Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 598

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Chapter 598: 598

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It felt different when Tianming held Brightnight in his hand. The sword was thin, but it wasn’t flexible at all. On the contrary, it was hard like a razor blade. The heavenly pattern formation required him to claim ownership of the sword before he could use it; it was a small-sized formation, but it wouldn’t be easily destroyed since the creator bound this tribulation weapon with the ‘ownership formation.’ So destroying the formation was the same as destroying the structure of this weapon.

Tianming dripped his blood on the formation to claim ownership of the sword. When his blood fused into it, he sensed a vague connection with the sword.

“The tribulation pattern.…” Tianming looked at the pattern, which went from the sword’s body to the tip. It looked like a white line, but if one were to look at it carefully, they would notice that there were over a hundred and eighty saintly patterns linked together to form a whole. 

This was a tribulation weapon. It was utterly different from saint beastial artifacts with hundreds of saintly heavenly patterns. It was on a whole new level, which totally transformed the weapon.

It was said that the most complicated tribulation patterns were derived from thousands of saintly heavenly patterns. However, the power of a tribulation artifact didn’t rely on the quantity of tribulation patterns, but the form and quality of the patterns.

For example, tribulation crystals also had a tribulation pattern, and contained a hundred saintly heavenly patterns. But seven hundred tribulation crystals could buy Brightnight.

Tribulation crystals were naturally formed, while tribulation artifacts were forged. They had to use the tribulation patterns on the spirit ores and spirit hazards to reconstruct a new tribulation pattern. That meant that patternscribing and blacksmithing were lucrative occupations.

Then again, Tianming felt he could earn more money in his occupation as a husband.

“Solar Radiance?” Tianming opened his senses to Brightnight’s ability. The sword exploded with a blinding golden light that stung his eyes.

“It’s truly worthy of being a tribulation artifact.” Tianming waved his hand and felt that it was more comfortable than the Nine Yang Sword.

“This way, please.” Lu brought Tianming out of the Snowrites Sword Pavilion and led the way to the Swordking Pavilion.

Swordking Hall was the Swordking Faction’s headquarters, but Tianming ran into two people when he came out of the Snowrites Sword Pavilion: Xuanyuan Ganggang and Gu Shaoyu.

The moment both parties met, the commotion in Oldwind Street instantly died down. Many people were looking in this direction.

“The two of you, come with us.” Gu Shaoyu’s voice was filled with unquestionable authority. His words made the surrounding disciples tremble in fear, and many people walked out from the Snowrites Sword Pavilion and stood behind Tianming and Lu.

They had already sent someone to deliver the news. But since this was the Swordking Faction’s territory, they weren’t too afraid of Gu Shaoyu or Xuanyuan Ganggang.

“Who the hell are you? Are you the sect master of the Human Branch?” Tianming asked.

“It’s pointless whatever you say. An eye for an eye, a life for a life. Don’t pretend you’re ignorant,” said Xuanyuan Ganggang with a cold voice.

“Where’s the evidence then?” Tianming asked, to which Gu Shaoyu and Xuanyuan Ganggang did not reply. Tianming laughed. “What the hell are you saying since you don’t have any evidence?”

“Aren’t you an arrogant one? You’re just a pawn, so why are you so proud about it? You’re just a fool in everyone’s eyes, yet you’re taking pride in it?” Gu Shaoyu sneered.

“I do what I want. What can you do about it? Fatty, what can you do to me if I don’t want to leave with you?” Tianming asked. His words were equivalent to a bomb in the surrounding, leaving everyone silent. When everyone saw Gu Shaoyu’s plump body begin trembling, their faces turned pale and they distanced themselves.

“Gu Shaoyu is furious now.”

“Being in the Dragonmight Faction for so long, he’s like an overlord in the Human Branch. People are flattering him everywhere, and no one’s ever dared to provoke him this much.”

“Where the hell did this man come from? He’s either stupid, or he has no brains.”

“Enjoying for the moment and regretting later. It’s nothing out of the norm.” Everyone in the street was discussing amongst themselves. They looked at Gu Shaoyu, squinting his eyes with murderous intent flashing in them.

“Are you going to do it, or shall I have the honor?” Xuanyuan Ganggang asked.

“Let me do it. No one has dared to humiliate me this much in such a long time. Let me have some fun,” said Gu Shaoyu.

“Alright. You can have it then,” said Xuanyuan Ganggang.

Gu Shaoyu took a step forth, and his feet caused the entire street to tremble.

“Hall Lord Gu, you’re not allowed to fight in Oldwind Street according to the Human Branch’s regulations, let alone destroy public property. Don’t violate the rules,” Lu said with little confidence as he stood beside Tianming.

“Shut up. I’m the rule here.” Gu Shaoyu grinned.

Everyone was amazed by how overbearing Gu Shaoyu was being. When Gu Shaoyu was done speaking, he reached out to Tianming. The ground violently trembled, and Tianming could sense the pressure of an empyrean gold body coming from him.

“This fellow’s body refining battle art is much stronger than Gu Qingyao’s.” Gu Shaoyu was naturally capable, since he was a hall lord in the Dragonmight Faction. He could easily defeat Autarch Qian if he went to the Theocracy of the Ancients.

But there was no way he could bring Tianming down here. Right now, over thirty disciples from the Swordking Faction stood before Tianming and blocked Gu Shaoyu’s path.

