Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 688

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Chapter 688: 688

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Entering the Netherworld and the Nether Battlefield were completely different things. Feng Daoyi indifferently said, “You have guts, but what a pity. Your sect only has fifty people left.”

“It seems that you have some inside information?” Tianming asked.

“That wasn’t it. A god in the Saint stage is meant for everyone to kill. We’re all here just to kill your so-called god. But it’s a pity, Li Tianming. You won’t live to see it,” laughed Feng Daoyi.

“Neither will you.” The two stared daggers at each other. It turned out that Feng Daoyu was a quadruple beastmaster. His beasts were four eagles representing four different elements: wind, fire, thunder, and metal. Every single one of the eagles possessed at least three hundred and ninety stars.

The stars meant that Feng Daoyi’s had quite a significant background in the Hexapath Sword Sect, and his elder must be on the level of Yi Xingyi. The Tai'e House of Jian was a branch of the Draconis House of Jian.

Feng Daoyi was like Jian Lingchen, a Quadrasword Talent. His four lifebound beasts could transform into powerful swordbeasts and execute their abilities with all five of them as one. 

Feng Daoyi was a cold person, and didn’t utter a single word. He triggered his Daounion Sword and gathered his lifebound beasts, fusing them into his longsword. The white sword was suddenly dyed with four colors, which separated into four different segments. The tip was flickering with a metallic luster and the body was stained with wind, fire, and thunder.

When Feng Daoyi raised his sword, his sword ki pierced through the horizon and the wind raised by it caused his hair to flutter.

“Life tribulation energy?” Tianming judged that Feng Daoyi’s cultivation should be in the third or fourth life tribulation of the Samsara stage. Disciples of the swordbeast lineage could fuse their lifebound beasts into their swords to strengthen their attacks’ lethality.

But there were pros and cons to this method. The pro lay mainly in the fact that they could execute their lifebound beasts’ abilities through their swords. This was equivalent to having five energies fused together, and it was difficult for opponents in the same stage to withstand their attacks.

“Dog of the Archaion Sect, open your eyes wide. Only the Hexapath Sword Sect can give birth to true gods, not a ghost from a hundred thousand years ago!” Feng Daoyi charged forth with his sword, executing the first-origin samsara battle art, the Windslaughter Sword.

When he swung his sword, it also contained the sword aura from his four lifebound beasts. Violent gales began forming into wind blades that headed toward Tianming on the cloud stage.

“Third life phase of the Samsara stage!” That meant Tianming could still put up a fight.

“Brothers!” Tianming was already on the verge of losing it, listening to them humiliating Feiling. “Kill him!”

The Grand-Orient Sword in his hand separated into two. As tribulation sword ki raged within the sword, Tianming’s Ancient Deepstar Godbody started glowing with astral lights.

Meanwhile, Meow Meow dashed at lightning speed with the Soulchasing Hellthunder, reaching Feng Daoyi in the blink of an eye. There was no need for Meow Meow to go up; it simply threw out the Misty Hellthunder, which formed a vortex before Feng Daoyi’s attack. Even if the sword ki managed to destroy the lightning pythons, it was blocked by a white shield created by Xian Xian’s vines right after.

However, Feng Daoyi merely smiled and changed his attack to a firestorm. The Fourpolar Cloudwind Sword could only be comprehended at the fourth life phase of the Samsara realm, and that meant Feng Daoyi had high comprehension.

This time, flame followed as the violent storm swept out. The attack combined the fire-type eagle’s ability with the wind-type eagle’s ability. The attack was strong, and the power of the combined abilities nearly forced Xian Xian’s Radix World Tree into a dead end.

But in this battle, Ying Huo and Meow Meow had the advantage of speed. Tianming slashed down at the firestorm with his tribulation sword ki and split it into two with them at the sides.

“Not bad!” Feng Daoyi moved among the Bloodrain Sword petals and cut down Xian Xian’s vines. The ability granted by his swordbeasts’ lineages was his greatest advantage.

“Not bad?” Tianming sneered. There was a demonic charm in his voice, which sounded as if it came from hell.

“Yeah. Not bad.” Feng Daoyi charged forth once more. This time, his sword’s power was a lot stronger than before as he used the third move, the Heaven Calamity Sword. This time, the wind, fire, and lightning abilities fused with the sword strike.

When he executed this technique, Ying Huo’s Infernal Haze appeared behind him and stabbed out. The chick’s tribulation sword ki was fused with its Sky Piercer Ki, while Meow Meow’s Myriad Thundernet was before him.

