Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 608

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Chapter 608: 608

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“Qingyin, run!” Xuanyuan Xixi said nervously.

“Run? I want his life!” Gu Qingyin charged forth.

“Li Tianming, Gu Qingyin will soon be taken by a divine mentor as a disciple. He’s a future disciple of the Heaven Branch, so you can’t touch him!” Xuanyuan Xixi threatened. 

“I can’t touch him even if he wants to kill me?” Tianming asked.

“You can’t!”

Right at that moment, Gu Qingyin arrived before Tianming, and Tianming’s sword flashed like a bolt of lightning and penetrated Gu Qingyin.

“U-u-uh.…” Gu Qingyin collapsed onto the ground.

“On what basis?” Tianming asked, looking at Xuanyuan Xixi.

“You’re dead!” Xuanyuan Xixi yelled and activated her Scarletflame Tome. According to the rules, Tianming was forbidden from attacking now.

“You’re welcome to deliver your head anytime,” said Tianming.

“My Second Brother will let you die a terrible death!” Xuanyuan Xixi stared at Gu Qingyin lying on the ground in a daze. He was a genius, and he was gone just like that?

“Qingyin’s divine mentor will definitely claim your life when you get out! You’re finished!” Tianming smiled and turned away.

After she left, Xuanyuan Xixi fell onto the ground before being transported out of the illusory battlefield, while Tianming continued practicing his sword art.

“Finally, some progress.” Tianming had been searching for opponents to use the Mortal Dao Sword on. “This is a mortal sword, one that contains everything and embodies the omnisentient. The strike is too profound, and it’s impossible to understand without possessing omnisentient will. This is a sword art that I’ve stolen, and I can only use tricks to learn it since I didn’t comprehend the seven Sword Barriers.”

No wonder Jian Wuyi felt that Tianming couldn’t accomplish anything with it at his age even after obtaining it.

“Continue!” With that, the Dragonmight Faction’s nightmare began.


“Reporting! Faction lord, I have no idea what Li Tianming did, but he’s been taking down our scouts along the way. Just today alone, a total of one thousand and two hundred people surrendered, and they were all forced by Tianming!”

“Report! The chief of the Greenmaple Chapter has been killed.”

“Faction lord, take down Li Tianming first. Didn’t he sacrifice his Scarletflame Tome?”

“He can even defeat Hall Lord Gu. There’s only three people in the Dragonmight Faction who could take him down. Who do you want me to send? Don’t they have to command the army?” This was the most embarrassing part of the Dragonmight Faction at this moment.

“The faction lord and deputy faction lord have gone out to search, but they couldn’t find Li Tianming.” Tianming’s presence had cast a shadow over the entire Dragonmight Faction. Most importantly, he was someone who should belong to the Dragonmight Faction.

“It’s all because of Gu Shaoyu! If it weren’t for him, would we be facing this situation now?” said a Hall Lord.

“Shut up! That person is an ingrate, and something would happen sooner or later if he stays in the Dragonmight Faction,” said Xuanyuan Ganggang.

“Then at least put him under our control. Otherwise it’ll be miserable on our scouts, and nobody can fight as planned!”

“Silence!” Xuanyuan Yufeng pursed his lips together. His voice wasn’t loud, but it had instantly shut down the entire Dragonmight Faction.

“Continue searching for other factions.”

“Roger!” That meant Xuanyuan Yufeng had decided to ignore Tianming.

“Faction lord, it’ll be uncomfortable to leave him around. He’ll make us a laughingstock, and what’ll the audience think?” Xuanyuan Ganggang said with indignance.

“Why don’t you tell me what I should do right now?” Xuanyuan Yufeng asked.

Xuanyuan Ganggang lowered his head and couldn’t answer.

“I don’t believe he can face a hundred thousand of us alone.” Xuanyuan Yufeng sneered.

“Faction lord, we found the Bloodsmear Faction. There’s eight thousand of them hiding in the Windchime Valley!” a scout came in to report right at that moment. The role of the scouts had finally come into play.

