Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 586

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Chapter 586: 586

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“The name of this shop isn’t bad. Do they sell battle arts here?” Tianming asked.

“They do.”

“Who opened this shop?”

“The Archaic House of Xuanyuan. The Dragonmight Faction is currently managing it,” replied Lin Xiaoxiao. The Archaic House of Xuanyuan had their fingers all throughout the Archaion Sect, and the Human Branch was only one part of it.

“You seem to know a lot.”

“You have to if you want to survive here,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

“Are you so indifferent even when facing death?” Tianming asked, but Lin Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and didn’t reply to him.

“Let’s go in.”

The Steadfast Pavilion was massive. A place where battle arts were being sold should be quiet, but it was actually rather noisy. As soon as Tianming came in, he saw a group of young men and women happily chatting together. They were sharing interesting things that happened in the Human Branch, such as who made a fool out of themselves.

They were all behind the counter, so they were probably the ones watching over the shop. There were also many disciples of the Human Branch here picking battle arts.

“Pick the one you want and pay for it. Simple as that,” Lin Xiaoxiao said.

“Yeah.” Tianming stepped into the room. He looked through the shelves and noticed a jade stone on every book with the battle art’s name carved on it. There was also a small formation engraved on the jade stone that seemed to be for identification.

“What is that?” Tianming asked, pointing at the jade stone.

“Jade license.”

“And what are they for?”

“Only those with a jade license are qualified to cultivate and use a battle art in the Archaion Sect,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

“I don’t quite understand.”

“All the battle arts in the Oldwind Street come from the Archaion Sect, and disciples can get them by completing missions and exchanging contribution points for them. And you can sell any battle art you don’t need, or you have an extra copy of. Battle arts can be copied and secretly taught. So, to prohibit such acts, only those with a jade license can cultivate the battle arts,” Lin Xiaoxiao explained.

“I see.… So you’re saying that I’m not only buying a battle art, but also the license to use it? What happens if I practice a battle art without the license for it?” Tianming asked.

“It’s fine to practice it, but you’ll be punished if someone sees you using it. After all, battle arts and cultivation techniques are part of the sect’s inheritance. Disciples can obtain them with contributions for their own use, or for selling. But only one person can cultivate it, and that’s the person who holds the jade license. It’s recorded whenever a disciple obtains a battle art, so you’ll be hunted down if you’re found spreading it outside the sect,” replied Lin Xiaoxiao.

“Wow. The rules are strict, and it’s on a whole other level compared to the Grand-Orient Sect,” Tianming commented. There were rules against privately copying and imparting battle arts back in the Grand-Orient Sect, but there wasn’t something like these jade licenses. It was probably something that solely belongs to the divine realms.

It was fortunate that Tianming brought Lin Xiaoxiao along. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know even if he suffered a loss.

“The sect has strict protections on its inheritance. After all, it’s the sole reason they’re so powerful,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

“I see. So you’re saying that I have to bring the jade license wherever I go to prove that I have the right to use it?”

“That’s right.”

“So the battle arts here are from other disciples?”

“Only a portion of them. The Steadfast Pavilion buys most of them. After all, the Steadfast Pavilion is managed by the Dragonmight Faction, and they have the most stock,” Lin Xiaoxiao replied.

“Alright. I’ll start picking, then.”

The Steadfast Pavilion was massive, and when Tianming walked around, he noticed that they were mostly all sky saint and empyrean saint battle arts.

“There aren't any samsara battle arts here?” Tianming asked.

“How would I know? Ask them yourself.” Lin Xiaoxiao pointed at the group of youths who were laughing together. This shop belonged to them, but they didn’t seem to be serious about it.

“They’re from the Dragonmight Faction,” Lin Xiaoxiao added.

Tianming didn’t bother caring about who they were, and also didn’t have time to complete missions. Spending money to get battle arts was the best way to save time.

“Hello, do you sell any samsara battle arts?” Tianming asked.

