Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 702

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Chapter 702

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"Your junior brother? Are you talking about Feng Daoyi? Then do you remember how your sect's disciples killed eleven of mine?" Tianming said angrily. Even though he had managed to defend the hell tree, he hadn’t reined in his killing intent at all.

"Eleven? They were just fools who didn’t know their limits, like you! You can't even protect yourselves, let alone your goddess! Get real! It's a shame you won't get to see your precious goddess quartered twice by the eight divine realms!" Feng Lingyin snapped.

"You come across as a pretty girl. Why do you have to be so heartless?" Tianming said.

"Heartless? You're wrong! You are so naive. In the fight between the divine realms, countless geniuses are killed. Don't you know how much a reborn goddess can change the tides? As long as someone like her exists, there can be no peace! You have started the chains of violence and you shall die for it!"

"Oh, really?" Tianming had clashed with her multiple times throughout the conversation. All eight of their beasts were already going all out elsewhere. "Then I'll send all of you to the next life before it's my turn!"

Tianming didn't necessarily want to kill them in cold blood, but this situation was do or die. He couldn't afford to let them have a chance to kill his own comrades if he could end it first. He didn't want to disappoint Xuanyuan Dao and had known from the beginning that his path would be filled with bloodshed. Only once he had soaked the divine realms in their own blood would Feiling stand a chance to survive. The moment he had stepped into the Nether Battlefield, his rage boiled to its peak and he was about to vent it all out.

Suddenly, he moved so quickly that it was hard to track him. "Feng Lingyin!"

Tianming had heard about her and knew her status. Even so, he didn't hold back and used his Soulshaker Eye. It was the third level of Godsoul Canon. The third eye on his palm caused Feng Lingyin's world to fall into darkness, leaving nothing but a gigantic eye that hung in the dark sky like a brilliant sun.

"Ugh!" Her soul felt prickling pain when she stared at the eye. It was absolute agony. She lashed out in a panic to fend off the fear, the whirlwinds her sword unleashed attempting to tear apart the eye and the dark veil. But before she succeeded, countless sword-shaped petals descended from the skies. She wasn't able to block them at all, no matter how quickly she could react. A number of them pierced into her flesh and dug deep before they began sucking her blood out.

Her face contorted from the agonizing pain. She swiftly tried to cut off the Bloodrain Swords that had pierced her before forcing the rest of it out with her life tribulation force.

"Enjoy your trip to the next life!" Tianming wore a cold expression as his swords glowed brilliantly, manifesting five hundred astralsources and a thousand strands of tribulation sword ki as he executed the Mortal Dao Sword. The pieces were in place and the game was set; it only took an instant.

Tianming bore down on her like the emperor of the world, his first sword coming down with the second trailing behind, each leaving a trail of explosive sword ki that formed magnificent pillars of swords that pierced through everything with absolute dominance.

The first sword shattered Feng Lingyin's rainbow sword and the second pierced toward her heart, only to be blocked by the black hell barrier formation. She had been eliminated right before the fatal strike connected. Her four swordbeasts were also fatally wounded and sealed up within their own hell barrier formations. As long as nobody attempted to break the barrier formations, she would be trapped within until the end of the Nether Battle.

But before she could say more, Tianming's sword pierced into the hell barrier formation and a thousand strands of tribulation sword ki blasted out. With the power of all eight of his life and deathsprings surging at the tip of the sword, he immediately broke the hell barrier formation, causing the barrier formations around her four beasts to shatter as well. Everyone knew what Tianming was trying to do. Feng Lingyin paled as she felt her imminent death approaching.

'You wouldn't dare!" she cried before immediately attempting her escape. She had rather amazing speed and could reach her peak velocity within an instant, but she was stopped before she could go far by a black root that coiled around her. The next moment, a black chain came wrapping around her neck!

"Husband!" Feng Lingyin cried as she attempted to tear the chain apart, only for her cry to suddenly be silenced.

Tianming pulled her severed head back to him, leaving the headless corpse powerlessly flopping down into the swamp.

"Lingyin!" Feng Shuoyu was at a loss for words as she stood there with her eyes puffy from unshed silent tears. She had never expected a fourth-level life phase samsaran like Feng Lingyin with her four swordbeasts would lose to Tianming. Her regret swelled the same moment as her rage and fury. They had been blinded by the appearance of the hell tree and attacked without considering that this was the Archaion Sect's home turf.