“Dragonmight Faction, listen up!” Xuanyuan Yufeng’s eyes lit up.


“Come with me and put the Bloodsmear Faction in last place!” The Bloodsmear Faction was ranked eighth, previously, and they had eight thousand people. It wasn’t a small number. Most importantly, they were one of the few factions who disobeyed the Dragonmight Faction.

“Kill!” A hundred thousand Dragonmight Faction members charged into Windchime Valley. The Bloodsmear Faction had already started to retreat when they discovered the Dragonmight Faction, but how could they possibly escape now that their whereabouts had been discovered?


On the Dimensional Battlefield, Xuanyuan Yuheng said, “Did you guys manage to see it? He can see through the illusion and accurately find his opponent.”

“Yeah. I returned earlier and told the few Senior Brothers about it. It’s already spread out,” replied Xuanyuan Muxue.

“How many people know about his identity?”

“Which one?”

“The identity that the eminent gave him.”

“Not many people know about that right now. The elders won’t let anyone talk. So they’re studying how this disciple from the Human Branch managed to break through the formation,” said Xuanyuan Muxue.

“It’s impressive that he can see through the illusion,” said Xuanyuan Yuheng.

“Isn’t that the same as cheating?”

“How is that cheating? It’s his ability that lets him do it. More importantly, he has the strength to match his fighting prowess. Otherwise, it’d be nothing,” said Xuanyuan Yufeng.

“That means you’re admitting his fighting prowess?”

“Well, he can be considered an outstanding disciple in the Human Branch. But he’ll be nothing in the Earth Branch,” said Xuanyuan Yuheng.

“Speaking of which, you seem pretty concerned about him.”

“I do?”


“I nearly crippled him back then, and he’ll definitely remember to take revenge on me,” Xuanyuan Yuheng smiled.

“So, you’re scared?”

“Muxue, don’t make such jokes. It’s boring.”

“Fine.” Xuanyuan Muxue brushed her hair back with a smile on her lips.


Back in the illusory battlefield, Tianming stood on a high mountain in the Windchime Valley and watched the hundred thousand disciples from the Dragonmight Faction charging into the valley. When they summoned their lifebound beasts, their army instantly grew to more than two hundred thousand.

“That’s at least ten times as big as the Bloodsmear Faction.” Tianming could tell that the Bloodsmear Faction was pretty unlucky to be used by the Dragonmight Faction as a punching bag.

The ground trembled from the battle, and the Dragonmight Faction’s charge scattered the Bloodsmear Faction’s formation as Scarletflame Tomes began igniting one after another.

“I surrender!”

“Don’t kill me. I surrender!”

Under the Dragonmight Faction’s charge, three thousand of the Bloodsmear Faction got away, while the remaining five thousand surrendered.

“How mighty.” This was the Dragonmight Faction’s true power, and it was the display that the Dragonmight Faction’s disciples wanted.

“This is just the beginning. Now all the other factions will tremble beneath our feet!” the Dragonmight Faction’s disciples’ cheers echoed. They could feel their blood boiling under Xuanyuan Yufeng’s incitation.

The Dragonmight Faction only lost about a thousand people. For a large faction like them, the odds of their members surrendering weren’t high. In just one day, the factions clashed continuously in battles, and even the Swordking Faction lost a few hundred people.

This was just the first day, and none of the three factions were ranked at the top. But that didn’t matter. However, the Bloodsmear Faction’s ranking, at least, was eye-catching. Furthermore, their surrender rate reached an astonishing 60%!

Tianming alone had taken down over a thousand Dragonmight Faction disciples, but their surrendering rate was less than 2%.

“I’ll have to defeat fifty thousand people to pull their percentage to more than 50%.” Tianming sneered and continued hunting down the scouts. “Sword practicing, sword practicing. It’s the best time to deal with them since they just obtained a victory!”

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