But the youths ignored him, still chatting among themselves. Although a few of them turned to look at Tianming oddly, they soon returned back to their chatter.

“You guys didn’t see that fellow’s expression when I got Second Brother to knock his teeth out. He dropped to his knees immediately!” A pretty girl wearing a yellow coat laughed while covering her mouth.

“Haha, that’s satisfying. Who asked the Swordking Faction to be so arrogant. Why don’t they go around and ask who the boss in the Archaion Sect is!” They were laughing happily among themselves.

Tianming was pissed to see that he was ignored. Was this the way they conducted their business? Tianming lost his patience and patted the table. He asked, “I’m asking if you guys sell any samsara battle arts?”

This time, their laughter finally stopped. A hint of impatience flashed in the eyes of the girl as she turned to everyone and said, “Wait for me for a while. I’ll be right back.”

She put on a cloak and asked, “What the hell are you doing? A Sky Saint like you wants to buy samsara saint battle arts? Are you messing with me here? Are you trying to strike up a conversation with me?”

“Strike up a conversation with you?” Tianming asked. This girl was really confident in herself.

“You’re really here to strike up a conversation with me? Shoo, get lost. I don’t have time to be bothered with you.”

“Stop messing around. This shop is here to conduct businesses, and you’re not sincere at all. I’m here to buy battle arts, and I’ll leave after finding the right one. I won’t waste your time,” said Tianming.

“You sure? Samsara battle arts can only be bought with tribulation crystals. Do you have any of them? Take them out and show them to me then.” The woman seemed annoyed. She didn’t believe that Tianming was a genuine customer.

“Xixi, don’t bother with him. Come back.”

“Hey, who the hell do you think you are? A toad like you is trying to fawn up to a swan like her? You even dare to try flirting with Xixi? Get lost!” The two youths over there shouted.

Tianming’s face became dark. So what if he was a Sky Saint? Did that have anything to do with them? Did he have to be looked down on for buying a battle art?

“Are there any other shops here?” Tianming turned to look at Lin Xiaoxiao.

“This is the best shop around. There are slightly inferior ones, but no one will pay attention to you since you’re not even in the Empyrean Saint stage. Samsara battle arts are the strongest battle arts in the Human Branch, and not many people can cultivate them,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

“Fuck.…” Tianming mainly didn’t want to waste his time. Now that things had come to this, he eventually decided to put up with it for the samsara battle art.

“I don’t have any tribulation crystals. Can I pay with saint crystals instead?” Tianming asked.

“Saint crystals? Then bring out fifty million for me to take a look.” Xixi said while she continued chatting with the youths. The wealth of an Empyrean Saint was usually in millions, so fifty million wasn’t expensive to buy a battle art that transcended the Empyrean Saint stage.

The billion saint crystals that Jiang Feiling gave him was actually a terrifying number, but saint crystals didn’t have much use for Empyrean Saints.

“Open your eyes wide then.” Tianming had money. A small mountain of saint crystals piled up in front of everyone with a flick of his fingertips.

“Enough! Enough!” Xixi was dumbfounded. Even the youths beside her were blankly staring at the pile of saint crystals.

Who the hell would buy samsara battle arts with saint crystals these days? Not to mention by a Sky Saint disciple.

“You’re here on someone’s behalf? Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Xixi was speechless.

“Think whatever you want.” Tianming was started to get annoyed with these people

“Remember to have them give you tribulation crystals next time. Otherwise, I’ll have to count the saint crystals for a long time.” Xixi glared at Tianming and continued, “Wait here. I’ll report this to my Second Brother. He’s the person in charge here, and here’s a disclaimer for you. It won’t be cheap.”

She then ran upstairs and knocked on a door, “Second Brother, someone is looking for samsara battle arts.”

“Who is it?”

“No idea. He got someone to do his errand.”

“The faction battle is about to start, and someone is making a last-minute effort now?” the man behind the door sneered.

