Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 557

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Chapter 557: - Disciples Of The Dao Palace, Brothers In Life And Death

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The Theocrats hadn’t expected the dao palace to intercept the citizens of the Grand-Orient Realm due to two reasons. First, Autarch Qian didn't know Li Wudi was aware of his whereabouts. And second, they didn’t think Tianming possessed the strength to kill Dongyang An and Meng Yifeng.

In the eyes of the Theocrats, Li Wudi, Bai Mo, and Ye Yi wouldn’t dare leave the Dao Palace. Hence, no one could stop Dongyang An.

"Godfather, has Autarch Qian returned?” asked Tianming.

"Not yet. He’s currently somewhere near the first of the Nine Divine Realms, the Archaion Divine Realm. Since I chopped off the autarch beast’s heads, he requires a saintly spirit herb that’s not found within the Theocracy to restore the beast to its original state. However, Autarch Qian has remained in one place for some time, so I’m guessing he already has a target. Once he obtains the herb he needs, he’ll definitely return. Before that, we must intercept those being escorted out of the Grand-Orient Realm," Li Wudi said in all seriousness.

"Godfather, since you haven’t taken any action, you might as well go back. Just leave everything to me,” said Tianming.

The ability to determine Autarch Qian’s position might seem like a trivial matter, but was in fact a crucial detail. If they could, they should keep it a secret.

"That's what I thought, too. You stay here. I’ll send Qin Jiufu and the others to the Azure River. Once they find the enemy's ships, they’ll assassinate everyone so not a word of this leaks out. Their people are fourth-level sky saints at best,” said Li Wudi.

"Yes, I understand.” Tianming nodded.

With that, Li Wudi went on his way. However, just after a few steps, he turned around and looked at Tianming, his gaze fiery.

"What’s the matter?” asked Tianming.

"Tianming, can you really take on a ninth-level sky saint?”

"Yes,” Tianming replied with certainty.

"I’ll discuss with Bai Mo and Ye Yi once I get back. Before Autarch Qian returns, we must kill Dongyang Yun and Dongyang Ling,” Li Wudi said coldly.

"Let Autarch Qian become a marshal without an army?” Tianming's eyes lit up.

"Yes, if we aren’t bold, there’ll be no end to this. Your strength is a huge support to us. Without Autarch Qian, the dao palace’s powerhouses are far ahead in terms of strength. ”

"Godfather, to be honest, I can't wait,” said Tianming.

"Yes, I’ll send someone over to replace you as soon as we make a decision.”

Li Wudi disappeared into the night.

Rising to his feet, Tianming stared in the direction of the Divine Capital.

"The decisive moment is here!”


At night, thirteen Dazzling Warships prominently sailed, returning from a rewarding journey. In the darkness, a black sword flickered and a masked man in black armor passed through the masses.

Corpse after corpse fell to the deck. Silence prevailed, from the first ship to the last.

"Who are you?” A fourth-level sky saint chief of the Dazzling Pavilion noticed the abnormality.

"I won’t give my name, but you can call me a good Samaritan. ”

With a flick of a sword, the man was beheaded. In less than fifteen minutes, the Theocrats and people of the Dazzling Pavilion were all dead.

"It’s done. Come and save them,” Tianming shouted at the shore.

Sage Chen, Jiang Cheng, and the others came to help.

"Tianming, you’re like a hero, a chivalrous man,” said Jiang Cheng.

"Father-in-law, since I received your compliments, can I save on the betrothal gifts?” asked Tianming.

"No, the rules must be followed,” said the Vermillion Bird King.

They were on the second ship. After rescuing the people, Tianming sat and waited to acquire Omnisentient Will. Unfortunately, he waited for a long time.

"Come on, worship me!” he said to them.

"Who is this man?”

"I don't know. With all that yelling, he’s probably a fool.”

"Who on earth saved us?”

Everyone seemed at a loss.

On the other hand, Tianming appeared distant.

"Where’s my Omnisentient Will?”

Obviously, it wasn’t there. Realization dawned upon him.

"Damn it! It turns out acting pretentious is required!”

What a miscalculation!

He had to remain calm and rescue all these people. If the Theocrats were to learn of their failure, they might execute other plans aimed at the citizens of the Grand-Orient Realm. For example, slaughtering them in the Grand-Orient Realm. That would be a tragedy. But right now, the enemy seemed to have decided on the Skyreach River. In the silence, Tianming killed all of their people across seven ships.

He had managed to save eight million people so far. Although the victims on the first ship were the only ones who gifted him with Omnisentient Will, Tianming was satisfied. Witnessing their heartfelt joy at being rescued made Tianming just as happy.

Right then, Tianming stared into the distance, only to find that Situ Qinghe and Weisheng Yumo had arrived.

"Tianming, your godfather asks that you return. Autarch Qian is on his way back. We don’t have many opportunities, so they decided to take the risk,” said Weisheng Yumo.

"Alright. What about all this?”

"We’ll deal with it.”

"My family’s here. I’ll place them in your hands,” said Tianming.

"No problem. Two ships have yet to show up, but they’re probably on the way. Judging from the time, Dongyang An should have been reaching the Divine Capital soon, if he hadn’t been killed by you. Our enemy will be suspicious, you must hurry back,” said Situ Qinghe.

"I understand!”

