Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 524

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Chapter 524: A Hundred Thousand Souls

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“Feng, Dongyang Fen is a sixth level sky saint. He’s on the same level as Astral Kings and the Ancient Qilin Clan’s exalted ones, and has two lifebound beasts! See if you and the Soulfiend can deal with one of them. Kill it, then support Lan Huang and Ying Huo.” Tianming immediately made arrangements.

“Got it!” Ye Lingfeng nodded. There were no other arrangements to be made. Since Lan Huang and Ying Huo were in a group, Tianming naturally paired up with Meow Meow.

Their opponent was powerful, and Tianming could only count on Ye Lingfeng to break the balance with the powerful Soulfiend. Tianming just had to ensure that the battle came to a stalemate.

“Let’s go!” The six of them immediately divided into three groups and ganged up on their enemies. Tianming and Meow Meow faced Dongyang Fen, Ye Lingfeng and the Soulfiend would face one Darkflame Hydra, while Ying Huo and Lan Huang faced the other.

The Darkflame Hydras had eight heads and were eighth-order empyrean beasts with eighty stars. Other than the Nethersea Regalfiend Hydra, they were the second and third eighth-order empyrean beasts Tianming had faced.

The two hydras had already reached adulthood, and their size was roughly similar to Lan Huang. Furthermore, their cultivation surpassed Tianming’s group as well. The gap was enormous, and it hadn’t been easy for Meow Meow to survive.

“Kill!” Ying Huo and Lan Huang charged at a Darkflame Hydra. On the other side, the Soulfiend was riding on the Darkflame Hydra and hammering its six fists down at the eight heads.

Among the three opponents, Dongyang Fen was the strongest. At the same time, Tianming, Meow Meow, and Feiling were also the strongest combination. The two beastmasters briefly stood in confrontation before Tianming charged forth with the Grand-Orient Sword.

“What an insignificant attack. You’re disregarding me?” Dongyang Fen snorted.

“Your siblings and your son died while sharing the same thoughts as you,” Tianming sneered.

Dongyang Fen couldn’t laugh anymore. At this point, only one of them would walk out of this battle alive. “Li Tianming, I won’t let you die today. I’ll make sure that we expend all your value to bring down the Decimo Dao Palace. Young man, don’t get too full of yourself. You’re nothing before the Ancient Theocrats!”

Dongyang Fen took out a Darkflame Sword, a longsword with eighty-two saintly heavenly patterns on it. It was a crimson sword covered in bloody patterns with flames burning on them. 

“Don’t you think you’re a little too full of crap for someone who’s about to die? Whatever, you can run your mouth however you like. You won’t be able to say anything even if you want to when I take your head shortly. At that time, you’ll only be able to stare with your eyes open, like your brothers!” Tianming charged with Meow Meow at his side. There was no need to communicate with their rapport.

Before they even clashed, the two Darkflame Hydras had already executed their abilities, the Flame Purgatory and Magmavenom Sea; the two flames and venoms were tough to handle. Fortunately, Ying Huo and Lan Huang had their shields, but they were having a tough time without Feiling’s assistance. Even so, they had no choice but to bear with it.

“Boss, I was wrong.” Meow Meow’s eyes turned red, seeing so many people putting themselves in danger.

“It’s fine. Who doesn’t have interests and hobbies? Don’t dwell on, we’ll just fuck them up!” Tianming replied through their connection. While they talked, they had already charged over to Dongyang Fen, creating sparks from their collision.

“Not bad. You have some ability after all,” Dongyang Fen sneered.

Tianming held the Grand-Orient Sword, with Invincible Sword Ki surging through the blade as he executed the Shenxiao Sword Art’s fourth move.

When he swung his sword, the fourth move’s fusion brought the Invincible Sword Ki to a whole new level. On the other hand, the Darkflame Sword in Dongyang Fen’s hand was enveloped in green flames, releasing ghastly cries.

“I’ve slain a hundred thousand people, and you’ll just be an insignificant one among them. There are no differences between souls. So don’t think you can do anything you want just because you’re a genius. Even if you were a god, you’d still die when I want you to!” Dongyang Fen brandished his sword, executing the Purgatory Sword Art—Purgatory Incineration.

His sword created an entire world—a purgatory. He had defeated many people with this move, but it was a pity that it was used against the flame-resistant Tianming.

When the two swords clashed, Tianming’s attack released an explosion under Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment. But Dongyang Fen was a sixth-level sky saint, an existence comparable to exalted ones and Astral Kings.

Tianming was covered in blood, wounded by Dongyang Fen’s attack, but he came even more ferociously at him with the Grand-Orient Sword’s sword ki and his own strands of Invincible Sword Ki. His attacks managed to drill several holes into Dongyang Fen’s body.

Tianming was holding the upper hand in that clash. After all, he had brought out all his prowess. Right at that moment, the Regal Chaosfiend appeared and bit Dongyang Fen’s head.

Letting out a scream, Dongyang Fen stabbed his sword into Meow Meow’s neck and tore a huge gash. “Die!!”

“No, you die!!” Meow Meow exploded with lightning. Countless bolts of black lightning pierced through Dongyang Fen’s saint ki. At the same time, Meow Meow’s fangs dug into his neck.