“Is the Swordking Faction’s intention finally revealed? Were you the ones using Li Tianming as bait to kill Gu Qingyao last night?!” Gu Shaoyu roared, and his voice forced the disciples standing before Tianming to stumble back.

“Fatty Gu, you can eat shit all you want, but watch your words,” a female voice sounded out from a distance. The voice was domineering and suppressed the commotion in the surroundings. Her words were vulgar, but her voice was pleasant.

Tianming turned his head and saw a crowd coming over in his direction. Many of them had sharp gazes, and Tianming could tell with a glance that they were core members of the Swordking Faction.

There was a woman right in the middle of the group, and her figure seemed domineering despite being surrounded by a group of men. She wore a white robe and a black cloak made of bearskin. As a woman, her height wasn’t much different from the youths around her, and she had a voluptuous figure. Her legs were her best feature, powerful and beautifully curved.

She had a queen’s temperament, and her presence was eye-catching in the group of male disciples. Even without any introductions, Tianming knew that this woman was the faction lord of the Swordking Faction, Jian Xueyi.

“The goddess is here!” Her grace overwhelmed everyone present, and her presence made Gu Shaoyu and Xuanyuan Ganggang’s faces turn ugly.

“Jian Xueyi, do you dare to say that the death of my cousin has nothing to do with your Swordking Faction?” Gu Shaoyu growled.

“If I say it’s not, then it’s not. I’d admit it if I did it, but do you believe that I’ll stab you to death for slandering me?” Jian Xueyi said.

“Since that’s the case, it’s even better. I’ll be taking Li Tianming away. Tell your men not to stand in my way,” said Gu Shaoyu.

“No,” said Jian Xueyi.


“He wasn’t one of my men yesterday, so what he did last night has nothing to do with me.”


“He’s one of my men today.” Jian Xueyi smiled. Her words immediately dropped a bomb in the surroundings. After all, who wouldn’t like having such an overbearing Senior Sister?

“That’s a superb mount! Not only does she have long legs, but she’s also around the same age as you. Tianming, you can consider taking her down!” Ying Huo commented.

“Shut up,” Tianming said.

“Didn’t she say that you’re hers? Go and immediately seek welfare for Meow Meow!” Ying Huo replied.

“You’re the one who wants it, right?”

“Don’t be so straightforward about it. Don’t you know that I’ll blush?” Ying Huo replied.

“Be careful, she might be just like Big Sister Bai and drain your kidney dry,” said Tianming.

“How can that be possible? Don’t you know that your Chicken Bro has gotten a lot stronger since then?”

Tianming chuckled in response. When he heard Jian Xueyi’s name, he imagined that she would be a lovely lady, and it wasn’t surprising that she could command the Swordking Faction. 

After all, who wouldn’t be convinced by her overbearing character? He could tell that she was a gallant woman, and it wasn’t surprising that there were so many male disciples supporting her, just like the group standing around her right now.

But Tianming couldn’t figure out why she was trying to protect him. However, he said nothing, but just continued watching.

Xuanyuan Ganggang and Gu Shaoyu’s faces sank when they heard what Jian Xueyi said. 

“What do you mean?” Xuanyuan Ganggang asked.

“Isn’t it clear enough? These two are part of my Swordking Faction starting today, and I intend on making Li Tianming a chief,” said Jian Xueyi.

“But he killed a chief of my Dragonmight Faction!”

“That was last night, and it has nothing to do with me,” Jian Xueyi said.

“Since you admitted that he was the one who killed my cousin, we’ll be taking him away with us!” Gu Shaoyu said.

“No can do. You guys think you can take away a chief of my Swordking Faction here?” Jian Xueyi asked.

Xuanyuan Ganggang and Gu Shaoyu exchanged a glance. In the end, Gu Shaoyu gnashed his teeth and said, “I get it now. Jian Xueyi, you’re insisting on protecting nameless people and going against the Dragonmight Faction, right?”

“Fatty Gu, why are you putting it that way? What do you mean by ‘going against?’ When have you guys not targeted the disciples of my Swordking Faction in every faction battle? So stop pretending. If we let you two take them away, would you be lenient on us during the faction battle?” Jian Xueyi sneered in disdain.

Gu Shaoyu merely replied with a cold chuckle.

“Get lost now.” Jian Xueyi waved her hand.

“We’ll remember this enmity, and we’ll ensure that you guys will suffer during this year’s faction battle!” Gu Shaoyu threatened.

“Let’s not talk about anything else right now. At the very least, I’ll be taking your head,” said Gu Xueyi.

“I hope that you won’t cry at that time. Remember to wash your mouth well and prepare to blow our boss when the time comes,” Gu Shaoyu smiled lecherously.

“Shut up!” A group of people immediately came up and surrounded Gu Shaoyu and Xuanyuan Ganggang.

“Don’t move.” Jian Xueyi didn’t seem insulted by those words, and she sneered, “If Xuanyuan Yufeng dares to bring his little toothpick, I’ll bite it off and crush his balls.”

Tianming’s face turned red when he heard that. It was too crude.

“I’m starting to like her!” Ying Huo’s eyes shined.

Although all the male disciples present felt that what she had said was a little too crude, her beauty overshadowed everything. 

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