Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 622

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Chapter 622: 622

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Tianming had intended to visit the Heaven Cauldron with the Swordking Faction’s emblem now that he had settled down, so why had Xuanyuan Yuheng come looking for him? When Tianming came out, he saw Xuanyuan Yuheng standing there, dressed in white.

Despite standing in the snow, the snow that came near Xuanyuan Yuheng all melted. He was staring at Tianming with his three blazing eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Tianming asked.

“These are the tribulation manna bestowed to you by Her Eminence.” A spatial ring appeared in Xuanyuan Yuheng’s hand and he tossed it over.

Tianming reached out with his black arm. When his hand came into contact with the spatial ring, the immense force behind it knocked him into the nearby wooden pillar. If Tianming had used his right hand, it would have been penetrated.

“Did you eat shit or something? Why do you have such a fiery temper?” Tianming smiled.

“You’re still not worthy,” Xuanyuan Yuheng sneered.

“Alright, alright. I can’t be bothered with you anymore. You can get lost now.” Tianming returned to his house and shut the door.

Xuanyuan Yuheng did not leave immediately after the door was shut. He was still staring at it with a distorted gaze, and his eyes gradually became bloodshot.

“Two third-grade and one fourth-grade tribulation manna! Even I haven’t gotten a fourth-grade tribulation manna yet, but Her Eminence bestowed something like that to him so casually?

Since when did the winner of the Human Branch’s faction battle get such a rich reward? How was this fair!? The three branches competed with each other for resources, and now there was someone else outside the system. He had guarded the eminent’s statue for twenty years, but she wouldn’t even take a look at him.

When Xuanyuan Yuheng thought of how he had lived all these years, he rejoiced when someone that looked like the statue finally appeared. But now everything was equivalent to a bucket of water pouring down his head.

“Your Eminence, I, Xuanyuan Yuheng, am your loyal believer. I’m even willing to offer my life and soul. I only hope that you can take a look at me, just one look!”


Three papers appeared in Tianming’s hands, and they were introductions for the three tribulation manna. Looking through the introductions, Tianming narrowed his eyes into slits. “There’s a fourth-grade tribulation manna?”

He remembered that Feiling had said three third-grade tribulation manna. Tribulation manna was powerful, and lifebound beasts in the Empyrean Saint stage could only withstand second-grade tribulation manna at best. But Feiling had confidence in his lifebound beasts and gave him third-grade ones. But now, there was even a fourth-grade tribulation manna!

Because there’s a temporary shortage of third-grade tribulation manna? What kind of bullshit is that? Are you trying to kill my lifebound beasts on purpose? Tianming pondered. This should be handled by Xuanyuan Dao, the sect master of the Earth Branch.

Ying Huo and the rest could give it a try, if they were third-grade tribulation manna, and they would receive greater benefits if they succeed. But the fourth-grade manna was risky, and they might die. There were examples of failure in lifebound beasts’ evolutions, especially using tribulation manna because the power was intense.

“I wonder if Ling’er knows that Xuanyuan Dao gave me a fourth-grade tribulation manna,” Tianming muttered. 

“Well, that doesn’t matter. We’re only using the tribulation manna to unlock the bloodline shackles, and the chance of us not being able to bear it is low,” said Ying Huo.

“This is a fourth-grade tribulation manna that we’re talking about. Are you sure?” Tianming asked.

“Of course. I’m the eldest, so I naturally have to take on the toughest one,” Ying Huo said while patting its chest.

“You’ve recovered from your injuries?”

“It’s been four days, and I’m mostly fine now.”

Tianming pondered briefly, then replied, “Let’s have Meow Meow and Lan Huang try with the third-grade tribulation manna first. You can take over if they can’t bear it, and we’ll get them to change the tribulation manna.”

“Sure.” Ying Huo nodded. This wasn’t a joke. They only had eighty-odd stars, and they were going to go for over three hundred, or even four hundred stars in one go. The evolution was too great.

“You’ll definitely benefit greatly if you manage to evolve. Especially you, Ying Huo,” Tianming laughed. He wasn’t afraid of a challenge.

“Ling’er is really a cash cow,” Ying Huo exclaimed.

“Yeah.” Tianming nodded.

“So are you still going with the ‘maid play?’”

“Get lost!”


Tianming first took the third-grade tribulation manna out of the spatial ring. But how powerful was tribulation manna? It was something that had to be sealed in heavenly pattern formations! The three small formations were roughly twenty centimeters in diameter, and they were trembling!

One must know that most empyrean manna were dead objects, and they could only stir a mist in their surroundings at most. But the three tribulation manna were like three ferocious beasts charging around in the heavenly pattern formation, and Tianming could see the manna’s changes through the formation.

