Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 692

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Chapter 692

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The ninth level of the Empyrean Saint stage was the Saint stage’s pinnacle, and the time that Xuanyuan Dao fought to gain for Tianming was crucial. With the sect facing danger and their disciples dead, everyone had a ball of fire burning in their chests. 

“Xuanyuan Yuheng!” They were two completely different people, but they were the same at this moment. Xuanyuan Yuheng’s knowledge might not be comparable to the elders of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan, but it was fresh.

It was like a meteor that lit up the surrounding Astral Wills around Tianming, allowing their souls to fuse into Tianming’s flesh, bones, meridians, and Heavenly Will. After eight days of bitter cultivation, Tianming finally made his breakthrough.

“Ninth level of the Empyrean Saint stage!” Tianming’s breakthrough was smooth, and the saint ki in his saint springs had reached the pinnacle. The fusion energy was unprecedented among the Empyrean Saint stage.

His infernal saint spring was like a volcano with magma flowing in it, the regal chaos saint spring had tens of thousands of lightning bolts roaring incessantly, the primordial saint spring was majestic with mountain ranges and a vast ocean, and the radix saint spring was a mixture of red and white energy with the power of seven other flowers hidden in the depth.

“This is the power of the peak Empyrean Saint stage?” Tianming felt the surging energy coursing through his body.

“The Old Deepstar Path, Deepstar Pool, Tribulation Sword Body, Hexapath Samsara Sword, and even the Eight Desolation Fienddragon Whip.... All of it had come from the Archaion Sect, especially the four top-grade tribulation mannas. Mother says that I must repay favors. The sect’s internal affairs don’t matter to me, I’ll do my best and fight for those who are worth it!” 

There wasn’t much he could do about the battlefield among the older generation, but he had to do his best. Now that he had reached the ninth level of the Empyrean Saint stage, Tianming left as soon as he stabilized his cultivation. The first thing he did was to look for Xuanyuan Dao.

“Sect Master Xuanyuan said previously that he has a way for me to make a sprint to the Samsara stage as long as I’m at the peak of the Empyrean Saint stage!” The peak Empyrean Saint stage wasn’t his goal; the Samsara stage was the beginning of becoming a god.

“There’s still six days left until the Nether Battlefield opens. Let’s just hope that I still have time.” Tianming sped towards the sect at the highest speed. He only wanted to surpass himself.


Along the way, the Archaion Sect’s disciples all hung their heads low with depression, while the disciples of the other eight divine realms were having a great time in the Archaion Sect. It was rare to see such thick snow in some of the divine realms, and they were having a great time in the forest.

The news of over forty deaths among the Heaven Branch’s disciples had spread out. Everyone was curious how many people would be left after the summit was over.


The surface of Xuanyuan Lake was frozen. Tianming quickened his pace and saw the entire Archaic House of Xuanyuan gathered beside the Soulburn Hall. Aside from beastmasters, there were also many lifebound beasts flying in the sky. They were glaring daggers at anyone who came.

Tianming came to the Soulburn Hall after passing through several layers of heavenly pattern formations. This showed how seriously the sect treated Feiling’s safety. The atmosphere was intense, but the elder’s brows loosened up when they saw Tianming’s arrival.

“Tianming, are you here to see Her Eminence?” The Soulburn Hall was guarded by Xuanyuan Muxue’s mother, Xuanyuan Yu.

“Senior, I’m here to look for the Earth Branch Sect Master. But I’ll pay Her Eminent a visit first,” said Tianming.

“Okay, wait here. I’ll go make a report.” Xuanyuan Yu came out soon after and led Tianming in. When they stepped into Soulburn Hall, it was covered with several layers of formations. Feiling was in her palace, which served as her cultivation chamber.

“Let Li Tianming come in. You guys leave us alone.” Feiling’s voice sounded out.

