Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: 543

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Tianming was cutting down his enemies when he suddenly felt the changes in the atmosphere and looked up. Why did the Ninefold Silver Formation turn black all of a sudden? That’s not it—there’s another layer added to it! That’s….

While he was still wondering, he heard the Astral Legions shouting out, “It’s the Evil Suppression Formation!”

Tianming was briefly stunned, then fell into ecstasy. He grabbed Meow Meow on his shoulder and threw it on the ground and asked, “Did that hurt?”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Of course it does!”

“That means this isn’t a dream. Feng is the best! Holy shit, we’ve turned the tables around!” The joy had come too suddenly. He was under the impression that it would take some time, even if Ye Lingfeng could do it. At that time, who knew how many casualties they would have had to suffer. He never expected that Ye Lingfeng would activate the formation shortly after the Theocracy’s army had come in.

“Big Brother, the Evil Suppression Formation is a little chaotic. It’s not as stable as before, maybe due to Feng’s current strength. But it should be powerful. At the very least, it’s more powerful than the Ninefold Silver Formation!” Feiling said.

“Great! The formation will gradually stabilize!” Tianming smiled. He could only say that Ye Lingfeng was awesome. Everyone from the Decimo Dao Palace still had no idea why the Evil Suppression Formation had been activated.

“The palace lord is fine!”

“The palace lord will definitely wake up!”

“Guys, we actually haven’t suffered any huge losses!”

That was the truth. With the Evil Suppression Formation’s activation, that meant Autarch Qian’s scheme, which he had pulled off at the cost of five hundred thousand members of the Ancient Theocrats, had gone down the drain.

“I wonder what kind of expression Autarch Qian will have on his face when he sees the Evil Suppression Formation?”

“Vomiting blood?”

“In the end, he lifted a rock and smashed on his own feet! Hahaha! The internal struggle in the Theocracy cost five hundred thousand lives, along with the entire Divine Capital!”

“Holy shit, that’s exciting!”

The activation of the Evil Suppression Formation had significantly boosted everyone's morale. They could see the prowess of the newly-reactivated formation. It was something called Primitive Demon Ki, with the ability to take on different forms. It wouldn’t even require a formation marking at all; the Primitive Demon Ki could lock on to the Ancient Theocrats automatically.

Although the amount of Primitive Demon Ki was incomparable to before, it was overlapped on the Ninefold Silver Formation.

Right at that moment, an eagle cry attracted everyone’s attention. Ye Yi’s voice echoed out, “Stop laughing. Fight back and kill them!”

The Astral Legions recovered from their happiness. Two heavenly pattern formations had surrounded the Ancient Theocrats, so wasn’t this a great opportunity to fight back?

“Everyone listen up, it’s time for us to destroy the Ancient Theocrats and overthrow their tyrannical rule! This is our territory, and we’ve let the barbaric Nineshades Clan rule for tens of thousands of years! We have the righteous claim to this land!” As the commander, Ye Yi was naturally skilled at boosting everyone’s morale. But every single word he said was the truth.

“Chase the Nineshades Clan back to where they belong!” 

“Take on the seventh offensive formation! Skycore, Skyjade, and Skypearl Legions take the front! Shimmerglow and Grandsol Legions, flank left! Stilljade and Skyrule Legions, cut off their retreat! Kill!!” Under Ye Yi’s instructions, the Astral Legions took on their respective roles in the formation.

As a member of the Skycore Legion, Tianming was naturally on the front lines. He personally opened a path with his Dark Astral Battalion, slicing through the Ancient Theocrats like a sharp blade. When the Evil Suppression Formation had appeared, it had taken everyone from the Ancient Theocrats by surprise. They had heard from Autarch Qian that the Evil Suppression Formation no longer existed, and that Weisheng Yunxi could no longer regain consciousness.

“Calm down! This is an illusion from the enemy meant to deceive us!” Dongyang Yun firmly believed his father’s words, so he wasn’t worried at all. He continued rushing forward and clashed with the Astral Legions head-on.

But both he and Dongyang Ling were immediately confused as the Primitive Demon Ki attacked them. As the two strongest fighters in the Ancient Theocrats, an overwhelming amount of Primitive Demon Ki came for them.

The two of them screamed when they were attacked by the Primitive Demon Ki, which eroded their flesh and skin. They immediately wrapped their bodies with saint ki to resist the Primitive Demon Ki, but not everyone from the Theocracy was so lucky. 

The Primitive Demon Ki would corrode everything in its path. When the ki enveloped someone, its victim would be turned into a corpse in three breaths.

“The Evil Suppression Formation is real!”

“Holy shit, retreat!” 

No one believed Dongyang Yun’s words anymore. Sometimes, blindly believing in him wouldn’t do the trick.

