There was no rain today.

In a large piece of land to the east of Moonseeker Pavilion, where the flora and fauna thrived and the air was thick with spiritual energy, were many treasures. A circular wall surrounded the fairyland-like location, which was sealed inside a heavenly pattern formation. The place seemed like an enclosed peach blossom garden.

Outsiders knew it as the headquarters of the Dazzling Pavilion. However, no one knew there were hundreds of thousands of common folk at Spiritsource and Beast Vein stages living there.

For those people, it was paradise. The unlimited supply of spirit herbs and treasures made them reluctant to leave. They were often visited by a beautiful woman they called Supreme God. And the servants around her were known as pavilion lords.

On the top floor of the Moonseeker Pavilion, one could see everything in the Siege City and hear the laughter of children. An old man leaned against a pillar, smiling down on the happy citizens of Siege City.

"They look very happy, and happy souls have unlimited possibilities, unlimited dao." The old man stroked his beard.

When he spoke, the woman they called “Supreme God" walked up to him, looking pale.

"Your Majesty returned from the tomb?"


"Did you find anything?"

"It’s strange. It disappeared into thin air," said the old man.

"If Your Majesty hasn’t got a clue, then no one in the world can solve the mystery," said Meng Tingyu.

"You returned to the Divine Capital. What’s the situation over there?" the old man asked.

"Something important happened today."


Meng Tingyu described what had happened in front of the Decimo Dao Palace.

"So my grandson, Fengchen, is dead?!” The old man gritted his teeth, eyes turning bloodshot.

"My condolences, Your Majesty."

"Alas, yet another descendant’s death. First came Li Muyang, who killed Jing’er, then Tianming, who murdered Fengchen! Why is my life so miserable? How many years must I persist before I can find another Fengchen?" sighed the old man.

"Your Majesty, the Theocrats are flourishing with countless talents. Your Majesty will bring glory to the Theocrats for hundreds of years more. As long as you live, the Theocrats are invincible. Why worry about a successor?"

"That may be so, but I’m exhausted. Forget it. Now that the big fish is hooked, as long as we do this well and eradicate them, no one can stop the rise of my descendants."

"I'll put an end to the Li Saint Clan as revenge for Fengchen. That poor child," the old man lamented.

He sighed and shook his head. Meng Tingyu couldn’t tell if he was really sad; although he sounded sad, it was just a passing remark.

"Yu, tell me about the monster," said the old man.

Meng Tingyu reported what everyone else had mentioned.

"Your Majesty, Tianming may not have the strength to defeat Fengchen. My guess is the monster did it. After all, it comes from the Tomb of the Ancients." Meng Tingyu’s thoughts were shared by the people of the Divine Capital.

"That’s impossible. Even a Supreme God can’t survive for a hundred thousand years, let alone a monster," the old man replied.

"It’s just a guess. Perhaps their race managed to survive to this day?"

"It is possible. In any case, keep an eye on it for me. When the time is right, I have to study it."

"Yes, I’ll make sure it won't escape Your Majesty’s hands," said Meng Tingyu.

"When will the remaining three hundred thousand little fish arrive?" the old man asked.

"I’m doing my best to handle it. Transportation needs to be kept confidential, especially at this critical time. This matter must be well-concealed—"

"Give me a time,” the old man interrupted.

"I’m striving for two months," she said nervously.

"Hurry up. I won't be happy if you fail."

"I will!”

The old man nodded and smiled. Staring down at the people in Siege City, he muttered, "As expected, they’ve begun helping the ninth prince deal with the thirteenth. For an effortless victory and the death of my clan, they’ll certainly change the state of that thing. And once that happens, haha! I’ll succeed in doing what generations of my ancestors failed to do!”

Like a child, the old man bounced happily, having completely forgotten Dongyang Fengchen’s death.


The Nature Arts Hall.

Tianming guided Weisheng Yunxi along the long hallway, his feet tapping on the slab with each step.

"Palace Lord, how is Jiang Ling?" Tianming asked.

"He’s fine, emotionally stable, gentle, generous, and has his limits. He’s completely different from Dongyang Yun. His gentleness makes him unlike the rest of the Theocrats," said Weisheng Yunxi.

"Is that why the Dao Palace is ready to support him as autarch?" asked Tianming.


"Then why?"

"Because he’s weaker than Dongyang Yun."

"So the plan is to support the weak first, defeat the strong, then destroy the weak?"

"You’re very clever."

"Jiang Ling has guessed it too, hasn’t he?"

"Sure, but he must take the risk. He has no other choice. If he refuses, we’ll support Dongyang Yun instead. The Dao Palace is now stronger than Dongyang Yun's party. Now that we’ve entered the game, Jiang Ling can only hope we won't have the courage to take the last step. Anyway, he’s confident in his strength. After all, he doesn't know that we have other cards up our sleeves," said Weisheng Yunxi.