Fang Qingli, Xuanyuan Dao, and five other masters were around. Aside from Fang Qingli, they all belonged to the Archaic House of Xuanyuan. They exchanged a glance and hesitated. After all, Tianming could threaten Feiling with his strength. Feiling had only just reached the Empyrean Saint stage.

“Leave,” repeated Feiling.

“Yes!” Xuanyuan Dao cupped his hands together and left with the masters from the Archaic House of Xuanyuan and Fang Qingli.

“You aren’t afraid that someone will manipulate Tianming?” Fang Qingli said unhappily.

“Her Eminence knows her current situation. We just need to abide by her orders,” replied Xuanyuan Dao.

Fang Qingli pursed her lips together. Xuanyuan Dao’s words had sounded sarcastic.

“Since Her Eminence isn’t panicking in this situation, it means she knows the situation well. We just have to be responsible for our task,” continued Xuanyuan Dao.

“Do I need you to tell me that? I’ve accompanied Her Eminence in the Godservant Hall for three hundred years!” Fang Qingli retorted.

“That’s good then.” 


Tianming was a little emotional as he waited for everyone to leave. According to his thoughts, it would be dangerous for the two of them to meet alone. But there was no need for them to care about it anymore, since it was a perilous time. The situation was no longer the same as before, and he suspected that some had even started doubting Feiling’s identity.

The door opened with a creak, revealing a white-clothed lady in the palace. She wore a faint smile as her eyes turned red with unshed tears. It had been way too long, and she could finally be herself today.

“Big Brother.” Her gentle voice melted Tianming’s heart. It sounded so unfamiliar.

“Ling’er.” Tianming came to Feiling. The few steps felt heavy, and he smelled the fragrance coming from her when he stood before her.

Feiling was biting her lips and had tears welling up in her eyes. She held onto the door with one hand and stretched the other toward Tianming. Her hand was shaking as she stretched it out.

“It has been tough on you.” Tianming took a step forth and embraced Feiling. She was never a god. She was just his Feiling, and she had never changed. They were only doing this for survival. For Tianming to cultivate peacefully, she had to endure all the loneliness.

“It’s fine, Big Brother.” Feiling leaned her head on Tianming’s shoulder. It was a familiar warmth that he would never forget.

“Feiling, you’re basically imprisoned in Soulburn Hall. I’m sorry that I said I’d protect you, but here you are in danger. I don’t know what to say.…” Tianming had held his emotions in his chest for a long time now.

“Big Brother, please don’t say that. It’s been my destiny since we entered the Divine Tomb. It was inevitable that I would return to the Archaion Sect. So how can you be blamed for it? I already find it blissful that I managed to survive the Divine Tomb and can travel around the world with you. I know that it’s a difficult time right now and you’re under great pressure. But Big Brother, can this danger be compared to Xuanyuan Xi? I managed to survive back then, and I believe that we’ll make it through this time. There are many opportunities and possibilities. I believe in you. I believe in Li Tianming. I’m willing to go through all this with you. Big Brother, this is just a trial, and the sun will eventually emerge. I’ll be waiting for that time with you.”

Feiling wasn’t afraid of hardships. On the contrary, she resolved the knot in Tianming’s heart.

“But it must be hard on you to be alone all the time, right?” Tianming asked.

“You’re right. Life is lonely and boring here. After all, I don’t have any lifebound beasts. But I’m not afraid whenever I think of how Big Brother is working hard outside. I’m not afraid as long as I know that you must be thinking about me. Because I believe that Big Brother is my hero, and he’ll protect me no matter what!” Feiling leaned on Tianming’s chest and looked at his face with shining eyes.

“Thank you. I have no regrets since we’re together,” said Tianming with his voice trembling.

He felt terrible whenever he thought of how Feiling was suffering loneliness here. But her unwavering belief in him was what he admired the most about her.

“Big Brother, I have been working hard lately. I’ve been spending all my time cultivating. I don’t know how far I can go or what I can change. But I want to be able to help, even just a little. It’s all worth it as long as I can be with you longer,” smiled Feiling.

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