The Primitive Demon Ki and Ninefold Silver Dragons caused countless casualties, which terrified the Theocrats. Even if they had a strong will, it was nothing before death. The exaggeration from their ancestors over the myriad years had planted an instinctive fear in them. As a result, the Ancient Theocrats soon lost their fighting spirit under the attacks.

“Retreat! Everyone retreat!” Dongyang Ling shouted. He wasn’t sure of the Evil Suppression Formation’s full power, so he decided to retreat to prevent further casualties.


The Theocrats started collapsing. In fact, the current Evil Suppression Formation wasn’t that powerful, but Dongyang Ling and Dongyang Yun didn’t dare to take the risk. They believed that retreating from the battlefield would be the safest decision for now.

“Father spent so much effort, and even went as far as faking his death to deal with the Evil Suppression Formation. Just what the hell is going on?!” Dongyang Yun said in a hoarse voice.

“Don’t think about it now. Let’s go!” Dongyang Ling shook his head and rushed out. It was easy for him to leave, but the Astral Legions were like ferocious tigers, biting the Ancient Theocrats’ rear. Many of them were killed while they were fleeing, but the casualties were still acceptable, thanks to Dongyang Ling’s swift response.

“If Feng had activated the Evil Suppression Formation slightly later, we’d be able to kill more. But there’s no helping it. War isn’t a joke, and it’s already pretty good that he’s managing to control it.” Tianming was in a happy mood right now. He put away the Grand-Orient Sword and took out the Three-Thousand Starfield. Wherever the chain went, it would reap lives, due to Tianming’s Invincible Sword Ki.

The strands of Invincible Sword Ki skewered hundreds of earth saints to death, and Tianming flung them out. The moment any beastmaster or lifebound beast fell to the ground, they would soon be killed by the stampede. This was a battlefield, a purgatory.

“Every single one I slay will increase the dao palace’s chance of winning. Godfather, you must survive and come back!” Tianming’s murderous aura was surging into the sky as he began a massacre while praying for Li Wudi’s safety.

He was venting his hatred for Autarch Qian on these people. Using the Three-Thousand Starfield, he killed a whole batch of people. In terms of kills, Tianming would definitely be ranked at the top today. Not even Ye Yi was as fast as him in terms of killing.

“Palace lord, rest well. You’re too exhausted. When you wake up one day, we’ll definitely present you with Autarch Qian’s head!” Tianming was like a manifestation of death stepping on a mountain of corpses.

He turned to look at the two formations, “There’s a lot of spirit hazards here, but the fourth egg’s attribute seems a little weird. It doesn’t seem interested in these spirit hazards.”

Tianming still couldn’t figure out the attribute of the fourth Primordial Chaos Beast. Furthermore, now that he was in the sky saint stage, the birth of the fourth would probably need a large number of spirit hazards.

He was helpless in that regard. He could try looking around after dealing with the Theocrats; after all, he wanted all the Primordial Chaos Beasts to be born right then. But unfortunately, reality had other ideas.


Most of the Theocrats were covered in injuries and fleeing. According to Tianming’s estimation, there were at least two hundred thousand Theocrat deaths in the Decimo Dao Palace. This was a great victory; one must know that when the Seven Astral Legions fled from the Imperial City, the casualties they had suffered were much lower than that.

After all, they had been focused on running, not to mention that the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation was weaker than the two formations in the dao palace. On the other hand, the Theocrats were too confident, and even treated the Evil Suppression Formation as an illusion. That had caused them to miss their opportunity to escape.

They had gotten off easily by suffering only two hundred thousand deaths. If they had been deeper in the formation, they would have suffered at least four hundred thousand casualties! At that time, the Theocrats would only be able to run for their lives.

“Take no prisoners! Kill every single one of them!” Ye Yi ordered. This went against the Decimo Dao Palace’s usual style, but Ye Yi wanted to do it anyway. And this time, no one would question his decision. Many people had feigned death on the battlefield, trying to escape their fate. But it was a pity that the spirit hazards were already locked on to them.

Just when Tianming was preparing to leave, a deadly threat suddenly rushed towards him. Someone was ambushing him. The Celestial Wings flapped and brought Tianming high into the sky, and Feiling’s Spatial Wall intercepted the attacker.

That person’s attack shattered over eighty Spatial Walls. But after that, the power behind the strike had greatly diminished. They simply turned around and started running, and with a strength in the ninth level of the Sky Saint stage, no one could stop him.

“Hall Master, someone tried assassinating me!” Tianming roared.

Ye Yi was still presiding over the overall situation. When he turned around and saw a golden flash trying to escape the formation, he snorted. “You want to escape?”

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