However, that wasn’t all. Lan Huang unleashed the Primordial Soundwave at Feng Daoyi’s ears. The three beasts combined attack might not be as powerful as Feng Daoyi’s union, but they had many variations to their attacks. Aside from Tianming, no one could face Feng Daoyi’s attack head-on, but they didn’t have to face Feng Daoyi head-on.

“ I’ll break your sword first!” With four swordbeasts fused into his sword, Feng Daoyi was confident of breaking another tribulation artifact with his Daounion Sword. Beastmasters like him often killed their opponent beastmasters first.

Feng Daoyi’s eyes glowed with confidence as he gathered the power from the swordbeasts into his sword. “No demons shall remain standing in the path of my sword!”

Feng Daoyi swung his sword. This time, all four elements had gathered together for the attack. The strike was powerful, and the life tribulation energy was endless.

But Tianming was indifferent as he faced the attack. “You want to compete with me in sword strikes?” Feng Daoyi seemed relatively confident in his sword, but it was a pity that he was facing Tianming!

The Grand-Orient Sword had merged with the strongest sword art in the Flameyellow continent. The Hexapath Sword God had always felt that his sword was still lacking. But right at this moment, Tianming’s sword pierced through the sword ki of this Tai'e House of Jian’s genius.

He found what he lacked from his enemy, and Tianming was fully immersed in comprehending the sword.

“The sword’s soul doesn’t lie in killing, but protecting. Killing goes against heaven's will, while protection is righteous. I don’t have many people to protect with my sword, but Ling’er can be considered one of them. This is only the beginning, and with great power comes great responsibility. One day, I will sweep my sword before everyone. The power of my sword comes from all lives!” 

This was what the Mortal Dao Sword wanted to tell him.

He could only comprehend it when he wanted to protect someone with all his heart. There had to be a small sword before there could be a big sword. This was the sword of mortals.

With an indifferent gaze, Tianming stood mighty like a deity as his tribulation sword ki gathered and he swung his sword out. When the golden Grand-Orient Sword clashed with Feng Daoyi’s sword, his lifebound beasts didn’t slack either.

Xian Xian’s Bloodrain Sword had already covered Feng Daoyi’s back while Meow Meow’s Soulchasing Hellthunder coursed through his veins and affected his speed. Ying Huo also executed the Hexapath Samsara Sword in combination with Tianming.

When Feng Daoyi’s sword clashed with Tianming, Ying Huo appeared once more and stabbed the Infernal Blaze at Feng Daoyi’s legs and ripped them to pieces. There was nothing left of Feng Daoyi’s legs except a cloud of blood.

Then again, Ying Huo wouldn’t have had this opportunity without Tianming’s Hexapath Samsara Sword strike. The pain from his legs left Feng Daoyi with his confidence shattered.

“What sword technique is this?” Feng Daoyi was shocked that he couldn’t break Tianming’s sword after three clashes.

“The sword that will claim your life!” Tianming hacked down with the black Grand-Orient Sword, and the Daounion Sword snapped.

That shocked everyone, because no one had expected that the Daounion Sword would break. Having swordbeasts fused into the sword had further increased the Daounion Sword’s durability, but it still snapped. So what did that mean? It meant that the swordbeasts fused into the sword would die with the sword!

When the Daounion Sword crumbled, the four swordbeasts burst into a massive cloud of blood. This was the power of the Hexapath Samsara Sword after being empowered by tribulation sword ki. It also meant that Feng Daoyi was crippled.

“Arghhh!” Feng Daoyi yelled and threw up a mouthful of blood. Flames gushed from his eyes as he glared furiously at Tianming.

“You’re dead! My master is the Hexapath Swordfie—” But before he could even finish, Tianming’s golden Grand-Orient Sword pierced his head.

“Hush. You’re too noisy.” Tianming drew his sword out, and Feng Daoyi collapsed on the ground with his eyes wide open. Blood rained down and drenched Tianming and his four lifebound beasts in red.

“Sob… I want to take a bite.…” Xian Xian was depressed upon seeing delicacies and not being able to eat. With a bitter expression, it hung around Tianming’s neck.

Drenched in blood, Tianming stood among the dismembered corpses wielding the two Grand-Orient Swords. He took several steps forth because he knew that many people must be looking at him right now.

He raised the golden Grand-Orient Sword and decapitated Feng Daoyi, then stabbed into his corpse again with the black Grand-Orient Sword. Following that, he raised the sword into the sky and roared, “Listen up, you motherfuckers! DIE!”

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