"Lingyin! Lingyin!" The sisters had been raised together since their childhood and shared everything. But now, they were separated by life and death. Death had come swiftly and without warning. The world was a cruel one. Feng Shuoyu felt her heart being torn apart and found it hard to breathe. All of a sudden, she caught something that had been thrown her way: Feng Lingyin's head, complete with an expression of terror. She immediately went mad and looked up to see the white-haired youth before her, smiling.

"Hexapath Sword Sect, let me ask you again. Are you ready to accept the consequences of your cruel ways?"

"Retreat!" Feng Shuoyu announced. She was scared for real now.

"You won't be able to. All of you will die here. You killed eleven of us, so I will kill all thirty of you. We'll pay you back three times over!"

Tianming immediately continued the assault with his four beasts. Xian Xian's Radiant Vines continued whipping, draining so much from the four clamshells that they could barely stay conscious, so Tianming didn't have to deal with them. He could focus on avenging the dead disciples of his sect.

He, Meow Meow, Ying Huo, and Xian Xian unleashed an onslaught of Bloodrain Swords, Skyscorch Featherblasts, and Myriad Thundernets. Meanwhile, Tianming used the Prime Tower to push Feng Shuoyu underwater as countless black roots stretched out toward her.

"Husband, save me! Save me!" she cried, her tears indistinguishable from the water around her. Ying Huo and the others' abilities aside, she couldn't even deal with Xian Xian's countless roots, still shaken from her sister's abrupt death.

"Is your husband the top disciple of your sect? Jiang Wuxin, was it?" Tianming coldly asked.

"That's right! Scared now? Let me go and he'll spare you!" she hurriedly said.

"You think he'd spare me even though your sister is already dead?"

"He will! Just let me go!"

"Deal. I'll let you go back to him along with your sister as bare heads! Your sister was right. Since this conflict was destined to occur, there's no need for pointless talk of mercy. I'll just be doing what you did to us." The cacophony of attacks would spell the end of her.

"You wouldn't—" Before she could finish, she was already dead. Never could she have imagined that the Number One Summit would be so dangerous. Tianming alone was far more terrifying than even Xuanyuan Yucheng, who wouldn't have dared to touch those two at all. But as far as Tianming was concerned, those two beauties wouldn't stop coming after them, so he could only put a stop to it by killing them.

"This is only the start. There's still much more fun to be had in the Nether battle!"

Tianming tossed the two heads to the ground. Now, there were only twenty-seven disciples from Hexapath Sword Sect left. The Sterling House of Fang would soon kill two more, and three others had been eliminated. Despite their relatively minor casualties so far, seeing the two sisters killed had caused quite a commotion.

"He killed Jiang Wuxin's women!"

"Both of them, too! They're the daughters of the vice sect master!"

"Kill him!"

"Nonsense, we should go to Senior Brother Jiang first!"

The tables had been completely turned. Fang Chenjing, Fang Yuewei, and the rest were dumbfounded by what had happened. Tianming's true terror had finally dawned on them. Fang Chenjing felt his eyelids twitch as he subconsciously bowed his head, finally understanding why Tianming had been made a vice leader.

Almost immediately, most of the Hexapath Sword Sect disciples chose to retreat as Beigong Qianyu was returning with several others. Tianming hadn’t spent too much time killing the two sisters, so the speed at which the reinforcements had arrived could be considered rather quick.

"Retreat now!" Their operation had completely failed.

"I said that none of you will be able to escape," Tianming said coldly. There was no way he would let them bring disciples from other sects to wipe out the Archaion Sect together. He was far from naive and wouldn't let something like mercy hold him back. Being merciful to the enemy was being cruel to oneself; everyone there understood this principle.

"Stop them from leaving!" Fang Chenjing and Beigong Qianyu ordered in unison.

The roots of the Radix World Tree immediately formed a cage around the disciples of the Hexapath Sword Sect. Countless Radiant Vines crept all around, filling any gaps that remained with Scarlet Lilies.

"Why are they the only ones allowed to kill?"

"Brothers, exterminate the Hexapath Sword Sect! End their lineage here!"

"Avenge our fallen comrades!"


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