Lan Huang had already entered the Azure Sea, while Tianming and Feiling sat on each dragon head respectively. Ying Huo and Meow Meow stood on top of Lan Huang’s heads, full of mettle.

"Tianming!” Weisheng Yumo shouted.

"Hall King.” Tianming turned around.

"The palace lord is still sleeping. I hope she wakes up to a peaceful world and sees how indomitable you are.” Tears blurred Weisheng Yumo's eyes.

"That’s for sure!” said Tianming.

He vowed not to let Weisheng Yunxi down.

"Fight, young man!” Situ Qinghe sighed, stroking his long beard.

Let’s go!”

Lan Huang roared, traveling along the waterway of the Skyreach River toward the Divine Capital.

"Theocrats!” Wings akimbo, Ying Huo stared in the direction of the Divine Capital with a fierce grin. "You’ll all lose your balls!”


The Evil Suppression Formation.

All Seven Astral Legions were assembled. Tianming, Li Wudi, Ye Yi, and Bai Mo stood in front of the troops. At present, the command to attack the Theocrats had yet to be issued. This was to prevent any informants from revealing intelligence. Most of those present were unaware of the reason the army had been convened. Bai Mo’s presence meant that the Evil Suppression Formation had been left to Ye Lingfeng.

"Tianming, they are already suspicious that Dongyang An’s army has yet to reach the Divine Capital. Additionally, at Autarch Qian’s speed, we still have eight days before he returns to the capital. Our goal is to completely defeat the opponent during this period of time,” said Li Wudi.

"I understand.” Tianming nodded.

"This time, the Dazzling Pavilion’s warships were successfully intercepted and we managed to rescue the people of the Grand-Orient Realm. However, Autarch Qian has gone completely mad. Now that he’s embarked on this path, he’ll only keep trying once he’s suffered a setback. He’ll even head directly to the Grand-Orient Realm to kill the innocent. There’s no way we can withdraw. This time, we’ll wound the enemy and gain the upper hand, so Autarch Qian loses everyone,” said Li Wudi.

"An immoral man is capable of anything. If he goes mad, he might kill everyone in the Divine Capital and the surrounding cities.” Tianming sneered.

A crazy man that becomes a demon must be destroyed. This wasn’t kindness on the Decimo Dao Palace’s part; they wanted to protect their homeland, annihilate the Nineshades Clan, and place the fate of the nation in the hands of a benevolent ruler. To put it bluntly, the Nineshades Clan were invaders who had occupied the Theocracy for tens of thousands of years, seizing the land and sucking its blood and life.

"This will be a tough battle. The two armies have about the same numbers, and we don’t have the support of a formation. However, we have two advantages. First, our legions are well established and unified. On the other hand, Dongyang Ling and Dongyang Yun's armies are now allied. Although Dongyang Yun's army possesses strong combat capabilities, they’re weak without Huang Chonghuan, who understands military strategy. The second point bears upon the key to our foray, that is, the number of powerhouses on our side. And Tianming is the focus of all this. This advantage is vital to our strategy. The three of us have discussed and made arrangements for you.” Li Wudi turned to Tianming.

"Do tell,” said Tianming.

"Using the Bloodfiend Transformation, I’ll increase my combat power to the peak and lead the way for the Astral Legions. I won't deal with their powerhouses. That way, I alone can kill at least a hundred thousand people! Hall Master Ye Yi will command the legions. Having him controlling the battlefield is the foundation of our combat effectiveness. So there’ll only be two people left—Hall King Bai Mo and you. Both of you will have to stop Dongyang Ling and Dongyang Yun from interfering with Ye Yi and me,” said Li Wudi.

"I understand! I can do it,” said Tianming.

When used to slaughter on the battlefield, Li Wudi’s Bloodfiend Transformation could certainly demonstrate a most terrifying effect, and would likely become the key to defeating the opponent. Tianming’s progress meant he could block the opponent's powerhouses, so Li Wudi could give full play to his lethality!

"Choose one: Dongyang Yun or Dongyang Ling,” said Li Wudi.

"I’ll deal with Dongyang Yun. He’s more troublesome,” said Bai Mo.

"Hall King, I’ll do it,” said Tianming, his gaze fiery.

"Are you sure?” Bai Mo asked.


"How much Invincible Sword Ki have you integrated?”

"I took out the voidspace stone and I’ve now reached more than eight thousand,” said Tianming.

Bai Mo stared at him blankly. Smiling wryly, he said, "When we first took you out of the Ancient Qilin Clan, I never dreamed that you’d catch up to me in less than a year. Both you and your father must’ve been sent by the heavens to annihilate the Nineshades Clan! ”

"Tianming, your time of glory is here. You’ll be an unrivaled hero,” added Ye Yi.

Tianming nodded.

"Get ready!”

Ye Yi turned to face the warriors.

"Astral Legions, hear my command!”

"Yes, sir!” they all shouted.

"The first attack formation!”

The battle formation of the Astral Legions corresponded to the attributes of their lifebound beasts, their abilities, and the range of their attack. These warriors wouldn’t just thoughtlessly charge into battle.

The formation changed, resembling a sharp blade, at the forefront of which stood Li Wudi. Today, he would tear apart the heart of the Theocrats.

The Astral Legions were ready! Eyes grim, Ye Yi roared, "Disciples of the dao palace, brothers in life and death, come with me! Eradicate the Nineshades Clan!”
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