Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 560

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Chapter 560: - Long Live

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Dongyang Yun had been the Primeval Autarch for at least half a year. So was he going to treat a junior like Tianming as he did Bai Mo and Ye Yi? But he was answered by reality itself. Eight colossal items flew out from the Azure Oceanic Purgatory, pouncing at Dongyang Yun.

When the Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra beside him tried to obstruct those eight items, it suddenly realized those eight items were eight heads instead. The Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra immediately let out a mournful cry. Because those eight heads belonged to the first Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra that was dragged into the Azure Oceanic Purgatory, this meant that the Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra had died a miserable death.

While Dongyang Yun and the Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra were both in grief, a greater movement came from the Azure Oceanic Purgatory. Dongyang Yun no longer dared to put on airs as a senior and dived into the water with the remaining Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra.

But just as they entered the water, they saw the second Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra being tightly restrained by the Three-Thousand Starfield and two gigantic beasts ganging up on it. One of them was the Chaos Regalfiend, who was continually throwing Misty Hellthunder, Chaos Disaster, and Soulchasing Hellthunder at the hydra.

The Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra struggled, despite being restricted by Lan Huang and the Three-Thousand Starfield. At the same time, it was still executing all sorts of abilities, such as the Blood Demonclaw—an ability that could transform its wings into claws—and attacked Lan Huang and Meow Meow with its heads.

“Die!” But just when Dongyang Yun charged forth, Ying Huo suddenly appeared from the side at a faster speed than him. In the next moment, Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword stabbed into the second Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra’s abdomen.

Blood splattered when Tianming plunged his sword into the Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra and ground its internal organs to pieces with the Invincible Sword Ki.

“Gwrahhhhh…” The second Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra died a tragic death and collapsed on the spot.

Dongyang Yun stood as though he had been struck by lightning. He watched the white-haired youth suddenly turn around and lick the blood on the back of his hand.

Staring at Dongyang Yun, Tianming sneered, “Autarch Yun, you were led by me right from the start. So, where’s your arrogance from before? Do you still dare to underestimate me now?”

Dongyang Yun could feel his heart being torn after hearing Tianming’s words. Ying Huo was right. He had paid the price for being arrogant. Starting from the Azure Oceanic Purgatory, the Three-Thousand Starfield, and Ying Huo’s obstruction, he was led around by the nose.

This was the most significant blow he suffered. He never imagined that a young man would force him to such desperate straits and kill two of his lifebound beasts.

“LI TIANMING!” Dongyang Yun roared. His roar set off a huge wave and created a void zone.

“Come, I’ll play with you outside. I want to send you on your way in front of everyone from the Nineshades Clan!” Tianming soared into the sky and charged out of the Azure Oceanic Purgatory with his two lifebound beasts and the Three-Thousand Starfield dragging the two hydras. Tianming then tossed the two corpses a thousand meters into the sky, which naturally caught everyone’s attention.

“What’s that?”

“That seems to be the thirteenth prince’s lifebound beasts!”


Many people exclaimed in shock as the two corpses fell onto the ground, causing blood to splatter in all directions. Tianming stood between the two corpses with his clothes dyed red. This made him seem like a demon who had come straight out from hell in others’ eyes.

A flaming phoenix was standing on his shoulder, a black kitten beside his foot, and a two-headed dragon crawling out of the Azure Oceanic Purgatory. This scene’s visual impact made everyone from the Decimo Dao Palace boil with excitement while everyone from the Ancient Theocrats took a cold breath in.

“Dongyang Yun lost two of his lifebound beasts!”

“Dongyang Yun lost to Li Tianming!”

The good news spread throughout the battlefield, which drew excited cries from the Seven Astral Legions. This brought their already high morale to a whole new level.

“Autarch Qian isn’t in the capital, and today, his Nineshades Clan will be eradicated!” Tianming’s eyes didn’t miss anything. He knew that a victory would greatly affect a war of this scale. After all, it would also strike a blow to the Decimo Dao Palace’s morale if Dongyang Yun had captured him.

Right at this moment, Dongyang Yun charged out from the water and pounced at Tianming, “Die!” He had lost his rationale at this moment. The last remaining Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra also charged out but was sent flying by Lan Huang.

And as soon as the Bloodwinged Flamefiend Hydra got up, Ying Huo had already arrived with the Invincible Sword Ki directed at its eyes. Furthermore, Meow Meow also descended from the sky and unleashed bolts of lightning on it.

