Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 534

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Chapter 534: 534

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Weisheng Yunxi’s lifebound beast had eighty-eight stars. It was second only to Autarch Qian’s lifebound beast in the entire Theocracy. It was so gigantic that it covered the sun, overwhelming all other empyrean beasts present when it appeared on the battlefield.

Tianming raised his head and saw stars decorating the night sky. But when he looked closer, it was only the belly of a gigantic beast, the Nebula Emperor Whale.

It was three times as big as Lan Huang, and if one didn’t look at it closely enough, they would mistake it for a moving, starry sky.

The Nebula Emperor Whale unleashed a deep roar, shaking the entire Divine Capital. The radiance it was giving off allowed the dao palace’s Astral Legions a measure of vision in the night.

The Astral Emperor Tiger, Evernight Eagle, and other empyrean beasts were following it. Weisheng Yunxi stood on the whale’s head. She was tiny, compared to the whale, but she was a touchstone, and everyone from the dao palace followed behind her.

Spirit hazards began appearing, along with enemies. When Weisheng Yunxi led the masters and locked on to Dongyang Yun’s location, the battle instantly broke out. The Nebula Emperor Whale released another deep roar, and the shockwave made everyone cover their ears.

In the next moment, heaven and earth shone. It was the Nebula Emperor Whale unleashing its ability, Meteorite Storm. Everyone saw countless meteors streaking across the horizon when they raised their heads. The meteors came crashing down like a storm.

Many Theocrats were smashed on the spot by the densely packed meteorites. Whether beastmaster or lifebound beast, they were either severely injured or crushed instantly.

The Nebula Emperor Whale slammed down with its gigantic body. Weisheng Yunxi was standing on its head, a dazzling chain in her hand. With her cultivation as an empyrean saint, anyone who took a hit from her died instantly.

Everyone started making their moves once she began her massacre. With Bai Mo taking the lead, the ten Hall Kings followed the Astral Emperor Tiger and charged into the crowd. On the other side, Ye Yi led the seven Astral Kings to launch their attacks.

Jiang Ling didn’t dare treat it lightly and led thirty people beside Weisheng Yunxi. Although their enemies were their fellow clansmen, they didn’t go easy because of their familial ties. When they started their massacre, they killed more than anyone else.

Tianming was mixed in the crowd with his three lifebound beasts. This time, Meow Meow wasn’t asleep. The three of them were standing on Lan Huang, which was like a huge mountain as it charged into the Theocrats and unleashed its ability, Azure Oceanic Purgatory.

A fan-shaped region started turning into muddy water and spread out with Lan Huang at the tip of the fan. It caught many earth saints by surprise and they fell into the water.

Meow Meow ran on the water’s surface, unleashing its Chaos Disaster and Misty Hellthunder in the muddy water. Electricity started spreading out through the water, electrocuting everyone who was in it. Moreover, as Lan Huang pressed forth, the muddy terrain would spread out and drag more people down.

“What’s that?”

“What’s with the water all of a sudden?!”

“Quick, leave this place! They’re all powerhouses!”

They couldn’t stop Weisheng Yunxi with just a few dozen of them, not to mention that the dao palace’s army and Jiang Ling’s army were following right behind. They were charging with unstoppable momentum.

“What’s the matter with the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation? Unleash Spirit Hazards upon them!”

“There’s no moonlight energy tonight. The spirit hazards are too weak to deal with an army of three million!”

“Are they insane? Why’s the dao palace putting so much effort into this? Do they have a feud with His Majesty?”

It was initially an internal fight between Theocrats. But now, the dao palace had joined in, leaving Dongyang Yun dumbfounded. Even Weisheng Yunxi had made her move. They didn’t seem to be assisting Jiang Ling; they looked more like they were taking revenge!

That fact struck a significant blow to the morale of Dongyang Yun’s followers. Without moonlight energy empowering the spirit hazards, the dao palace and Jiang Ling’s faction immediately tore open a gap.

Dongyang Yun’s army couldn’t put up any resistance in front of this powerful foe. Their casualties were increasing at a rapid speed; any resistance was futile, and Dongyang Yun’s men subconsciously avoided the frontal confrontation.