The tribulation manna on the left was black, and looked like a lightning beast. The one on the right was like a starry sky that shone brightly. Lastly, the one in the middle was like a ball of fire. While it blazed, it constantly released astral ki that caused the formation to violently tremble.

Tianming took out the three papers and made a comparison. His gaze fell onto lightning tribulation manna on the left. “The Shadowless Thundersoul can form ‘Myriad Electrode’ in the body to strengthen all lightning abilities. At the same time, it can grant lifebound beasts terrifying speed. Upon evolving, the lifebound beast’s speed will practically be unparalleled.

“Third-grade tribulation manna can further be categorized into ten levels. The Shadowless Thundersoul is the highest level, and it can grant a lifebound beast more than three hundred and ninety stars, close to tribulation beasts with four hundred stars,” Tianming sneered.

Even the third-grade tribulation manna was the best. Was Xuanyuan Dao trying to get on Feiling’s good side, or was he trying to kill Tianming’s lifebound beasts?

“I like this one!” Meow Meow’s eyes lit up.

“You want to be quick?” Tianming smiled.

“Of course!” Meow Meow replied.

“Your future wife might not be too happy about that,” Ying Huo chuckled.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Hehe.”

Tianming knew that this tribulation manna was extremely suitable for Meow Meow, and the cat would become a speed demon if it succeeded. The Myriad Electrode could allow it to absorb more lightning and strengthen its abilities all around.

He then turned to the tribulation manna on the right. “The Infinite Stardragon Diagram. It can shroud a lifebound beast in the Infinite Stardragon Diagram, allowing it to use the power of stars to strengthen and defend itself.

“The planet represents a small world that was formed with the unity of mountains and rivers. The stars can gather to form a sea of stars, and they can transform into mountains and rivers. The lifebound beast would have a body like a sea of stars upon succeeding in its evolution.

“This tribulation manna is also one of the best, and it can also allow a lifebound beast to evolve into three hundred and ninety stars at the very least.” Lan Huang rejoiced when it heard Tianming reading out the introduction. It had been taking a beating frequently, and it was already yearning to have a more powerful body.

Lastly, Tianming’s gaze fell onto the fourth-grade tribulation manna. Its name was the Skypiercing Diablos Feather.

“It can transform all of the lifebound beast’s feathers into the feathers of Diablos. It’s solid and comes with skypiercer ki, which has a strong penetrative ability. It can even tear through the defenses of tribulation armor and snap tribulation weapons. Upon evolving, not only would a lifebound beast have a solid defense, but it could also pierce through flesh. Upon successful evolution, it can allow a lifebound beast to possess over four hundred and ten stars.” Just the description alone seemed terrifying.

“Skypiercer ki? Penetrative?” That was very important to Ying Huo. The Wings of Agni were too weak to deal with tribulation beasts, which affected Ying Huo’s execution of its ability. But if it was equipped with the Skypiercing Diablos Feather, then all the feathers in its body could be used as swords.

“Wow! I like that!” Ying Huo’s eyes glowed. Tianming and Ying Huo exchanged a glance, and they couldn’t help muttering at the same time, “It feels great being the eminent’s husband!”

Or rather, it felt great living off a woman. “Where can we find another wealthy woman like Ling’er in this world? No wonder Xuanyuan Yuheng was glaring at you earlier. He’s clearly jealous! Haha!”

According to their plan, Tianming had Meow Meow and Lan Huang try theirs first. He unlocked the heavenly pattern formations, which unleashed a terrifying aura from the tribulation manna. In that split second, all sorts of phenomena began converging.

Fortunately, not many people were nearby, or they would be startled by the commotion created by the tribulation manna. The one who sensed it clearest was Fang Xingying; he was startled while he was cultivating, and he saw lightning and astral flares gathering in the mountain beside his. There also seemed to be two colossal beasts hovering in the air.

“Tribulation manna? Where’d he get them from?” He knew that Tianming’s lifebound beasts were only empyrean beasts. “They must at least be third-grade tribulations manna for there to be such terrifying phenomena! Did the sect master of the Human Branch give them to him? Who the hell is he exactly!” Fang Xingying narrowed his eyes into slits. “Perhaps he might really be able to help me take revenge.”


Back at the Number One Pavilion, Tianming urged Meow Meow and Lan Huang to return. “Stop looking at it. Start devouring them and return to the lifebound space! Low profile, remember? We have to maintain a low profile!”

“Tianming, we know to keep a low profile. But why are you not keeping a low profile?” Ying Huo asked.

“That’s because my strength doesn’t allow me to!”

“You go in as well and keep watch on the two of them.”

“What about you?”

“Me? I’ll be going to the Heaven Cauldron.”

Tianming opened the door, holding onto his fourth egg. He left the Number One Pavilion and looked at the Heaven Cauldron. The Heaven Cauldron was located at the center of Taiji Peak Lake, and was easy to find.

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