Dongyang Yun knew that he would lose all three lifebound beasts if this continued. He could only hope to kill Tianming as soon as possible. After all, at least he was fighting Tianming one-on-one. But it was a pity that he got it all wrong because Tianming still had Feiling by his side.

Using the Temporal Field, Celestial Wings, and Spatial Wall, they empowered Tianming with extraordinary speed and the ability to block Dongyang Yun’s sword.

“DIE! DIE! DIE! DIEEEE!” Dongyang Yun sobbed with blood rolling down his cheeks. His rationale was consumed by rage. He still couldn’t accept reality even now.

But all he got in response was Tianming’s indifference. With his sword, Tianming charged toward the figure, who once used to be majestic in his eyes. Dongyang Yun was known as Autarch Yun, but he was now Tianming’s prey.

“Palace lord, you can rest assured. I will repay the grace you’ve shown me!” Tianming would never forget the three empyrean manna the palace lord gave him during their meeting, pushing Ying Huo to be one of the three strongest lifebound beasts in the capital in terms of stars.

So much so that she even guided him to cultivate the Invincible Sword Body, and gave him the sword ki pool. He also wouldn’t forget the reluctance in her eyes when she saw the death of her lifebound beast.

“Dongyang Yun!” Tianming’s Imperial Will reached an unprecedented height at this moment. He could vaguely feel the billions of souls standing behind him.

They were the wills of those that died. They may be insignificant, but all of them were gathered on Tianming’s sword at this moment.

“The crimes that your Nineshades Clan has committed will be repaid with the slaughter of all your descendants! Today, I will use your blood to destroy the Nineshades Clan’s legacy!” Tianming had never felt so powerful before. Perhaps this power was given to him by those who died to the Cyclic Mirror.

He poured everything into the Grand-Orient Sword and executed an attack with three techniques combined: the Shenxiao Sword Art’s fourth move, Eight Thousand-Demise Sword, and Sword Imperealm Formation. His attack caused the clouds to change color, which looked like a deity had descended onto the mortal realm.

But Dongyang Yun didn’t believe what was unfolding before his eyes and swung his sword out thrice, executing the Nineoceanic Netherscape Sword’s Firescape Sword, Northernscape Sword, and Netherscape Sword. He layered the three swords together, one after another.

“Dream on!” Dongyang Yun roared.

Their swords’ clash created a huge commotion in the sky, which attracted countless people’s attention. They watched as the white-haired youth charged towards Dongyang Yun.

The friction produced by their collision echoed throughout the battlefield. Tianming’s sword pierced into Dongyang Yun’s chest, creating a huge, bloody crater while grabbing onto the Flameblood Nethersword with his black arm.

Dongyang Yun could only look at Tianming with his eyes widened in despair. He could only try and mutter his words while throwing out mouthfuls of blood at the same time, “Y-y-y-you…!”

Tianming seized the Flameblood Nethersword and placed it in Dongyang Yun’s mouth. “Hush.”

Then, Tianming gently pushed the sword hilt, and the sword pierced through. Dongyang Yun took a last glance at Tianming before he rolled his eyes and collapsed on the ground.

The battlefield instantly went silent as they watched this scene unfold. Many people had widened their eyes watching this scene. They looked at the white-haired youth picking Dongyang Yun up and throwing him into the sky. Then, he raised the Grand-Orient Sword in his hand and yelled, “Dongyang Yun has been judged today, and he will die without a complete corpse!”

When he finished making the declaration, Dongyang Yun’s corpse fell onto the ground and splattered. This scene drove the Decimo Dao Palace’s warriors insane.

“Extinguish the Nineshades Clan! Long live Li Tianming!” They yelled out in excitement. “Kill them! Kill them all!”

The battle broke out once more. The Decimo Dao Palace’s morale was at the highest at this point, while the Ancient Theocrats’ morale was at the lowest. When Dongyang Yun’s corpse fell from the sky, it was a great blow to their morale. However, that was just the beginning.


Dongyang Ling trembled at this scene. He suddenly felt a chill run down his spine and turned around to see Tianming standing behind, pointing the Grand-Orient Sword at him, while Bai Mo and the Astral Emperor Tiger stood before him.

Dongyang Ling despaired. He knew that the Ancient Theocrats might be slaughtered based on the current situation. Today, the Ancient Theocrats were utterly crushed by everyone's will.

“Y-y-you! Are you a devil?!” Dongyang Ling asked in a trembling tone.

“No.” Tianming looked Dongyang Ling in the eyes with his left eye blazing like the bright sun, while his right eye so dark that it looked like a demonic sun. He replied, “I am Tianming!”
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