Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: - The Night Before The Battle

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What happened with Sun Xingyu had frightened Feiling. During moments when she thought about Tianming going to war once more, she was often uneasy, which Tianming could tell. Rather than let her worry at home, it would be better to bring her along. After all, she would be of great help to him.

"Ling'er, I’d like to try to break through to ninth-level Earth Saint before next month. That way, it’s unlikely I’ll lose my life, especially with your help.” Tianming’s eyes burned with passion.

“Alright. I’ll work hard with you,” said Feiling.

"Yes. Right now, I must give you an in-depth examination of your cultivation!” Tianming pulled her into his arms.

"Not bad, it’s become bigger,” Tianming said in surprise.

"What are you talking about?” Feiling blushed.

"Your spiritsource, of course. What else can it be? ”

"Get your hands off me! ”


The training room in the Astral General’s residence was huge, and had everything one would need.

I wonder how my father is now. Tianming thought to himself.

There was no news of Li Muyang.

"Now that the Ancient Qilin Clan has taken refuge in Jiang Ling, they’re equivalent to an ally. When we meet next time, I’ll ask the three exalted ones. I wonder if there’s anyone in the imperial family who knows what happened more than forty years ago." Tianming was slightly distracted, although his attention was still focused on the Grand-Orient Sword as he swept his gaze over it with a completely new set of eyes.

"The palace lord said that we mustn’t kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. What the Theocrats did was insane. Only when all beings are strong can the autarch be strong. Such an imperial will should be the correct path, shouldn’t it? ”

During this period of time, the chaos in the Divine Capital had made him realize many things. Entire streets had been destroyed, and the prosperous Divine Capital had disappeared in the blink of an eye, proving the illusory nature of the world. Up until now, this country had possessed no dao and no true ruler.

The real imperial dao should create a flourishing nation. And what is that? Perhaps the Divine Capital the palace lord spoke of is the true golden age. Strong common folk and all beings flourishing. This is the truth I seek. Tianming was very clear.

In this world, there were many selfish people who based everything around themselves. They killed entire families, claiming the decisive act of murder as their dao. But in fact, they were murderous madmen on the wrong path.

"Being a good person isn’t shameful.”

Being a good man, as well as having the means to protect his loved ones—that was his Imperial Will. With the right path, he could be fierce, defeat others, and sacrifice. However, he must also uphold righteousness and have control of the situation. In that way, he wouldn’t just be a good man, but also a prosperous and benevolent ruler.

What sort of person should I be? This was very important. A man’s will and temperament should be eternally harmonious.

"Uncle Yang says that we must abide by morals and have a clear conscience. Those are the fundamentals. I wonder how Uncle Yang and Mother’s travels are going. If they return to Ignispolis, Godfather will definitely take them to the Grand-Orient Sect as soon as possible. Godfather’s one-year period is almost up and he’ll soon be in the Divine Capital.”

Amidst the dark, turbulent tide, he contemplated the will of the Grand-Orient Sword, along with many other things. When he combined the heavenly patterns on both the gold and black gates, he finally reached the peak of Earth Saint.

"Finally, ninth-level Earth Saint.”

This was Yuwen Taiji’s cultivation level. When Yuwen Taiji had seized the Grand-Orient Sword from him, Tianming had never expected that, a short one year later, he would catch up to his cultivation. At the time, he was still worried he wouldn’t be able to reach it in three years! Upon reaching the peak of Earth Saint, Tianming and the three lifebound beasts’ saint ki skyrocketed like never before.

"In the Divine Capital, there are fewer and fewer people who can kill me, especially when Ling’er’s spirit is attached to me.” Tianming narrowed his eyes.

"Next up, we’ll have to rely on the gold heavenly patterns on the third gate of the Grand-Orient Sword to reach Sky Saint stage. A breakthrough in stage is fundamentally different from a breakthrough in level—this time, it requires the substantial growth of Heavenly Will, as well as a transformation of the saint ki in the body. The palace lord is right. One might transform their saint ki while cultivating in seclusion, but the growth of Heavenly Will requires forming a strong will and realizing the heavenly laws that govern the mortal world. Perhaps the battle in the Divine Capital will be my opportunity!”

He had risen rapidly; however, Tianming wanted to reach a level that even the Theocrats couldn’t touch.

"The people of my generation should walk the dao on behalf of heaven and create our own imperial dao.”

Fire raged in his eyes.

"The Nineshades Clan has sinned. Thus, I shall carry on the will of the martyrs. Together with the elders and our friends, we’ll overthrow the Theocrats and create a prosperous world!”

Tianming rose to his feet and approached the sword ki pool. It was already the end of the month. Soon, it would be the first day of the new month.


When that day arrived, Tianming had already reached three thousand strands of sword ki. With that breakthrough, his efficiency in absorbing the strands had crazily increased. Unfortunately, the torture hadn’t decreased at all.