“So are we selling it to him? I’m afraid the other party will get stronger because of it,” said Xixi.

“Why not? Why should we turn down an opportunity to make money? There’s only so little time left, and I’ll retire if he can cultivate it in such a short time.”

“Got it!” Xixi returned and looked at Tianming, “Hey errand boy, come with me.”

“Errand boy?” Tianming felt an urge to slap her. But he controlled himself, as he wasn’t familiar with this place. 

He followed Xuanyuan Xixi and came to a majestic room. She said, “They’re all here. They’ve been placed here by the strongest in the Human Branch for sale. Each of them cost over millions of contributions, and don’t think of stealing them.”

“Is that how you conduct business? I’ll learn a samsara battle art sooner or later and tear down your Steadfast Pavilion,” said Tianming.

His words immediately made Xuanyuan Xixi laugh out loud. She looked at him and replied, “You’re pretty funny. I won’t tease you anymore for the sake that you’re trying your best to make me laugh. Get your errand done quickly.”

Tianming was already cursing at her, and she thought he was trying to make her laugh? Tianming walked in and began looking through the samsara battle arts. Right at that moment, someone appeared behind Xuanyuan Xixi.

“Fu Bo? What are you doing here?” Xuanyuan Xixi asked.

“Greetings, fourth missy. I’m here to look at the person inside,” said Fu Bo.

“What’s the matter? You took a fancy to him?” Xuanyuan Xixi asked.

“That’s not it.” Fu Bo looked inside, and rage immediately rose in his heart. He continued, “Fourth Missy, this person is called Lin Feng, and he nearly killed me. I have a grudge with him.”

“You serious?” Xuanyuan Xixi asked with her eyes widened.

“Remember the Nine Yang Sword that I was trying to obtain previously? It was all ruined by this person, and I was nearly killed. I’m trying to find ways to kill him right now. Fourth Missy, I’m loyal to you, so you must help me,” Fu Bo said solemnly.

“Let me think about it.” Xuanyuan Xixi looked around and immediately had an idea. She said, “I got it! Isn’t he here to buy a samsara battle art from us? We’ll follow after him when he leaves and frame him for stealing our battle art. Give him a beating and send him to the Judgement Hall. Let your father teach him a lesson.”

“Thank you, Fourth Missy!” Fu Bo rejoiced.

“It’s nothing. This fool is too stupid. The faction battle is starting soon, and he’s still foolish enough to run errands for someone. He’s practically here asking for a beating.”

“But I want to cripple him!” said Fu Bo.

“Do whatever you want. You can have fun with him yourself after I help you take him down.” Xuanyuan Xixi looked inside, and Tianming seemed to have made his choice. After a while, Tianming came out holding a copy of a battle art, along with a jade license.

“What’s the matter with you? Why are you looking at me so oddly?” Tianming asked.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Xuanyuan Xixi looked at the battle art in Tianming’s hands and her eyes widened. She asked, “Are you insane? This is the best battle art we’ve got, and it cost three hundred tribulation crystals. Not even those in the samsara stage can cultivate it successfully. Don’t get killed by your employer for buying this.”

“How much is that after converting it into saint crystals?” Tianming asked. To him, what Xuanyuan Xixi said was full of crap. If it weren’t for this battle art, he would’ve left this place by now.

“Three hundred million!” Xuanyuan Xixi gritted his teeth.

“Sure. I have a backer, and they have plenty of money,” replied Tianming.

Xuanyuan Xixi started feeling a headache. The battle art that Tianming got was the one that her Second Brother instructed not to sell to their enemies, and Tianming had picked it.

Doesn’t matter. I’ll snatch it back later, not to mention that I even made a profit of three hundred million saint crystals. I’m simply a genius! Xuanyuan Xixi thought.

She watched as Tianming left after making his payment. Looking at the mountain of saint crystals in the hall, everyone in the Steadfast Pavilion was thrown into an uproar.

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