"What cards?" Tianming asked curiously.

"You’ll know when the time comes." Weisheng Yunxi smiled.

"Palace Lord, I’d like to fight for the dao palace," said Tianming.

"Of course. You’re strong, and a pillar for the younger generation of the Decimo Dao Palace. Naturally, you’ll have to fight," laughed Weisheng Yunxi.

"I’ve long been displeased with them," he added.

Theocrats? They were nothing more than the vicious and greedy Nineshades Clan. The Divine City was a leech. While they grew ever more prosperous, the territories of the Theocracy continued declining. The Theocracy seized the resources of others for their own cultivation.

"We’re here."

Weisheng Yunxi led him through a blue door. As soon as the door was closed, the world fell into darkness.

"This is the Night Reflection Room? It’s so dark," said Tianming.

He couldn't even see with his third eye, and was completely blind upon entering the room.

"It’s alright. My world has always been black," replied Weisheng Yunxi.

"Master, when did Autarch Qian ruin your eyes?"

"When I demonstrated the ability to break through to Empyrean Saint. I was in my thirties and my parents were still alive. Unfortunately, I was too young and threatened his dao. Autarch Qian will not allow anyone to threaten the rule of the Theocrats. There are too many in the Decimo Dao Palace who have been harmed by him, like Ye Yi’s elder brother, who died in his hands," Weisheng Yunxi explained.

"He really deserved to die."

"Well, let’s not talk about him. Now that you’ve entered the Night Reflection Room, pull out the Three-Thousand Starfield. I’ll teach you the Ninesilver Astral Art," said Weisheng Yunxi.

"Palace Lord, this is one of the top empyrean battle arts in the Dao Palace and a secret of the Weisheng clan. I’m a little nervous to learn it," Tianming admitted.

"Are you afraid you won’t be able to master it?"

"No, I’m afraid I’ll master it so quickly I’ll crush your self-esteem!"


It wasn’t so often a gentle woman like Weisheng Yunxi burst out laughing.

"Don't be a smart aleck. You were able to cultivate the Invincible Sword Body due to your superior physique and ability to endure hardships. However, extraordinary comprehension is required for an Earth Saint to cultivate an empyrean battle art. The pitch-black environment allows you to see your weapon and the starry sky more clearly. The Weisheng clan’s Ninesilver Astral Art is the supreme whip art throughout the entire Theocracy. You like the whip and possess a saint beastial weapon with ninety-nine saintly heavenly patterns. Its power is no worse than the Shenxiao Sword Art and the Invincible Sword Body put together.

“The Ninesilver Astral Art can also combine with the Invincible Sword Ki. Hence, your whip will be comparable to the Grand-Orient Sword and can even achieve a miraculous effect that the sword lacks. After all, different weapons have different strengths. Both you and Qingyu are smart to have chosen two types of weapons to cultivate," she praised.

"After hearing you speak about it, I can't wait to try," Tianming said excitedly.

"Having desires is a good thing. But if you’re still as determined after learning the difficulties, then you’re one with a fierce will," said Weisheng Yunxi.

"I understand!"

"Tianming, the Ninesilver Astral Art has three stances, namely Brilliant Stars, Chaos Galaxy, and Nine Stardust. The meanings of the three are completely different, each stance transcending the one before. This battle art can fully exert the power of the Three-Thousand Starfield. Even my Radiant Astral Chain only has ninety saintly heavenly patterns. You’re a lucky one," she said.

"Apparently, good-looking people have good luck. I guess it’s because of my looks," Tianming said.

"Stop fooling around. Soon, you’ll have to suffer."

Right then, the dark room turned as bright as day. A chain with white stripes that shone like stars appeared in Weisheng Yunxi’s hand. The darker the surroundings, the more the Radiant Astral Chain shone.

"Take a good look!" Weisheng Yunxi swung the chain.

Ninesilver Astral Art—Brilliant Stars!

At this point, Tianming mourned the fact that he had three eyes. Before he could glean anything, he was about to be blinded.

However, he was soon excited. Once he mastered the Ninesilver Astral Art, the Three-Thousand Starfield would be even more powerful. He stretched out a hand and the weapon appeared.

The blue beastial weapon resembled ninety-nine starfields, all connected together. The dazzling starlight completely surpassed the Radiant Astral Chain. From this day on, Tianming would cultivate the Invincible Sword Body and the Ninesilver Astral Art as the palace lord herself personally guided him in them.

The day the Decimo Dao Palace entered battle wasn’t far away. Since the Three-Thousand Starfield could kill across three kilometers, it would be of great use in the battlefield.

Amidst the large armies, beheading his enemies would be child’s play.
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