"If this continues, I’ll be able to complete the Myriad-Demise Sword within three months. The palace lord has mentioned many times just how much she looks forward to witnessing its power.”

Tianming was awaiting that day with anticipation as well.

"Additionally, I’ve mastered the second stage of the Ninesilver Astral Art, Chaos Galaxy. With Ling'er, would I be able to contend with Hall King Bai Zifeng and Astral King Bai Zijun? At least, I won’t be defeated.”

Tianming realized that he had indeed climbed to the heights of the Divine Capital’s top powerhouses.

"Today is the first day of the new month.”

Since it was still daytime, Tianming was waiting for Bai Zijun's military orders. Feiling’s body lay on the bed, with Li Qingyu there as guardian; there would be no problems. She immediately attached her spirit to Tianming. Having gone without Spiritual Attachment for some time, he felt the explosive power in his body even more clearly.

"Ling'er, you’re such a great beauty it’s easy to get excited with you attached to my body. I feel as if I’ve had a shot of chicken blood,” Tianming sighed.

"What chicken blood? Why do you need a shot of chicken blood? How did we provoke you?” shouted Ying Huo.

"Hurry up, Chicken Bro. Give us some blood. I’d like a shot as well,” Lan Huang said excitedly.

"You guys set off first. I’m going to take a nap. ”

Tianming seemed unaffected by all the noise. Together with Ye Lingfeng and the Soulfiend, he walked out of the Astral General’s residence.

"Feng, did you advance?” asked Tianming.

"Yes, I’ve just broken through to second-level Sky Saint,” he replied.

"With the inheritance of the Primordial Demonlord, your cultivation speed has increased once again,” Tianming said.

"Yes, I’ve also had help from the Soulfiend,” he added.

"That’s amazing! I name you the number two genius in the Theocracy throughout the last hundred thousand years.” Tianming smiled.

It was nothing short of a miracle that Ye Lingfeng could catch up to him, let alone surpass him as he had. The rest had fallen behind a long time ago. With the addition of the Soulfiend, Ye Lingfeng’s combat power had greatly increased.

"Do you think you can defeat a fourth-level sky saint?” asked Tianming.

"I can give it a try.”

"When we go to war tonight, stay by my side. We’ll kill the enemy together,” Tianming said.

"Alright, big brother!”

Tianming was well aware that the combined lethality of the two of them was stronger than either of them alone.

With that, they arrived at the Dark Astral Battle Stage.


At his order, ten thousand Saint stage powerhouses gathered and appeared before Li Tianming in a neat line.

"Tonight we march to fight the traitors! This is a glorious event, and today's battle is bound to be recorded in history. Brothers, quietly await the order. When the time comes, I’ll take the lead and join you in tearing our enemy to pieces,” said Tianming.

"Yes!” shouted the soldiers.

It seemed Tianming had completely conquered them.

In the blink of an eye, the night approached.

"It may rain tonight. The clouds are dark and heavy, and the moonlight is dim. The power of the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation will fall to its weakest—the heavens are on our side.” Tianming looked up to the sky.

"Sir, did the Astral King arrange for our participation?” asked Chen Fang.

He probably assumed that Tianming was there for the fame, but if he were to enter the frontlines, he might not join the Dark Astral Battalion.

"Yes, I’ve been ordered to lead with the Skycore Legion tonight,” said Tianming.

His answer surprised Chen Fang. Were they going to push such a genius to the front lines, instead of protecting him? Had they gone mad?

"Chen Fang, only those who emerge victorious from a life and death situation are qualified to stand in the highest position. I’m not afraid of taking risks, because battle is the meaning of my cultivation,” Tianming said solemnly.

"Sir, you are truly admirable! I pledge my life to you!” said Chen Fang.

"We pledge our lives to you!” all ten thousand of them shouted.

"Very well. May the Dark Astral Battalion’s name be heard all across the nation! ”


The sound of breathing was audible as they awaited their orders.

"Skycore Legion, assemble!” From the direction of the Skycore Battle Stage came Bai Zijun's voice.

"Follow me!”

Jumping down from the platform, Tianming marched out with the Dark Astral Battalion, their movements shaking the earth. He wore Dark Astral Armor today, his entire body shrouded in darkness and his long white hair fluttering under his helmet. He was every bit strong and unyielding. Even Feiling and Li Qingyu had commented on how handsome he looked when he was putting on his armor. Of course, Ye Lingfeng looked just as good, being his deputy. This Dark Astral Armor suited him well. He stood beside Tianming like a bloody-eyed killer.

All hundred thousand troops of the Skycore Legion marched toward Bai Zijun.

"Hear my order. We will set off immediately and our goal is the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation, Imperial City, and the Grand Sky Gate.”

Night had descended, and sure enough, rain began to pitter-patter. The entire sky was plunged into complete darkness, accompanied by the vague sound of wind and thunder. It seemed that the rain would only get heavier.

As the storm raged, the Seven Astral Legions of the Decimo Dao Palace arrived at the Grand Sky Gate.
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