They had already lost when they lost their cohesion. It was futile no matter how the generals and marshals called out to them. Three million targets was enough to weaken the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation as the charging behemoths dashed around like bolts of lightning. The lifebound beasts that were talented in defense were even more brutal in their charge.

In the next moment, the Seven Astral Legions and Jiang Ling’s army clashed with Dongyang Yun’s army. Their collision produced a series of explosions as countless abilities were thrown around. For a moment, the battlefield was filled with cries, yells, and screams.

Everyone could only see the enormous Nebula Emperor Whale, breaking apart Dongyang Yun’s army’s formation. Then, millions of soldiers followed behind it, ramming into the enemy’s ranks and creating chaos.

The allied armies held the advantage in numbers. With that advantage, they directly tore apart their enemy’s formation like a hot blade slicing through butter. The morale and fighting spirit of both sides were brought out. But in that regard, the two factions weren’t on the same level. Dongyang Yun’s army had been falling apart right from the beginning.

“Hold it!”

“Kill these traitors!”

“Long live His Majesty!”

“Jiang Ling and Weisheng Yunxi have to die!”

Dongyang Yun’s army was more experienced, as they often went to war. Tasked with the mission of protecting the Theocracy, they eventually started their counterattack after persevering through the first clash. It wouldn’t be easy to devour this army of eight hundred thousand.

But there was one thing they were helpless against: there wasn't anyone capable of holding back the allied masters from tearing apart their formation and charging into the Imperial City.

“Enter the Imperial City and destroy the formation nuclei! Kill Dongyang Yun and take the Cyclic Mirror!” That was the dao palace’s objective. But there was no way Jiang Ling could allow them to achieve their goals.

As long as Autarch Yun died, Jiang Ling could fall out with the dao palace if he took the Cyclic Mirror. If the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation was destroyed, however, Jiang Ling would become trapped by the dao palace even if he won.

Tianming and Ye Lingfeng followed Li Wudi to destroy the formation nuclei. The crimson-haired man was fighting at the front, massacring his opponents with no one capable of stopping him. The saint beastial weapon that he was currently using was a Firstbane Saber. It was a weapon handed down by Li Shenxiao when he became the Decimo Dao Palace’s palace lord, and was rumored to also be from the Tomb of the Ancients.

The Firstbane Saber had ninety-two saintly heavenly patterns, making it even more potent than Weisheng Yunxi’s Radiant Astral Chain. It was apparent that Li Wudi had gotten a lot of good stuff from Weisheng Yunxi.

The Primordial Bloodbane Kunpeng transformed into a massive crimson kun and started causing chaos with Lan Huang in the Azure Oceanic Purgatory. Anyone pulled into the muddy water died nearly immediately.

“I never expected that my godson would snatch my title as the Grand-Orient Realm’s strongest genius. How depressing. I can only slaughter to relieve my depression!” Li Wudi growled.

“Godfather, you’re outdated. I’m now the strongest genius in the Theocracy of the Ancients. I’m not interested in snatching your title in the Grand-Orient Realm. You’re too shortsighted,” said Tianming.

“So presumptuous? Ha! I like that! I’ll be the second then!” Li Wudi replied.

“There’s already a second. You can be the third,” Tianming pointed to Ye Lingfeng.

“What?” Li Wudi was aggrieved. In the end, he could only vent his feelings on the Ancient Theocrats. Their enemies had already lost their fighting spirit. Many of them even gave way and allowed them into the formation.

But even so, Dongyang Yun’s army still managed to stall the allied army. Their objective was obvious—to cut the connection between the powerhouses and their army.


When the masters swept through, there was no one else in the front. The group finally managed to get through the formation’s range and reached the Imperial City together. When they entered, they were greeted by sky saints under Dongyang Yun’s authority. There were a thousand of them, and many of them were elites.

“It’s a serious crime to commit treason against the Theocracy! It’s an offense that will execute everyone in your family through nine generations! There’s still a chance for you if you surrender now. Otherwise, you’ll surely regret it for eternity!” the Grand Divine Marshal, Huang Chonghuan, roared.

“Go die!” Li Wudi replied.

This left everyone shocked, and they yelled, “Protect the marshal!”

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