Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: 549

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There was a river in the Divine Capital, with a luxurious building that was protected by a formation right beside it. It was currently lit up by lamps, and the sounds of merriment echoed out from within.

This was the only brothel still operating in the capital, Moon House.

Supposedly, Moon House’s resilience was due to being backed by a major figure in the dynasty.

Moon House’s highest floor was the most lavish area inside. Currently, tens of beautiful singers were inside dancing and entertaining two esteemed guests.

The two esteemed guests had come today to enjoy themselves; however, they had unpleasant expressions. In this scenario, the dancers all made sure not to mess up.

“Father-in-law, did His Majesty really go to the Grand-Orient Realm?” Zhao Shenhong, the Tianwu Marshall, asked.

“Yes. It’s faster for him to go alone. He’ll catch a few important figures before rushing back. Then the Fifteenth Prince, Dongyang An, will lead thirty sky saints to exterminate all the sects in the Grand-Orient Realm,” the number one marshall in the Theocracy, Huang Chonghuan, said in a low voice.

“That was quite decisive. He immediately left after suffering such a small loss,” Zhao Shenhong said.

“How could he not? He secluded himself away for so long and was just about to succeed when it was snatched away, and he even got a slap on the face in the process. There was no other option with the Theocrat’s arrogance. Li Wudi is currently standing guard at the dao palace while all of his weak points are in the Grand-Orient Realm. Once we catch a few, dealing with him will be easy.”

“Would he be so dumb?”

“It’s not dumb, it’s valuing relationships. Those are the kind of people who tend to die an early death. He’s finished now that he infuriated His Majesty. There’ll be a good show once His Majesty returns.”


Outside Moon House, Li Tianming was hidden in the darkness, watching them. “What good will killing these two do?”

“They’re the most adept at war amongst the Nineshades Clan, and are Dongyan Yun’s left and right hand men. Huang Chonghuan, especially, has a lot of control over the army. If they die, there’ll be serious problems directing their armies,” Li Wudi explained.


“All the Nineshades Clan members are huddled together now, but these two actually dare to come out for some fun. If we don’t kill them, who do we kill?” Li Wudi sneered.

“Godfather, leave Zhao Shenhong to me.”

“Alright. We’ll do this fast!”

“Yes.” Tianming thought of how he had been chased down by this Tianwu Marshall before. He hadn’t expected the chance for revenge would come so soon.

“Very good. Once they’re dead, Saint Martial Manor will no longer exist! You also killed Chong Yang and Wei Ji, making the Ancient Clans like headless chickens. The Nineshades Clan will lose their greatest supporters!”

Tianming’s eyes shone.

There was no longer any need to hide when the opponents were alone.

Li Wudi’s kunpeng entered the river, sneaking towards the building. The water was quickly dyed red as a giant wave rose up, covering the building.

Li Wudi had arrived. 

“Huang Chonghuan and Zhao Shenhong, stay. The rest can leave.”

“Ambush!” Zhao Shenhong shouted.

The girls hadn’t run yet when two figures charged at the guests.

“Want to run?” A man with hair the color of blood appeared and cut the two men off as they tried to escape. His appearance made the two go pale.

“Father-in-law, split up!” Zhao Shenhong said hurriedly, then he shot to the left. In truth, his purpose in saying that was to give himself a chance of survival. After all, with two targets, Li Wudi would surely go for Huang Chonghuan.

And things went exactly as he planned.

“Go and summon people! Find the Ninth Price!” Huang Chonghuan obviously knew what game Zhao Shenhong was playing. He could only hope he called some people over.

“What, you think you can last that long?” Li Wudi’s lip curled up.

“You think I, the great number one marshall of this Theocracy can be assassinated by you?” Huang Chonghuan glared imposingly.

However, in truth, Li Wudi was someone who could match Autarch Qian. Huang Chonghuan was already planning to run.

“Yep. That’s why I’m here!” Li Wudi grinned malevolently. Lifting up his saber, he chased him down. “Tomorrow, your head will hang from the dao palace’s gates. So I promise not to aim for the face.”

Huang Chonghuan’s heart sank.


Zhao Shenhong gasped for breath as he fled along the river. Sounds of combat followed him.

Sorry, Father-in-law, I’m too young to die, Zhao Shenhong said inwardly. He prepared to cross the river to enter the Theocracy’s temporary camp.

Just as he crossed the water….

The water burst out as a beastly head rushed out and dragged him into the water.

“Who!” Zhao Shenhong’s voice was filled with horror.

“Your murderer,” a cold voice rang out.

Zhao Shenhong froze, then he revealed a look of excitement. “Just you?”

“Am I not enough?”

“More than enough. What a pleasant surprise this is!” Zhao Shenhong could already see the glory he would be showered with from bringing Li Tianming’s head to Autarch Qian. His lifebound beast burst onto the scene.

It was a large golden bird with seventy-nine stars in its eyes, nearly an eighth-order empyrean beast. It was called the Eighteen-Winged Heavenly Bird, and its eighteen golden wings were like giant blades resting on its body.

As soon as it appeared, it activated an ability, the Golden World! A golden sphere immediately appeared on the battlefield, trapping Tianming and Zhao Shenhong inside.


The bird unleashed a second ability, Feather Armor, which attached itself to Zhao Shenhong and a set of golden armor appeared on him. The most eye-catching feature was wings on his back, just like his beast.

The weapon in his hand, the Dragon-Subduing Club, was mighty and imposing. It had been bestowed by Autarch Qian and wasn’t just a weapon, but a symbol of how he was the second marshall of the country.

Then, he charged toward Tianming!

He swung the Dragon-Subduing Club, the power of the seventh level of the sky saint stage gushing out.

Just as he was about to clash with Tianming, a tiny bird appeared between them. Zhao Shenhong had only just seen that it looked like a tiny phoenix when it gathered over three thousand strands of Invincible Sword Qi and stabbed them out at the club with its wing.

Zhao Shenhong was sent flying. He was stunned to find that his club, which had experienced countless fights, was knocked away by a lifebound beast.

Zhao Shenhong turned around when he heard some shrill cries. He saw a giant two-headed dragon trying to drag his bird underwater, while a black cat pulled in countless lightning bolts to strike at the giant bird.

Then, even more tragically, the little bird that had fought him joined in, spitting out a gout of fire that landed on his beast’s head.

“Li Tianming!” Zhao Shenhong roared.

“You called?” 

Zhao Shenhong froze when he realised the voice was right next to him.

“You’re too cocky, if you think you can kill me alone!” His club smashed out again. Countless golden dragons gathered on its surface, roaring loudly.

“I’m more than enough.”

Meeting Zhao Shenhong was Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword!

It had over seven thousand strands of Invincible Sword Ki on it. That was combined with the Shenxiao Sword Art and the Imperealm Sword Formation!

The gap between them was a mere five levels, and counted for nothing.

Two figures collided above the river.

The club shattered and Tianming’s sword stabbed into Zhao Shenhong’s chest, killing him instantly. The fight had been even easier than that against Wei Ji, showing that none of them could handle his meteoric rise.

A head fell into Tianming’s hand.

“Saint Martial Manor no longer exists!” Tianming’s emotions didn’t fluctuate. This wouldn’t be the first, or last, enemy.

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