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Chapter 63: - Blow Enough Hot Air To Blow Away Ignispolis!

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“Sure, then I have to become the prime disciple for Ling’er’s sake.” Li Tianming puffed up his chest.

“I believe you,” Jiang Feiling said sweetly.

Jiang Qingluan snorted. “Believe what? In your ability to brag? If you, a farmer, does somehow become the prime disciple, I won’t stop you from meeting Ling’er anymore.”

“Really?” Li Tianming said excitedly.

“‘If’ being the operative word.”

Li Tianming chuckled. “Alright, watch and learn.”

“Hmph, we’ll see.” Before tens of thousands of people, the grand Princess Qing deigned to spit on the ground to show her contempt.

The current Li Tianming was definitely very eye-catching. People couldn’t help but wonder how he was so close to Princess Ling, even winning her fancy to boot.

Li Tianming had noticed it too. Jiang Feiling had chosen this moment of all times to meet him and even show him the Celestial Wings. Was it possible she was trying to help him with her identity as a princess, when he was being cursed by many?

Everyone could see her adorable behaviour in front of Li Tianming. Who would call him a joke after this?

“If that’s how it is, she really is too kind.” Li Tianming felt a long-lost warmth in his chest.

His impression of Jiang Feiling wasn’t one of an impatient girl. It wouldn’t have been difficult for her to approach him after the fight was over. In fact, they could meet anytime in Flameyellow Scions Institute. For her to choose now was a sign of how considerate she was.

Li Tianming suddenly realised that this truly pure-hearted girl had already found a place in his heart, one that had been empty for three years.

It wasn’t just a gaping emptiness. It was filled with wounds from when Mu Qingqing had taken his heart and shattered it into pieces. However, today, this girl had picked those pieces up and filled it with sweetness. Perhaps one day, it would heal whole again. ‘Moved’ wasn’t enough to describe his feelings now. He picked up many seemingly tiny details, from her saying he was a good person to believing he could do what he claimed. Such a person was capable of overturning the distaste towards ‘love’, a conviction Li Tianming had held for three years. Before this, Mu Qingqing and Li Yanfeng had made him consider it to be one of the filthiest things in the world.

Li Tianming was actually underestimating the positive ripples caused by Jiang Feiling’s appearance.

Some of his critics had been shocked into silence, unable to understand how he was even able to get along with two princesses so well. It was like a toad becoming friends with a swan, simply inconceivable.

Some others, who had a greater understanding of Jiang Feiling, had completely different feelings when they heard ‘Celestial Wings’ and ‘complete synchronisation’.

“From what I know, the Vermilion Bird King once said Princess Ling is a miracle. Although she can’t become a beastmaster, she has certain special abilities sealed in her. When all are unlocked, there will be great benefits for those around her. Currently, the person most compatible with her is Princess Qing, who was born on the same day as her. They have a grade six synchronisation, and as for others? Not even grade four.” Lin Xiaoxiao looked enviously at her when Jiang Feiling appeared, before speaking about her to Mu Qingqing.

“She really is quite mysterious. She’s a child the king picked up that was supposedly abandoned at birth. Everything about her really can be a miracle, which is why it’s unfathomable Li Tianming can reach a complete synchronisation with her,” Lin Xiaoxiao continued, but Mu Qingqing didn’t respond.

“Big sister Qingqing, do you know how this came to be? You used to know him. Was there anything special about him?” Lin Xiaoxiao asked.

“Err…” Mu Qingqing finally snapped out of her daze, before she hurriedly responded, “I don’t really know. We could only barely count as acquaintances three years ago.”

“I see.” Lin Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Li Tianming and Lin Xiaoxiao, it’s time! Hurry up!” Wei Zikun’s voice caused the area to heat up again. Everyone was waiting for the final battle, and even two princesses could only delay it so much.

“Big brother, you have me and Qing’er’s support! Win and become prime disciple!”

Li Tianming smiled. “Definitely. I’ll definitely send her home crying.”

Jiang Qingluan rolled her eyes.“Blowing hot air again? Be careful not to blow Ignispolis away.”

“Remember, you won’t stop me from becoming friends with Ling’er if I win.”

“Har har.”

And with this, Li Tianming gained half a supporter, Jiang Qingluan.

He stepped onto the stage and prepared for battle. Lin Xiaoxiao stood in front of him, annoyance and doubt written on her face.

“Li Tianming, you’ve been an eyesore to me for quite a while. I detest shameless people like you who still dare to show your face after committing evil the most! I’ll teach you a lesson today and make you apologise sincerely to big sister Qingqing!” Li Tianming’s curse of Mu Qingqing being childless had infuriated her.

“Little miss, you actually aren’t scared of me! I’m a big bad wolf who always carries drugs on me. Do you have a boyfriend to come out and save you at the critical moment though?” Li Tianming said, much to the shock of everyone present. He actually dared to mention it in public?

“Let’s see if you’re willing to have your lifebound beast sentenced to death again, then,” Lin Xiaoxiao replied quietly, a calm fury brewing in her. Riling her up was no mean feat, but this person, who had committed wrongs yet still acted in such a way, had done it anyway.

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