“You’re not afraid of death?” Dongyang Fen sneered and swung his sword at Meow Meow’s head. In the crucial moment, the Three-Thousand Starfield coiled around the Darkflame Sword right before it could stab into the little black cat’s head.

Meow Meow had already lost its mind from the fight. It bit Dongyang Fen once more as Tianming held the struggling Theocrat. It dug its Myriadfiend Venomfang into Dongyang Fen’s chest and unleashed the Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape.

“Get lost!” Dongyang Fen pulled on the Three-Thousand Starfield and swung his sword at Meow Meow. But he missed his attack once more due to Tianming’s hindrance and his sword only managed to stab into Meow Meow’s foreleg.

Meow Meow swung its paw down, smashing onto Dongyang Fen. Taking the huge blow, Dongyang Fen’s body was dyed in his own blood.

“You want to see who’s braver and more ruthless between us?!” Dongyang Fen roared and swung his fist at Meow Meow, sending it rolling on the ground several times. But just when Dongyang Fen managed to get back to his feet, nine lightning bolts struck his head.

“Why not?” An indifferent voice sounded behind Dongyang Fen. Three thousand strands of Invincible Sword Ki combined with the Imperealm Sword Formation and stabbed forth.

“Get lost!” Dongyang Fen turned around and swung his sword. It shone brightly in the darkness as he executed the Purgatory Sword Art—Streaking Meteor.

“You’re dead!” Dongyang Fen sneered. But right at that moment, Meow Meow knocked into him from behind, sending him toward Tianming.

Tianming’s sword avoided clashing with the Darkflame Sword and stabbed into Dongyang Fen’s saint palace, exploding it. Spiritual energy started gushing out of Dongyang Fen’s saint palace and dissipating into the air.

“How about that?” Tianming pulled out the Grand-Orient Sword, splitting it apart and chopping Dongyang Fen’s limbs off.

Dongyang Fen fell screaming to the ground with his eyes wide open and his mind blank. When he lowered his head and saw his saint palace destroyed, he knew he was finished. He was like a spiritual energy fountain, gushing out his saint ki.

Bloody tears began rolling down from his cheeks as he watched Meow Meow reduce his amputated limbs to ashes. He couldn’t accept this fact.

“Dongyang Fen, do you still think that you can’t be killed? I’ll kill you now, so watch closely!” Tianming slapped Dongyang Fen’s face, smashing him onto the ground with half of his face caved in.

Dongyang Fen was too confident in himself. He thought he could control the situation, but he never expected Meow Meow would go insane. He was a madman himself, but he was alone, while Meow Meow had Tianming. 

And now, he was finished.

“Li Tianming, your outcome will be a hundred thousand times worse than mine!” Dongyang Fen said while crying blood.

“Stop screaming like a madman. Didn’t you think yourself capable? Who are you trying to show your bloody tears to?” Tianming stepped forward.

“It’s just a fluk—” 

Dongyang Fen was beheaded before he could even finish his words.

“Enough crap out of you,” Tianming commented. Dongyang Fen stared at Tianming with his eyes wide open, but could no longer speak.

“Even I can’t bear to beat up my cat, but you dare to beat it up? What a piece of trash. So what if you killed a hundred thousand people?” Tianming said and kicked Dongyang Fen’s corpse in the Imperial City’s direction before placing his head together with Dongyang Liu and Dongyang Feng’s heads on Lan Huang’s back.

“Boss, I didn’t embarrass you, right?” Meow Meow looked at Tianming, covered in its own blood. It needed an answer.

“You and your nonsense. Go back and heal up! I’ll reward you with ten days of sleep.” Tianming grabbed Meow Meow by its neck and tossed it into the lifebound space.

“Yay! Long live the boss!” Meow Meow was madly happy.

How naive. Tianming smiled inwardly. This brat was rejoicing too early. Ten days of sleep? Tianming would drag it out two days from now and force it to cultivate.

As time was pressing, Tianming immediately went to help the others. When he raised his head, he saw Ye Lingfeng and the Soulfiend slaying a Darkflame Hydra. As for Lan Huang and Ying Huo, they were barely holding on due to the difference in cultivation.

Ye Lingfeng had only managed to kill the hydra by relying on the Soulfiend and his advantage in the soul, while Tianming had Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment. After seeing Dongyang Fen’s tragic death, the remaining hydra turned around and immediately ran away.

“Come back, don’t bother chasing it,” Tianming called out to Lan Huang and Ying Huo, sending them back to the lifebound space. This place was dangerous, and he couldn’t risk it. Furthermore, Meow Meow’s injuries were severe, and they needed to return immediately to heal up beside the Prime Tower.

Tianming met up with Ye Lingfeng and started running with an army chasing them.

“Who killed my son?!” Autarch Yun’s roar echoed out.

“I’m the one who killed your son. Don’t feel sad about it—can’t you just produce more of them? Go home and immediately start making more children. Who knows, you might be able to bring up a group of pigs eighteen years from now. Hahaha! I’ll let you produce more children. Let’s see which is faster: your ability to produce children, or mine to kill them!” Tianming’s laughter echoed out in the darkness.

In the next second, the Imperial City trembled from Autarch Yun’s rage.

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